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Month: September 2013

MLB’s iBeacon Experiment May Signal A Whole New Ball Game For Location Tracking

There’s been plenty of buzz about iBeacons and Bluetooth Low Energy radios — they’re supposed to do wonders for in-venue positioning, and plenty of companies have already expressed interest in deploying them in the field. But what is it like to actually stroll through a beacon-laden area? Curiously enough, Major League Baseball took on that challenge and recently decided to show off its vision of a Bluetooth-enabled ballpark at Citi Field in Queens, NY. “What we’re moving toward is building a platform for any team to put their own custom Bluetooth beacons in their parks,” said MLB Mobile Product Dev SVP Chad Evans as he clutched his iPhone outside the venue. Let’s be clear about something first: Very little about MLB’s big Bluetooth push is final at this point. It almost seemed that, with this experiment, MLB’s tech team was thinking out loud. A handsomely revamped version of the MLB At Bat app is perhaps the furthest along. Evans says the design language of the app, which now features a seemingly Googlean stream of cards that display your ticket barcode and seat locations (among other things) is near final and will roll out to consumers in the coming months. The visual polish of the software was balanced by the unfinished nature of the hardware that made all those whiz-bang features possible. At this stage it’s all prototype gear, small...

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Google Fiber Compared To Broadband By Putting A Middle Age Guy In A Bath Robe And Soaking Him With A Firehose

Provo, Utah is getting Google Fiber in the next few months. So how do you explain to the people of this small city north of Salt Lake what that will mean for their Interent service? You get a guy to wear a bath robe and stand next to a raised swimming pool with a garden hose, symbolic of broadband service. Then you drench him with a fire truck deluge gun and two firemen who come to fill the pool with their blasting hoses to show the comparative power of Google Fiber. The piece is funny enough but not exactly accurate as pointed out by the Consumerist. There might be an outlier case for what the video portrays. That is if you use the FCC’s definition of broadband and then compare it to someone who is going from dial-up to fiber. But that’s hardly the reality for Provo. The Consumerist points out that according to a recent town-by-town survey of download speeds, the average Internet user in Provo is getting download speeds of around 21.5 Mbps, which is above the national average. Kansas City, on the other hand, the first major deployment of Google Fiber, averages nearly 50 Mbps. If Provo were to reach those speeds, that would be a huge improvement, but that’s still just about two and half trickling garden hoses, and certainly not three fire hoses on full blast. Even...

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Violin Memory Struggles In IPO And Now Faces A Fierce Storage and Enterprise Market

On Friday, Violin Memory’s IPO did not exactly go that well. The company priced its IPO at $9 per share but opened at $7.41, 17.7 percent lower than the offering price. It closed trading at $7.02 per share, down 22 percent. It was a tough day for the Flash memory maker but it could get tougher as competition intensifies in the market and consolidation continues in the overall enterprise sector. Cisco, EMC, VMware, IBM, NetApp and HP are all competing for the enterprise market, which is shrinking rapidly as more companies use cloud services in replacement of IT. Flash storage is integral for these legacy providers as it fits with the needs of its largest customers to process large amounts of data with greater speed. It’s not like it used to be when these companies had plenty of room to expand in the market that correlated to their own core technology.  In those days, for example, Cisco dominated networking while EMC ruled over the storage space. For example, the chummy relationship between EMC and Cisco took a turn when last year VMware, owned by EMC, acquired Nicira and its network virtualization technology. Since then, the relationship beween Cisco and EMC has frayed as reflected in Cisco’s recent acquisition of Whiptail for $415 million. The purchase came as part of Cisco’s strategy to deepen its strength in the enterprise. Whiptail’s storage technology passes information through flash servers, promising the ability to process...

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A Bathing Ape 2013 Fall/Winter 1ST CAMO GORE-TEX ECWCS HOODIE

A Bathing Ape releases its 1st CAMO GORE-TEX ECWCS HOODIE as part of its fall/winter 2013 lineup. Constructed out of a camo-patterned nylon shell with GORE-TEX, the jacket is outfitted with a zip and a snap button closure, two front pockets and a hood trimmed with fur. Available for ¥83,790 (approximately $850 USD), the hoodie can be picked up in two different camo shades over at BAPE STORES globally. Article source:...

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Palace Skateboards Italy Team Deck

Returning with a new drop of core skate goods, the latest release from Palace Skateboards is presented in the form of a “Linear Italia” Team Italy deck. The UK-based label picked out a seven-layer Canadian maple for the construction of this deck, while the Italian national colors decorate the board in combination with Palace penrose branding. Why Palace chose to co-sign il bel paese — the beautiful country — remains a mystery, however for those looking to pick up this limited item, drop by retailer Flatspot while stock lasts. Article source:...

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