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Month: August 2013

Microsoft’s Next CEO Will Not Spin Off Xbox, Unless They Abdicate The Company’s Larger Strategic Direction

A story published by Bloomberg floats the idea that Microsoft might spin off its Xbox business, which it calls “more likely [following current CEO Steve Ballmer’s] exit.” The publication values Xbox at around $17 billion, a figure based on a comparative revenue multiple with Nintendo. This is precisely the sort of bilge that cavorts and pretends to be serious analysis. The Bloomberg piece leans on the words of a fund manager, Todd Lowenstein, who claims that Xbox “looks like an attractive standalone business that could hold up on its own.” He continues that it “seems like it would be the most mature candidate with the best growth potential and the most established to stand on its own.” You could argue that Xbox is currently undervalued inside of Microsoft. However, that potential is not exactly material. Presuming for the moment that the $17 billion figure is reasonable, Xbox as a group would represent 6.1 percent of Microsoft’s current market capitalization, a slim segment. Presuming a 50 percent lower market valuation while under the aegis of the larger Microsoft corporation (the tax of being part of Microsoft, the value that could be unlocked), Xbox could represent $8.5 billion in lost value to investors. That’s about 3 percent of Microsoft’s worth. So, the potential upside isn’t too great. The potential downside, however, is hilariously large. Key Platform Plank vs. Un-Lucrative Short-Term Financial...

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Following Mobile Test, Facebook Tries Out A ‘Trending’ Section On Its Desktop News Feed

Back in June, Facebook said it would be rolling out a number of features for following public conversations, and it looks like the company’s holding true to that promise. Specifically, the company is testing a section highlighting “Trending” topics that appears alongside its desktop newsfeed. The Wall Street Journal first reported on the test, and it included a screenshot (which you can see to the left) that looks pretty much as you’d expect — a box with a list of linked topics. A Facebook spokesperson sent me the following statement: We are running a small test of a unit on News Feed that displays topics currently trending on Facebook. Right now it’s only available to a small percentage of US users and it is still in the early stages of development. We will share more details down the line if we decide to roll it out more widely. Facebook has been moving towards something like this for the past couple of months. It launched searchable hashtags in June, and those are all about making it easy for people to see related conversations around a single topic. At the time, the company said it would be “rolling out a series of features that surface some of the interesting discussions people are having about public events, people, and topics.” Then, earlier this month, it started showing trending topics to some mobile web...

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Former Waywire CEO Nate Richardson Joins AOL As President Of AOL Live

A few weeks ago we reported that Nate Richardson, the CEO and co-founder of Waywire, would be leaving the company as it makes a strategic shift from content creation to content curation. Well now we know where he’s landed: Richardson has joined our parent company AOL* as the President of AOL Live, TechCrunch has learned. Richardson was one of the co-founders of Waywire, along with Newark mayor and Senate candidate Cory Booker and Sarah Ross. The company originally set out to focus on creating its own high-quality video content, but recently shifted direction to become more of a personalized hub for curated content. Richardson exited the company while the curation site was still in beta, and we’ve heard Waywire is looking to announce a new CEO soon. We heard rumors that Richardson was being courted by AOL around the time of his departure from Waywire, but apparently he hadn’t joined the company at that time. That said, the decision to become part of AOL isn’t totally surprising, as Richardson has a long history of working in media. In addition to serving as the CEO of Waywire, years ago he had also been the CEO of ContentNext Media, former home of tech blogs such as paidContent and MocoNews. Joining the AOL team also means that Richardson will be reunited with my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss, AOL Brand Group CEO Susan...

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Opening Ceremony x Bernhard Willhelm x Camper Himalayan

While the original concept for the Camper Himalayan was courtesy of Bernhard Willhelm, the diffusion label signature welcomes another party in a upcoming Opening Ceremony collaboration. Much of the shoe’s signature design characteristics are maintained including the wave-like midsole and thick rope lacing, however an injection of Opening Ceremony results in a cartoon pattern across the upper. Look for the shoe to be available at Opening Ceremony shops across the world. Article source:...

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NOWNESS Looks at the Growth of Architecture and Creativity in China

The rapid pace and culturalization of China has been an important topic over the last few years. While many lament the lack of creative and uniquely Chinese ideas surfacing, the superpower’s ability to contribute to the creative world is certainly changing at a rapid pace. NOWNESS dissects the movement of creativity and architecture in China through a careful examination of key figures as well as the upcoming crop of influencers who will redefine China in the near future thanks ironically, to their experiences derived elsewhere. Article source:...

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