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Month: April 2014

Respondly Launches To Simplify Your Support Team’s Workflow For Emails And Tweets

The founder of Favstar, a tool that surfaces popular Twitter favourites, has launched a new startup with a Twitter focus — bringing a customer support tool called Respondly out of private beta today. Its tagline best sums up what this b2b startup is aiming for: ‘Team inbox for email Twitter’. The basic concept, say co-founders Tim Haines and Phil Cockfield, is to strip back the problem of managing customer support across multiple touchpoints — by focusing on making it easy for teams to respond to (and keep on top of) incoming emails and tweets. The pair previously worked together on a Favstar redesign in 2012 but have known each other for a decade. The idea for a unified system for managing support-related comms came to them when they were trying to manage Favstar user enquiries. “As Favstar user numbers grew, so did the amount of user enquiries, and those enquiries naturally came in via Twitter.  We were getting crushed by the daily onslaught of these support tweets,” they note. Early design and prototyping on Respondly started in January last year, with those prototypes put into active use fielding enquiries from Favstar’s 3 million+ monthly users. The pair have also beta-tested the product with a small group of third-party beta testers — less than 200 organizations in all, says Haines — including the likes of Tweetbot, Pocket and Stripe. So really it’s been cherry-picking those startups that are going to immediately grok its pared back,...

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Seeking Growth, The Payments Industry Embraces New Technologies

Now a victim of its own omnipresent success, the global electronic payments industry is increasingly turning to new technologies as it looks to expand its footprint and find new ways to make money by getting consumers to spend theirs. The pace of technological advancement in the payments market has even caused regulators to take notice, with innovations like cryptocurrencies continuing to grab headlines and attract government scrutiny at the federal and state level. Those same regulators are also looking for ways to alleviate the financial pressures and burdens that affect the underbanked and to address the issues of privacy and security that continue to bedevil the industry. These are no small problems, but then again, the electronic payments business is no small industry. In 2013 there were $4.9 trillion worth of volume on cards in the U.S. in 82 billion transactions, according to data from the Electronic Transaction Association, the industry’s trade group — that’s 2.6K transactions per second. An industry that large is bound to attract venture dollars, and indeed, startup companies are beginning to make their presence felt even among giant companies like Visa, Mastercard, and the privately held First Data Corp. Venture capital investment in payment technologies hit a five-year high in committed capital in the first quarter of 2014, when 59 startups raised $492 million for technologies to support, or supplant, existing payments companies. While executives in some industries...

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T.I. Talks High Fashion’s Avoidance of Hip-Hop and His Brand AKOO’s 5th Anniversary

For an audacious few, the words “no,” “can’t,” or even “failure” fuel a creative fire that forges the path to some of the world’s most artistic compositions and scientific discoveries. Every inquisitive mind meets opposition at some point in their journey, and yet it’s those naysayers that provide the motivation to hurdle over any barrier that falls in their way. Atlanta-bred rapper Clifford Harris, better know as T.I., has been told what he could and couldn’t achieve for quite some time. The now 33-year-old Grammy Award winner began his career as a young teenage high school dropout who funded his unlikely music endeavors through the crack trade. Since then, Harris has brought commercial success to a genre of music dominated by two coastal cities, acted alongside the likes of Denzel Washington and Kelsey Grammer, and produced albums under his own record label, all the while raising a family on a cable television show. But beyond that T.I. also helms a flourishing clothing line that just recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. He prefers you don’t as he rather let the quality of his brand do the talking, but AKOO Clothing has long been the brainchild of a man with a very keen understanding and respect for the fashion industry. Focused on the future of AKOO, we got the rare chance to sit down with T.I. while promoting his brand at...

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GREATS Secures $1.5 Million USD Seed with Resolute Ventures

By cutting out the middle man and releasing high-quality products at super low price points, GREATS – led by founders Ryan Babenzien and Jon Buscemi – has seen major success in only a year’s time, selling out of virtually every style it has offered. Now it looks like the goods will keep on coming as GREATS has secured a $1.5 million USD investment from Resolute Ventures – a group that includes High Peaks Venture Partners, Mark Gerson of the Gerson Lehrman Group, New England Patriots defensive back Adrian Wilson, and more. The investment follows last year’s $500,000 USD angel round and should allow the brand refresh its inventory, expand its team, and increase its marketing efforts. For more from GREATS, head on over to the brand’s website where both the Wilson and Royale silhouettes have been restocked in multiple colorways. Article source:...

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Nike Air Huarache "Turbo Green"

The fan favorite Nike Air Huarache gears up for the summer season with an all-new “Turbo Green” rendition. Sporting a predominately white colorway, this model features a green outsole and matching heel counter with contrasting black details for balance. What’s more is that its midsole shows specks of green for an added appeal. The very summer-appropriate Nike Air Huarache “Turbo Green” is currently a UK exclusive release. Article source:...

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