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Month: April 2014

A Bathing Ape 2014 Spring/Summer e-MOOK Lookbook

As it has done in the past, A Bathing Ape teams with e-MOOK magazine to showcase its current spring/summer seasonal range. Having already seen its extensive offering during the winter months, the streetwear pioneer shows no signs in deviating from its signature appeal with a heavy dose of camouflage appearing throughout. The newer, more dramatic editorial does however shed some light, so to speak, on BAPE’s use of glow-in-the-dark prints, gradient plaids and colorful patchwork. A Bathing Ape’s 2014 spring/summer collection is currently available around the globe. Article source:...

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Comfort Food by Jessica Dance and David Sykes

They say knitting is the new yoga. While you can’t wear these items from Jessica Dance, the British model maker has taken a charming approach to the age-old practice of knitting, and worked in partnership with photographer David Sykes to complete this new project. From the individually-sewn baked beans to the subtle brown grill marks on the breakfast sausage, Dance and Sykes are aiming to address the diversity in British cuisine, while considering presentation to the same degree that a real chef may. Fittingly titled “Comfort Food”, the attention to detail and vibrant colors in these images are truly something to admire. Article source:...

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Nokia’s Devices Unit Lost $452M In Q1 Before The Microsoft Hand-Off

Nokia has reported interim results for its Q1, revealing a tough time for its devices services business unit during in a transitionary quarter as the company worked towards the hand off of that unit to Microsoft. That multi-billion transaction completed last Friday — sightly later than expected, and also after the close of Q1, meaning Nokia’s results for the quarter include a heading for “Discontinued Operations”; aka the devices services business now owned by Microsoft. Not closing the devices services sale in Q1 also meant Nokia did not end the quarter as cash flush as it had hoped (being as it hadn’t yet been paid by Microsoft). It notes that had the transaction closed in Q1, it would have had ended the quarter with gross cash of approximately €10.5 billion and net cash of approximately €7.1 billion. Nokia said it expects the increase on the previously agreed transaction price for the devices business unit (of €5.44 billion) to be increased by approximately €170 million as a result of estimated adjustments made for net working capital and cash earnings. This additional amount to be paid by Microsoft will be finalized during Q2, it added. Turning to the performance of the devices services business unit in Q1, it had a terrible quarter — making a loss of €326 million (~$452M) on revenue of €1.929 billion. That represents a year-on-year drop in net sales of 30%. While not surprising, given the transitionary nature of the quarter and Nokia’s business focus clearly...

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Apple Updates The MacBook Air With Improved Processors

Apple has indeed updated its MacBook Air as foretold, and while the updates aren’t terribly dramatic, they are solid improvements that should come as welcome news to anyone who has been waiting in the wings for a reason to upgrade. The new models now start at $899 for the 11-inch model, and $999 for the 13-inch model. Now is definitely the time for Apple to be capitalizing on their strong Mac market position, coming out of a solid fiscal Q2 when it sold 4.1 million Macs, an improvement on the 3.9 million units it shipped during the same quarter last year. Apple’s new MacBook Airs gain processor improvements, using new Intel Haswell chips that push power up a notch, which should make for even faster, more efficient operation over the models introduced last year at WWDC in June. Storage options also get tweaked, with better baseline options. Everything from the base model to the top end gets improved processors, so regardless of your budget or needs you’ll be getting more for your money. Evolutionary improvements in the Mac are designed to do one thing: Keep sales of Apple’s desktops and notebooks chugging along. And they have indeed built up a considerable head of steam, which is impressive in a market where consumers are starting to show a lot of skepticism about whether they even need or want traditional computing...

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Skype Co-Founder Jaan Tallinn Backs Reversible Debugging Startup Undo Software

As software continues to eat the world, the tools to help make developers’ lives easier continue to mature. Case in point: Cambridge, UK-based Undo Software, which offers reversible debugging software for app development on Linux and Android. Long thought of as one of the holy grails of software development, reversible debugging is the ability to run an application backwards as well as forwards to make it easier to track down those elusive software bugs. Today the company is announcing a $1.25 million funding round from Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn (who is a serial investor and most recently added to communication app Fleep’s seed round), along with existing backers within the Cambridge Angels group. I’m told it’s actually Undo Software’s third round of funding, although previous rounds — the last of which took place in April 2013 — remain undisclosed. That would suggest they were less than even this modest new funding. Undo Software’s main product is UndoDB, which provides reversible debugging of Linux and Android software (and a host of other pretty technical features), enabling developers to record a program’s execution and then “rewind their code in real-time to find bugs more quickly, saving time and reducing cost.” The pay-off, of course, is increased productivity and, ultimately, faster times to market for complex software. To that end, chip-maker ARM has integrated UndoDB software into its ARM DS-5 Professional Edition,...

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