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Month: March 2014

Apple Reportedly Working on a Spotify-Like Service and iTunes Android App

Apple first revolutionized the music industry back in 2001 with the debut of iTunes, and more recently, tackled the spread of online radio stations like Pandora last year by introducing iTunes Radio. Now, the Californian company is preparing to launch a new music-streaming service that would rival streaming services like Spotify, BeatsMusic and SoundCloud. The new model, as Billboard suggests, will offer users more tunes at a lower price. They are feeling out some people at labels on thoughts about transitioning its customers from iTunes proper to a streaming service … So when you buy a song for $1.29, and you put it in your library, iTunes might send an e-mail pointing out that for a total of, say, $8 a month you can access that song plus all the music in the iTunes store. It’s all in the ‘what if’ stage. Considering the growth of music-streaming services, there’s also talks of a potential iTunes App for Android devices, as the Google-engineered system stands as a treat to iTunes sales, with this advancement as a possible solution. Article source:...

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Noora Health’s Training Program For Patients And Caregivers Improves Recovery And Reduces Readmission Rates

If you’ve ever had a major surgery or medical event, you know that the education around recovery leaves much to be desired. When I had a C-section with the birth of my daughter, the hospital gave me a piece of paper that listed some of the medical issues that could take place if my recovery wasn’t going well. But I really had no idea how to handle the recovery–in fact, I made several calls to my physician (and had an untimely ER visit) because of complications. Noora Health wants to change this. The nonprofit graduating from Y Combinator is...

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Mobile Platforms, Smartwatches, And Golden Handcuffs

Editor’s Note: Semil Shah works on product for Swell, is a TechCrunch columnist, and an investor at Haystack. He blogs at Haywire, and you can follow him on Twitter at @semil Ask three different smart, knowledgeable people in tech about their views on smartwatches, and you’re bound to receive at least four plausible opinions on the matter. As someone hilariously snarked on Twitter, “even a broken smartwatch opinion will be write twice a day.” Jokes aside, I’ve been getting more excited about smartwatches with the news dribbling out over the past few months and speculation rising. As Google and potentially Apple join the popular Pebble, along with companies like Jawbone, FitBit (which already claim wrist real estate), Runkeeper, and others, the looming, high-level question for consumers may not just be platform-specific apps and functionality, but the effects (and potential handcuffs) of mobile platform and ecosystem lock-in. Here’s how think about the choices consumers may face, assuming they want technology on their wrists — which, depending who you talk to, isn’t a foregone conclusion. “If” Apple does eventually develop a device for the wrist, we’d expect it to run on iOS, to seamlessly set up and pair with the iPhone, and to interoperate with other iOS systems and some suite of apps. Based on Google’s initial tip of the hand regarding “Android Wear,” they may view the wrist as a new interaction frontier to extend the power...

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Junya Watanabe MAN Cowhide Leather High-Top Sneakers

In keeping with this season’s utilitarian aesthetic, Junya Watanabe MAN has  released a pair of simple, leather high-tops as part of its Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The no-frills style features uppers crafted from textured, full-grain cow leather, contrast stitching, metal heel rivets and durable canvas linings, with the entire package sitting atop slip-proof, rubber soles. Perfect for kicking around in as the weather heats up, Junya Watanabe MAN ‘s Cowhide Leather High-Top Sneakers are available now at HAVEN. Article source:...

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Yoshio Kubo 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Yoshio Kubo presents a striking repertoire at this year’s Tokyo Fashion Week for its 2014 fall/winter collection. Here, the Japanese designer dabbles with retro print-works and color blocking in reminiscent of the ’70s, with hoodies and pullovers loosely fitted, paired alongside matching varsity jackets and shorts. The line’s chromatic styling is furthered onto blazers and tapered pants while removable fringes offer layering options — blending contemporary and experimental motifs in with cut and sew. Enjoy the first look to Yoshio Kubo’s Fall/Winter 2014 range and stay tuned for more via the label’s webpage. Article source:...

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