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Month: December 2013

Silicon Valley Hustle: Former Motionloft CEO Accused Of Defrauding Investors

Thanks to a series of high-profile exits and a generally frothy financing environment, it’s not unusual to see startup founders spending money lavishly these days. But the story of Motionloft and its founder Jon Mills could serve as a cautionary tale, especially for unsavvy investors drawn to a big payout. On the surface, Mills seemed like a successful entrepreneur. His company, Motionloft, provided real-world analytics for store and property owners who needed to analyze pedestrian and vehicle traffic that passed by their respective establishments. Mills was a first-time entrepreneur, but he had received backing from high-profile investors like Mark Cuban, and according to the Motionloft website, the company had secured clients like CVS, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Cushman Wakefield. Several former friends say Mills was also fun to be around and generous about inviting them to party with him at various music festivals and in places like Las Vegas. All of which is why, when Mills started asking friends if they wanted to invest in his company, a few of them jumped at the opportunity. They say Mills cashed checks that altogether were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, promising them a small percentage of the company. Later, when he told them an acquisition was imminent, they felt confident they had made the right decision. Mills is no longer part of Motionloft, and the validity of the investments his friends made...

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These Apps Will Help You Make 2014 Less Filthy

This year, several notable apps that connect users with house cleaners have launched or gained traction. These include Homejoy, Exec and laundry service Prim. There are a lot of benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service but, unfortunately, I live outside the area covered by these apps. Letting people I don’t know into my apartment also makes me feel exposed. I just don’t like having strangers judge my lovingly curated collections of masking tape, dolls, and whiskers shed by my cats over the years. But I do enjoy living in an (occasionally) neat apartment and my New Years resolution is to develop chore routines that will make housekeeping easy and stress-free by using these iOS apps. Unfuck Your Habitat My favorite chore app is called Unfuck Your Habitat, though it is listed as Unfilth Your Habitat on the App Store to get around Apple’s ban on profanities in app names. I think Unfuck Your Habitat is totally worth its $1.99 price because curse words make me giggle. Also, many housekeeping apps and blogs seemed tailored for people who are already pretty organized. Unfuck Your Habitat is aimed at the rest of us. Its nifty features include a “To-Unfuck List,” or your personal list of chores, unfucking challenges for different rooms, a built-it in timer that balances 20-minute unfucking sprees with 10 minute breaks, and Facebook integration so you can...

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MaternityCompare Helps Expectant Parents Find Healthcare Providers

Choosing an obstetrician can be extremely stressful for expectant parents. Additive Analytics, a new startup, hopes to help patients find trustworthy providers with MaternityCompare, its first product. The site pulls data that is publicly available from the U.S. government and turns it into an easy-to-understand reference tool. MaternityCompare shows what percentage of newborns at different hospitals throughout the U.S. had deliveries that were scheduled one to three weeks early for no medical reason, which can negatively affect the baby’s health. Founder Laura Hamilton’s goal is to help mothers-to-be become smarter health care consumers while at the same time giving hospitals an incentive to improve their care. “Today you can go on the internet and compare restaurants or compare sports teams or compare colleges, and there are dozens of detailed tools available to tell you which one is the best,” she told me in an email. “But if you’re 38 weeks pregnant and you’re choosing a hospital for the delivery, you don’t have the same tools. To me that is a real problem.” According to information from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (the same organizations Hamilton sourced MaternityCompare’s data from), elective early deliveries currently make up 10% to 15% of all births in the U.S., even though groups like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the March of Dimes encourage full-term pregnancies, or those that reach...

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SpY "Cameras" Street Installation in Madrid

Urban artist SpY has unveiled a new statement installation in Madrid, Spain titled “Cameras.” The unnerving installation serves to spark discussion on the creeping, ever-expanding presence of surveillance in modern life. The installation features 150 fakes cameras bolted on to the side of a building in Madrid, their lenses aimed squarely at passersby on the streets below. Let us know what you think below. Article source:...

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Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka Wolf Grey/Electric Green

After a release of three colorways for its Lunar Flyknit Chukka ahead of the fall season, Nike has unveiled an all-new look for this mid-top in wolf grey/electric green. Featuring an upper with a similar two-toned concept as preceding colorways, the vibrant electric green stands out against the wolf grey and is accented with darker hits of grey at the Swoosh branding, laces and tongue. The one-piece weave is constructed atop a white speckled Lunarlon sole. Get yourself a pair from Nike now for $170 USD. Article source:...

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