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Month: April 2014

Nike Solarsoft Rache Photo Blue/White-Black

First released back in the spring of 2013, Nike Sportswear‘s Solarsoft Rache Woven returns this season with a brand new non-woven build. Seen here in Photo Blue/White-Black colorway, the new Rache retains the plush Solarsoft sole unit, this time coupling the foam cushioning with a breathable upper of mesh and synthetics. Complete with midfoot cutouts and a heel panel pulled straight from the Air Woven, the warm weather sandal-like sneaker is now available from Berlin’s Overkill for apprixmately $83 USD. Article source:...

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Recyclebank Turns “Green” Actions Into Discounts At New Shop For Sustainable Goods, One Twine

Recyclebank, a company founded in 2004 which today works with partners to reward consumers for “green” actions like recycling, is now getting into e-commerce. With the launch of a new website called One Twine, Recyclebank is hoping to attract consumers looking to buy environmentally conscious goods and other sustainable items across a variety of categories, ranging from health and beauty to gear and gadgets to children and pets and more. At launch, the site features over 400 products from nearly 30 brands, all of which are rated through One Twine’s “Impact Lens” – a list of nine criteria that take into account a product’s total environmental impact. This list includes things like whether the item was produced using recycled or renewable materials, if harsh chemicals are used, whether the item’s makers are treated fairly, if the product itself is recyclable, and more. The website places icons next to each product indicating which of the nine criteria to help consumers shop smarter. Explains Recyclebank CEO Javier Flaim, shoppers will also be able to filter the product selection by the criteria that matters most to them. “For example, if you’re searching for shampoos and want to ensure it is has a gentle impact on an animals and the environment, you click on the gentle impact symbol and it will filter appropriately,” he says. Flaim sees One Twine as a natural expansion for environmentally focused Recyclebank, which today works to...

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TechCrunch Is Here In Hanoi With A Meetup Later Tonight

Just a quick and spur-of-the-moment note, I’m in Hanoi this week and would love to meet founders and engineers from the community. Our writers and editors regularly travel through the major tech hubs of the world and we haven’t had a chance to do a series in Vietnam yet.  These informal meetups offer you guys the chance to meet TechCrunch writers and editors. I’m here to hear your pitches, exchange stories, just casually hang out and learn more about Vietnam’s brewing startup scene. I’ll be at Nhà Hàng Bia Hiền at 123 Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ tonight at 9 p.m. following Tech In Asia’s meetup today at 6:30 p.m. at Cengroup. They’re having Dung Tran, the CEO and founder of mWork, and Do Tuan Anh, the CEO and founder of Appota, speak. (Yes, we’re piggybacking off each other to achieve double the awesome.) Article source:...

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WellBiome Gives You 100 Trillion Reasons To Follow Your Gut

Apparently there are 100 trillion bacteria living in our gut. And just like a fingerprint, the composition of our “microbiome” is unique to each of us. It also potentially holds the key to a healthier lifestyle as it impacts on our weight, energy levels and overall well-being. That’s the premise of WellBiome, an Estonian medtech startup that falls between two “stools” — 23andme and the general quantified health trend — with a service that sequences and analyses the DNA of the gut’s bacteria to provide personalised diet recommendations. Specifically, the problem WellBiome is trying to solve is that general nutrition advice often tends to be a one-size-fits-all approach even though, according to the DNA of our gut’s bacteria, each of us is different. “Since every human being is completely unique but the nutrition advice available today is very general or meant for the “average” person, the only method to change your nutrition is trial and error by finding what works for you,” explains WellBiome co-founder Henri Raska. “Our value proposition here is a very personalised scientific approach.” That “scientific approach” involves you taking a stool sample, using the supplied WellBiome kit (cost: €129), and sending it off to the startup to analyse. Then the DNA of gut bacteria is sequenced in the lab, something that used to be prohibitively expensive, and this is used to determine your microbiome composition....

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Check Out the Top 10 Dunks of the 2013-2014 NBA Season

Here’s a look at the best 10 dunks of the 2013-2014 NBA season. Highlights of the list include Clipper’s power forward Blake Griffin, who made the list twice at #10 and #5, the buzzer-beater by Tobias Harris of the Orlando Magic and Pacers’ Paul George with his unopposed 360 slam. Taking the honors this year for the top spot was Terrence Ross of the Raptors with his long distance work-around against Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried. To see more Top 10 action from this last season, check out the NBA’s official YouTube channel here. Article source:...

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