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Month: April 2014

iOS App AsthmaMD 3.0 Makes It Easier For Patients And Physicians To Manage Symptoms

When TechCrunch first covered AsthmaMD in 2010, the medical tech startup’s goal was to gather data that would help researchers better understand when attacks are more likely. Since then, the startup has shifted its focus to a more commercially viable business model that will allow it to continue gathering data while helping more asthma sufferers, who make up 12% of the U.S. population. Founder Dr. Sam Pejham and Salim Madjd, the startup’s app designer, say that AsthmaMD 3.0, the company’s latest product, is “essentially a brand new app coded from scratch and it’s our most significant release yet.” The startup is self-funded and currently raising its seed round. The platform now includes the startup’s patent-pending asthma action plan, or a treatment plan for patients that is developed with their doctors. It also has an integrated medication reminder system and the ability to track and log asthma symptoms from multiple devices, with data saved to AsthmaMD’s secure cloud platform. AsthmaMD’s peak flow meter, a key part of its monetization strategy, is now available in certain Walgreens and CVS stores. “We had to find a way to continue providing the app for free while running a business. We pivoted and analyzed various options that would still allowed us to stay true to our mission of modernizing asthma care,” Pejham and Madjd said in an email. AsthmaMD 3.0 makes it easier for...

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Opera Buys A Rich Media Mobile Ad Startup, Apprupt, As Sales Rise 40%

Opera Software, the Norway-based company that makes browsers for mobile and other devices, today reported its quarterly results and announced another acquisition along the way: apprupt, a mobile startup based out of Germany that focuses on rich media advertising, which will become part of its Opera Mediaworks advertising subsidiary. The news comes as Opera reported first quarter sales of $87 million, up 40% over the same quarter a year ago. However, its earnings per share dropped by quite a bit: undiluted EPS was only $0.019 diluted EPS was $0.018 versus to $0.030 and $0.029, respectively, a year ago — perhaps a mark of the investment it has been making into new products to grow revenue in the future. New launches included Opera Max, a data-savings app that Opera hopes will drive more users to its services; and an update to its ad exchange with more programmatic services. Opera is not disclosing the terms of the apprupt deal. “The size of the transaction and it’s contributions to Opera revenue and earnings are not material today, so we are not disclosing the terms of the transaction,” Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks, said in an interview. This is Opera’s eighth acquisition in the last four years, and there is apparently more to come — a sign of more consolidation in the online advertising space, and also of how bigger players...

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Lix, A More Precise 3D-Printing Pen, Passes Its Kickstarter Goal In 2-Hours

The 3Doodler 3D-printing pen, as my TC colleague John Biggs recently pointed out, is a fun toy but a silly tool. It’s big and its output is frustratingly wonky. But then it was created by a pair of veteran toy makers so focusing on the fun was clearly the primary intention. Now a U.K. startup is taking aim at building a more precise 3D-printing pen for the professional user — designers, architects and so on. Their Lix pen prototype passed its Kickstarter goal of £30,000 two hours after the crowdfunding campaign launched yesterday, and is fast approaching has passed £100,000 in pledged funds after one day in the wild, with 29 days left of the campaign to run. “We have a small and lightweight product that is power supplied from any usual USB port. Lix Pen is very portable and comfortable to use. 3Doodler on the other hand, is heavy, big, difficult to use and is power supplied by standard power electrical outlet that is not practical,” says co-founder Anton Suvorov, when asked how the product differs from the 3Doodler. “We have created a slick looking and professional creative tool,” he adds. “Lix 3D printing pen opens new possibilities to many other industries such as for stylists, architects, designers and anybody who are interested in 3D printing.” The startup began work developing the Lix in July last year — inspired, no doubt, by the 3Doodler...

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ILLAMERICA 2014 Spring Collection

The online music and news platorm, ILLROOTS, has unveiled its Spring 2014 collection for ILLAMERICA. The collection showcases a selection of updated cap designs that look to classic athletic styling and military inspirations. Consisting of snapbacks, strapbacks and trucker caps, old English fonts are used alongside quaint color schemes, while embroidered patchwork offer bold accents against camouflage backdrops; the classic Logo Cap is also available in an array of colorways. Head to ILLAMERICA to see the full range. Article source:...

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ADYN Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

ADYN reveals their latest Spring/Summer 2014 collection with a new lookbook. Adding to the brand’s signature minimalism with a new series of essentials, the pieces further explore ADYN’s penchant for monochromatic palettes through angular panels and layered textures. The collection is highlighted by form-fitting bombers and luxury jerseys, which combined with full-length sleeves and leggings, create bold silhouettes that are both elegant and relaxed at the same time. Look for the collection and more now through select retailers including the brand website. Article source:...

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