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Month: January 2014

Implisit Raises $3.3M For Self-Learning Service That Predicts Next Steps For Sales People

Implisit has raised $3.3 million from Gemini Israel Ventures for its self-learning platform that mines CRM data to help sales people close more deals and cut manual data entry. The service connects email, calendars and the contact information in the CRM platform, said Co-Founder Gilad Raichshtain. It offers follow-up steps for a prospective deal, the best approach and other intelligence. Over time, the service adapts to the business processes, updating the intelligence as the users go about their daily work. When a new customer joins Implisit, the service analyzes its historical sales data (both communications and their historical CRM data) to determine the customer’s specific sales patterns. From this, the engine creates tailor-made insights that fit the customer’s processes. Implisit uses several methods for analyzing the data, including text clustering, machine-learning techniques to better understand reasons for deals success, natural language processing to analyze a deals’ unstructured text, and algorithms to classify data. Implisit is the work of Raichshtain and fellow Co-Founder Elad Donsky who are known in Israel tech circles as some of the brightest technologists of their generation. Both started university at the age of 15. At the age of 16, Intel hired Raichstain, making him the youngest engineer ever to be hired by the chip maker. Raichstain and Donsky also spent several years working in the Israeli prime minister’s office. There’s a bounty of sales analytics platforms coming into the market. From one vector are the companies...

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Founder Stories: Kakul Srivastava On How Tomfoolery Will Make Our Work More Social And Fun

Mobile messaging and mobile communications tools have grown like a weed on the consumer side — but what about in a work context? With more and more people buying better and better smartphones, taking them into work, where employers are beginning to pay for them and the services, are the conditions ripe for a breakout on the enterprise side? To hear Kakul Srivastava break it down, it appears the answer is “yes.” Srivastava and her team at Tomfoolery (which just this week was acquired by Yahoo) are on a mission to create fun and social software for people at work, based on the belief that our work and personal lives are intertwined. To that end, her company built software for workers to be more social and transparent. She has a deep reservoir of experience to draw from, with long-term stints at some of the big Valley companies. During that time, she realized she had to “unlearn” what she’d been exposed to in larger companies, as those large institutions had more processes, methods, and rules around working, which she believes impacts speed and creativity. Srivastava also shares a personal part of her journey, as the mom to two little kids, of how she’s able to balance being a caring mom and startup founder all wrapped up into one person. To hear Srivastava share her attitudes in her own words is...

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This Is Satya Nadella’s Twitter Account

After five months of Microsoft CEO purgatory, we’re finally reaching a climax: It’s most likely going to be Microsoft enterprise head Satya Nadella, though everyone except Larry Page wants it to be Google’s Sundar Pichai (kidding). While we don’t know for sure whether Nadella will be the future CEO of Microsoft, we do know that @satyanadella is his Twitter account. With exclamation-heavy quips about tech like “Bing on Yahoo!,” “HTML5 – what fun!” and “playing with my new msn hp!,” Nadella’s account reminds us of a simpler 2010 Twitter, one where mindlessly broadcasting your whereabouts — Loopting your visit to the Garlic Crush – was perfectly acceptable. The activity dates from around the time Nadella was negotiating the first Twitter search deal with Microsoft (10/21/09 was its launch). It’s like some sort of Twitter time capsule, complete with egg avatar. If Nadella does get the job, he’ll have a whole new world of rapt followers for his first 2014 tweet. #HasSatyaNadellalandedyet? Article source:...

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Niche. 2014 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Our latest look at a 2014 spring/summer menswear collection comes from the Japanese brand Niche. Curating a very wearable range of casual garments, the overall theme presents itself as an Argentinean spin on classic American workwear attire where soft blues give way to darker tones of grey, navy and black. A unique grouping of patterns paired with a ‘short-over-long’ layering element completes the overall aesthetic. Be on the lookout for Niche.’s spring/summer collection to hit select retailers in the coming weeks. Article source:...

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Lifetime Collective 2014 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Looking ahead of the streetwear curve, Lifetime Collective presents a preview of its Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook. The Canadian brand drew influences from weather patterns of autumn and the cold season, executing the pieces in colors like burnt orange, sand, grey, and deep green. Lifetime Collective used grey skies and subterranean caverns to put its range of woolen button-ups, textured trousers, and layered parkas into context. Focusing on slim draping and streamlined shapes, each piece is sharp without ever looking boxy. Enjoy this preview of Lifetime Collective’s fall/winter goods, then head over to the brand’s website to peruse the current collection. Article source:...

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