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Month: April 2014

Gundam x Reebok 2014 Spring/Summer Instapump Fury

Reebok’s Instapump Fury is a rather technical, layered silhouette, and despite its successes, still a rather space-age shoe by today’s standards. Fittingly, Reebok teamed up with one of the world’s most beloved space-age stories – the Gundam series – to outfit a pair of Reebok’s most progressive offerings. Here we find the shoe executed with clean white mesh as a base layer for a blue footcage, offset by red and yellow hints. References to the popular anime series can be found in “RX-78-2″ detailing at the heel counter and insole. With an accompanying Zaku II version dropping alongside the release, look for both of these at select Reebok retailers soon. Article source:...

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A Closer Look at the Nike Free Orbit II SP

Following our earlier look at the shoe just this week, here we take a closer gander at the newest release from Nike anticipated at retailers today. The Nike Free Orbit II SP is a summary of design elements found in 2011′s Lunar Orbit, though further refining the slip-on sneaker with points of breathability and a more articulate sole. Accordingly, the shoe finds the same geometric spikes adorning the suede upper, while the zipper has been resized to a small slit along the medial rays at the heel. A mesh panel cut-out provides ventilation to the toes and forefoot, while all of the features rest atop a Free 5.0 outsole. Made available in two colorways – Black and “Cool Grey” – just today, pick these up from Nike Sportswear retailers now for $200 USD.   Article source:...

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Be Yo Mobile Speaker

As mobile technology further asserts itself as a necessary factor of everyday life, we constantly search for little ways to improve their convenience. Adding to the conversation in a big way is the rather small Be Yo mobile speaker. The smooth, pocket-sized speaker connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device, adding a new element of sound wherever you may take it. What’s more, the Be Yo integrates a nifty lanyard into its design, making doorknobs, chairs, or other small handles the mounts for your mobile stereo. Available in four colors, pick this number up from ReStir now for about $117 USD. Article source:...

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US Telco Firm [REDACTED] Gently Pushed Back Against Bulk Metadata Collection In January

In December Federal Judge Richard Leon indicated that in his estimation, the bulk collection of telephony metadata by the NSA was likely unconstitutional. He stayed his ruling, however, citing “significant national security interests” and “the novelty of the constitutional issue” at play. Less than two weeks later, an opposite ruling was handed down, calling the program constitutional. Given the first challenge, a United States-based telecommunications firm [REDACTED] that has to comply with the program specifically requested that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) explain its perspective on the ruling. This was minor dissent. Here’s [REDACTED] indicating that it intended to comply with the program, and that it was not requesting a hearing: Sleuths have posited that either ATT or Sprint are the best fits for amount of space that was redacted. I’ll leave that to you. Why does the telco [REDACTED] want more information regarding the thoughts of the FISC? It boils down to the arguments that Judge Leon brought up — if they are valid, it could make the program that the telco [REDACTED] serves illegal. Taking part in the bulk collection of telephonic metedata, even under compulsion, wouldn’t be the best idea if that was the case. Here are the two key pieces: And: So, in short, the telco [REDACTED] wants to understand the logic behind the continuance of a program that has suffered its first real challenge. In terms...

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Microsoft Is Challenging The US Government’s Use Of Search Warrants To Access Data Stored Abroad

Microsoft lost its first challenge to the authority of the United States government’s use of search warrants to demand data stored abroad. Microsoft challenged a U.S. search warrant for emails stored in Ireland. The cloud does have a physical footprint, after all. The company was not surprised that it lost the initial test, noting in a blog post that “the Magistrate Judge, who originally issued the warrant in question, disagreed with our view and rejected our challenge.” The company states that it “knew the path would need to start with a magistrate judge, and that we’d eventually have the opportunity to bring the issue to a U.S. district court judge and probably to a federal court of appeals.” So, today’s setback for Microsoft is not really a dispiriting moment. Think of it more as a first step. There is a process called the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty that countries can use to request data and the like from one another. So, even if Microsoft does in fact win in the end, it won’t close the system. American search warrants aren’t worth a thing in China, as Chinese search warrants aren’t of much use in California. Microsoft’s point that the location of data demanded matters is simple, and reasonable.   Article source:...

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