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Month: March 2014

What Games Are: Virtual Reality, We Hardly Knew You

Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a veteran game designer and creator of leading game design blog What Games Are. He manages developer relations at OUYA. You can follow him on Twitter here. It might be white hot news that Facebook dropped two-bils on buying in, or that Valve’s Michael Abrash has joined Oculus as chief scientist, but I suspect that this generation of virtual reality is already dead. Dead like 3DTV is dead. Dead like Blu-Ray is dead. Dead like Kinect is dead. Which, on the face of it, is a pretty bold claim to make given we haven’t seen much in the way of the consumer version of VR yet, but bear with me. Reasons, I Have Them My first reason for thinking this is the dependency on PC. I wrote about this before, but the summary version is essentially that nobody outside of the geek and gamer fraternity is all that interested in owning PCs any more. Tablets are so much more convenient. The graphics industry may continue to scream ahead with bonkers-spec cards, but it’s doing so in a declining market (down 9.8% in 2013, expected to be down 6.1% in 2014 says IDC). My second (related) reason is that the use cases of technology are continuing to segment. Maybe 5 years ago your home computer was where everything digital happened, but then stuff started to separate. Your phone got much better at email...

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Nielsen And Integral Ad Science Expand Their Ad Viewability Partnership Beyond The US

Nielsen and Integral Ad Science are announcing that they’re taking their partnership international. Nielsen is best-known for its TV ratings system, but it has been expanding its measurement on the web, on social media, and on mobile. Back in 2012, it announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science (then known as AdSafe) to measure ad viewability (i.e., whether an ad was actually seen by someone — it turns out that a significant number of online ads are never even rendered in the browser window) in the United States. With today’s announcement, the companies say they’re expanding the deal so that Integral’s methodology will be used to measure viewability for Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. In the press release announcing the expansion, Integral CEO Scott Knoll said the two products together are “a great match for helping buyers and sellers optimize for quality and determine the true ROI-impact of their advertising campaigns across channels.” The companies note that both Nielsen’s online ratings and Integral’s methodology are certified by the Media Rating Council. “They can show that an ad was viewable and who viewed it – an essential component in understanding ad effectiveness,” Knoll added. “We are thrilled be working with Nielsen to bring this same level of measurement and transparency to clients in new markets around the globe.” Integral announced...

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Alibaba Will Pay $692M For 35% Stake In Retail Operator Intime

Alibaba has agreed to pay $692 million for a 35% stake in Intime Retail, which operates department stores throughout China. The two companies will form a joint initiative to focus on offline-to-online retail opportunities. The deal is the latest flurry of MA and investment activity among China’s top Internet companies, including Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu, which was triggered in part by Alibaba’s highly anticipated initial public offering in New York City. Alibaba and Intime said in a press statement that they will develop online-to-offline (O2O) initiatives in order to “provide a more convenient shopping experience.” This means that Alibaba and Intime will look for ways to combine Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms with Intime’s retail outlets, which consist of high-end department stores, shopping malls, and online marketplace The two companies previously partnered on O2O projects for promotional events in November 2013 and earlier this year. Alibaba’s, which hosts online stores for major brands, will have access to Intime’s inventory of offline products. This will “enable a broader product selection of international brands as well as fulfillment of online orders from Intime’s physical stores.” Intime’s shoppers will also be able to receive targeted promotions through location-based technology while in-store, as well as use virtual pre-paid cards through Alibaba’s mobile wallet service Alipay. The deal with Intime and focus on Tmall is significant because the site is not only one of...

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Bamford Watch Department Rolex "Super Matte Grey" Daytona

Bamford Watch Department may have gotten its start making some incredible blacked-out PVD watches bit it’s out to prove it’s more than just a one-trick pony. Case in point, the brand’s new “Super Matte Grey” Rolex Daytona. This stunning watch features a unique matte grey coating that gives it a weathered, stone-like appearance that contrasts nicely with the luxurious nature of the model. The watch face boasts an equally stark design that does away with the indexes and markers and keeps just the sub-dials. Find out more info at Bamford Watch Department. Article source:...

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A$AP Ferg – Petit Valley

Inspired by a recent visit to his home country Trinidad for Carnival 2014, A$AP Ferg offers up a release titled “Petit Valley.” Named after the beautiful hills of Diego Martin, the track finds the A$AP Mob rapper letting loose on a freestyle, flaunting his poignant falsetto over the instrumental of Bunji Garlin’s “Carnival Tabanca.” In departure from the gritty productions seen in his Trap Lord LP, Ferg provides an uplifting rendition, speaking of a girl he met in the hills in addition to paying homage to his Trinidian roots and the A$AP family. Enjoy “Petit Valley” below. Article source:...

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