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Month: July 2013

Nexon Takes A Strategic Investment in Rumble Entertainment To Expand West

Korean gaming giant Nexon is making another deal to expand into Western markets with a strategic investment in Rumble Entertainment. They didn’t disclose the size of the deal except to say that it was an all-cash investment for a minority stake in the business. Nexon’s CFO Owen Mahoney also joins Rumble’s board. Nexon’s announcement comes just on the heels of another strategic investment it made in Zynga’s former chief game designer Brian Reynolds’ new startup. Nexon is making these deals to expand into Western audiences, after building up longstanding franchises in China, Japan and South Korea like MapleStory. While Nexon generated nearly $450 million in revenues in the first three months of this year, European and North American markets contributed less than 5 percent of the company’s revenues during that time. In contrast, China makes up nearly half of Nexon’s revenue base. So the company is looking to grow its presence in the West at a time when barriers between international markets are falling. Rumble is led by Greg Richardson, a 15-year veteran in the business, and the team has people from Zynga, Activision, BioWare, Blizzard, Playdom, Electronic Arts, Turbine, LucasArts and RockYou. Their mission is to bring triple-A quality titles to mobile platforms, which so far have been good for casual and then now, midcore games. The company has announced games like KingsRoad, a medieval action role-playing game;...

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Memes Give Facebook Fans A Voice Amidst Comment Chaos

Whispering in a riot is how I would describe commenting on a Facebook Page’s feed posts. No matter how thoughtful they are, your words get drowned out. But a combo of new features is fulfilling Facebook’s promise of two-way conversation. Devise a comment that resonates with others, make it a catchy image macro meme, score enough Likes, and your message gets hoisted to the top of the thread. For years, comments on Page posts were utter chaos. A churning sea of disjointed nonsense and inanity. There was no threading. No ranking. Comments just flooded in reverse-chronologically. On popular Pages, comments would come so fast that there was no chance for meaningful discourse, and anything smart you said got buried immediately. I basically never commented on Page posts because there was no point. Finally over the last few months, Facebook wised up. In March it began rolling out comment threading so you could actually reply to specific other comments, Inside Facebook reported. Still there was no way to find the best comments beyond sifting through the haystack. And trust, a good share of admins weren’t putzing around reading their comment reels either. Too much time for too little insight. That means they weren’t hearing the consensus of their fans, or feedback about whether their posts were on the money, erroneous, or in bad taste. They mostly just went by Like count. But...

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Google Offers Glass Explorers An Invite To Make A Friend A Glasshole, Too

Google is bringing more Glass Explorers into the program, and it’s doing that the best way it knows how: by letting current users invite a friend. Those among you old enough to remember when Gmail first started will remember this was once the only method to get on board with that service, and now Glass-owning folks can ask a single friend to join them in testing out Glass before its wide consumer release. Current Glass members are getting emails from Google detailing how they can bring someone new on board, as Zagg’s community blog notes tonight. Explorers invited via this extension to the original program, which Google seeded via invites sent out to lucky winners selected from a Twitter hashtag-based competition, must be U.S. residents, 18 or older, and able to pick up Glass in person in SF, NYC or LA. Google likes to welcome new Glass users in person, as you might recall from the first round of device releases. Glass will likely still cost the $1,500 the company charged its first round of Explorers, but the expansion of the program hopefully means we’re inching closer to the day when Google decides to make Glass available for the general public. That’s not happening until at least 2014, according to the latest from the company, however, and all that this latest program extension means is that Google is likely...

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Nike SB Eric Koston FR

Since its release in the spring of 2011, Eric Koston‘s original Nike SB signature has seen a number of updates – whether it be the Air Max 90-inspired Koston X Heritage, a canvas upper à la the Koston SE, or a fully redesigned successor in the form of the Koston 2. Now the OG silhouette sees yet another update in the form of the Nike SB Eric Koston FR. Designed as an off-board accompaniment to the original release, the FR take on the Koston eschews a TPU-reinforced suede upper in favor of breathable – and relatively durable – diamond mesh while characteristics like the drop-in Lunarlon midsole, padded collar, and seamless toe box are left intact. Available in both Black and University Red, the Nike SB Eric Koston FR can be purchased in-store and online from Premier for $90 USD. Article source:...

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Thom Browne 2013 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Gone are the majority of the experimental looks from this January’s runway show as New York-based designer Thom Browne presents the seasonal lookbook for his forthcoming Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Browne signatures abound, however, as the designer’s cropped cuts and squared shoulders – a signature of sorts – dominate the likes of suiting, outerwear, sweaters, and button-downs as apropos plaids and stripes appear throughout. As one might expect, Browne’s use of red, white, and blue once again marks the range while the patriotic hues are joined by autumnal browns, wintery greys, khaki, and black. Article source:...

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