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Month: May 2014

HUF 2014 Summer "Pick Your Vice" Video Lookbook

After unveiling its summer footwear options, HUF launches its summertime apparel with a new video lookbook dubbed “Pick Your Vice.” Borrowing its soundtrack from a certain fantastic Adam Sandler movie, the Brian Kelley-directed commercial makes an interesting point about reality and pipe dreaming. Within the dream, HUF’s vibrant sock selection is highlighted, including colorful new renditions of the brand’s hallmark “Plant Life” socks. Enjoy the video lookbook above, then head over to HUF’s website to check out the brand’s full offering. Article source:...

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BWGH for PUMA 2014 Summer Footwear Collection

Arriving at retailers this summer is a brand new range of collaborative footwear from BWGH and PUMA. Building upon last year’s “Bluefield” release, the Summer 2014 collection includes both the XS850 and XS698 silhouettes in premium combinations of leather, nubuck, suede, and mesh – a few of which appear as part of this season’s “Darkshadow” and “Darkdenim” drops. While the “Darkshadow” pairs have already hit select retailers, the remainder of the seasonal collaboration will be available as early as June 19. Article source:...

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Raised by Wolves 2014 College Basketball Shorts Collection

Supporting the intramural sportsman in all of us, Raised by Wolves has introduced a set of neat college basketball shorts for the new season. The shorts are offered in an array of three color combinations: burgundy and gold; black on white; and white on black – all of which harken to familiar collegiate colors. Raised By Wolves playfully executed its brand name in a small patch on the lower thigh, which is a perfect length (not too short, hardly baggy) for all types of activity. Take a look at the pieces above, then head over to the HYPEBEAST Store to pick up a pair for yourself. Article source:...

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AppInTop Enables App Developers To Market Their Mobile Wares On A Budget

AppInTop, a new automated mobile marketing platform that opens in public Beta today, is perhaps noteworthy on two counts. Firstly, the startup wants to significantly lower the barriers for mobile app developers to market their wares. It offers a low-cost way into advertising on the 100 or so mobile ad networks it supports, including AdMob, Facebook Mobile Ads, and Flurry, as well as free competitive analytics to keep a handle on the competition. Secondly, AppInTop is founded by Russian serial entrepreneur Nikolay Evdokimov. He previously co-founded the automated search engine marketing and SEO company SeoPult, which claims to be the leader in Russia, before going on to found Internet holding company Web3.0Asia, which specialises in aggregating web and mobile traffic in Asia and serving it up to its largely North American and European customer base. Evdokimov says that AppInTop is the coming together of the ideas behind his two previous ventures. Aimed at indie developers as well as larger app publishers, while in private Beta many of AppInTop’s customers have been games makers, pitting AppInTop against the likes of Berlin-headquartered AppLift, which is incubated by HitFox Group and VC-backed to the tune of $20 million. In contrast, AppInTop remains bootstrapped and says its key differentiator is that users can start advertising with a minimum budget of $10 per day, making the platform available to the Long Tail of developers,...

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Intuit Adds Check To Its Finance Stable In Roughly $350M Deal

Intuit has added Check to its menagerie in a roughly $350 million deal, according to people with knowledge of the transaction. A report from The Wall Street Journal published yesterday placed the deal at $360 million. And the WSJ had reported last month that the two companies were in discussions. The deal will officially be announced later today, according to our sources. A provider of mobile account management and bill payment software, Check joins a roster of financial services software offerings at Intuit that provide the technological backbone for billing, payroll, accounting, and financial management at small businesses across the U.S. Intuit’s bid for Check is just the latest in a string of acquisitions for Intuit, which has been a longtime acquirer of early stage technology companies. Earlier deals, like the $170 million acquisition of in 2009, bolstered a clutch of financial services tools that include Quicken, Quickbooks, and Turbotax. With the acquisition of Check, formerly known as Pageonce, Intuit adds another mobile payment solution to its arsenal in a computing world that’s increasingly defined by mobile computing. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company already sells a mobile payment processing technology for small businesses. Check adds a consumer-facing payment solution for bills that aligns with’s financial management toolkit. As of January 2013 the company was already experiencing torrid growth, and now boasts 10 million active users transacting roughly...

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