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Month: February 2013

How The Big Data Battle Is Shaking Out Between The Startups And The Enterprise Giants

The big enterprise companies are starting to put pressure on the startups in the growing field of data analytics. But the pressure is not as much related to innovation as it is to using their marketing muscle to build software stacks they can sell to retain existing customers. Drawn to Scale Co-Founder Bradford Stephens sees this in his experiences, especially compared to last year when there were maybe three different companies marketing a Hadoop distribution. But just this week alone, EMC, Intel and HP all announced their own distributions. Out of all this, we are hearing a lot of talk about why one comapny’s Hadoop distribution is so much better than a competitor’s. In our conversation, Stephens talks about the competition, the growing pressure on startups to do more than innovate and start bringing in business in face of the larger threats from the legacy vendors. Article source:...

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With $1.8M From Andreessen, Chris Sacca & More, Rental Marketplace Getable Digs Into The $32B Construction Market

When we last caught up with Getable, the startup formerly known as Rentcycle, it was announcing that Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph was joining Collaborative Fund founder Craig Shapiro and OpenTable founder Chuck Templeton on its board of directors. In becoming Getable, the startup began moving away from its original mission: To bring the entire rental industry online by offering free, realtime reservations for everyday renters and business management tools for local rental shops. Re-branding, it took a page from OpenTable, expanding its support for business owners by offering cloud-based management tools and in-store hardware to help them manage reservations, organize inventory and so on. But that didn’t quite stick, or rather, through the process, Getable has identified a more appealing opportunity. Today, the startup is unveiling a new product (and another new direction) aimed at the largest segment of the rental industry: Tools and equipment. As part of this transition, Getable is becoming a mobile-first business and has created a product that is geared exclusively to general contractors and those to whom they rent their construction equipment. Considering there are over 10M general contractors in the U.S., the tool and equipment category represents a $32 billion market and one that’s projected to reach $46 billion by 2016. While that’s still a sizable market, it’s a fraction of the $85 billion rental industry, which includes tools, party supplies, sports equipment...

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No Hot SXSW App This Year? Here’s Why

SXSW is a week away and we were having an internal pow-wow about whether there would be any breakouts this year. A collective “Meh” arose. No one could think of anything. HIGHLIGHT? GOOGLE GLASS? Are we jaded? Is SXSW too crowded to anyone to stand out? I don’t know. I think there are actually a lot of other factors at work. (But please prove me wrong and send us your pitch!) 1. 2008-2011 was a special time. Smartphones had yet to reach more than half the U.S. mobile subscriber market. SXSWi represented a unique once-a-year testbed for new apps. It was a critical mass of people from all over the country, who worked in different fields like tech, film and music, were early adopters, and most importantly owned smartphones (unlike everyone else). But today, more than half of U.S. mobile subscribers have smartphones. SXSW isn’t all that necessary anymore to get a concentration of early adopters. An Apple featured placement can get an app developer tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of users to at least try out a product. This doesn’t mean they’ll stick, but at least they’re around to look at it once. 2. Both virality and performance marketing on mobile platforms aren’t mature or well understood. One of the first questions I like to ask any app developer is how they plan to market...

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Stussy x Joey Bada$$ & The Progressive Era T-Shirt

After promoting the release of Pro Era‘s “The aPROcalypse” mixtape with a limited production shirt and meet-and-greet event in New York City, Stussy now announces the aforementioned tee’s limited release online. Fans of Pro Era, of which Joey Bada$$ is a key member, will be excited for the piece which features the entirety of the collective in a screened portrait. Offered in black with contrasting yellow Stussy lettering, the shirt keeps frills to a minimum and features a full member listing on the back. The Progressive Era T-shirt is available on Stussy’s web shop for $36 USD. Article source:...

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MYO Wearable Gesture Control by Thalmic Labs

Live and direct from the future comes MYO, the gesture control peripheral armband. MYO, developed by Thalmic Labs, is a motion sensor that detects the electric activity triggered by your body, applying that energy to the control of televisions, computers, and other electronic devices. Its intuitive design gives users a seamless connection between themselves and their favorite goods. With the development of Google Glass not far down the pipeline, MYO serves to underline wearable technology’s increasing relevance in the mass market. MYO is now available for pre-order on the product site for $149 USD. Article source:...

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