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Month: April 2014

The Hundreds x Tapatio Collection

Celebrating the ongoing junction between fashion and food, The Hundreds has teamed up with Tapatio — one of the world’s most celebrated hot sauce labels — on a capsule collection. Despite its popularity, Tapatio remains an independent brand that has been making hot sauce for the last 40 years. This collection consists of a T-shirt and 10 oz bottle of Tapatio hot sauce, both with a unique illustration of Ben and Bobby Hundreds, alongside Tapatio’s mascot, Emelio. Look for the collection at The Hundreds‘ four flagship stores on Cinco de Mayo. Article source:...

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TC Cribs Tours Optimizely’s Spacious HQ, Where Table Tennis Is A Serious Sport

It’s time for a new installment of Cribs, the TechCrunch TV show that takes you inside the doors of some of the tech industry’s hottest companies. This time around, we headed to the San Francisco headquarters of Optimizely, the company that makes website optimization software. Optimizely has had some impressive growth over the past few years since its launch, so it has established itself in a spacious office to accommodate more expansion in the months and years ahead. All that space also means Optimizely HQ has room for some fun perks. While many startups these days have one ping-pong...

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Google Denies Shady Claim That AdSense Robbed Publishers

An alleged former Google employee has anonymously published unconfirmed allegations that AdSense purposefully banned publishers right before their periodic payout so it could keep their ad revenue. However, based on our examination of report, the allegations look false. There may have been mechanisms in place to prevent scamming publishers this way, and linguistic clues suggest the author didn’t work at Google. At our request, Google provided TechCrunch with this statement strongly denying the accusations: “This description of our AdSense policy enforcement process is a complete fiction. The color-coding and ‘extreme quality control’ programs the author describes don’t exist. Our teams and automated systems work around the clock to stop bad actors and protect our publishers, advertisers and users. All publishers that sign up for AdSense agree to the Terms and Conditions of the service and a set of policies designed to ensure the quality of the network for users, advertisers and other publishers. When we discover violations of these policies, we take quick action, which in some cases includes disabling the publisher’s account and refunding affected advertisers.”   The report doesn’t include hard evidence, and the whole thing might just be from a jilted publisher or someone else out to harm Google. Still, it could spark an investigation into AdSense’s banning procedure or at least a loss of confidence amongst AdSense publishers even if it’s untrue. The whistleblower purports...

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Twitter Shares Test New All-Time Lows After Its Q1 Earnings Fail To Excite Investors

Twitter’s stock is plumbing the depths today, hitting a new low of $38.27, below its previously recorded lowest-point of $38.80. Twitter went public for $26 per share and shot to more than $74 per share at its peak. It opened around $45 on its first day public. The following image comes moments after Twitter traded for $38.27. However, given that I decided to tweet first, and screenshot second, the number had changed slightly. Still, at $38.45 a new low has been set: Twitter reported a non-GAAP quarterly profit of $183,000, or $0.00 per share today, on revenue of $250 million. Those first quarter results were better than investors expected. It didn’t help much: its stock slid after clocking another quarter of anemic user growth of 5.8% on a sequential quarter basis. That’s its second lowest tally ever, only bested in by the fantastically slim 3.8% sequential quarter growth that the company posted in the fourth quarter of 2013. Investors are not enthused. Testing new share-price lows, Twitter is dampening the mood on the street for technology shares in general. This could retard the pace of technology IPOs, delaying liquidity for investors and LPs and employees alike, slowing capital formation for private companies, and lowering the market value of a host of firms. It won’t bring down rent prices in San Francisco, but these declines matter. Twitter posted a much wider decline after its...

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PUMA R698 OG 93

Ater teaming up with the likes of BWGH and BLACKRAINBOW last year to drop collaborative versions of the silhouette, PUMA brings back the R698 in OG form for 2014 with the release of the appropriately-dubbed R698 OG 93. Complete with the look and build of the original 1993 version of the runner, the kicks don a predominately black upper of mesh, leather, and nubuck with contrasting white and pink accents. Capped off with PUMA’s tried-and-true TRINOMIC cushioning, the slick R698 OG 93 is set to hit the likes of Berlin’s OVERKILL on May 10 in limited quantities. Article source:...

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