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Month: May 2014

END. x Journal Standard 2014 Spring/Summer Capsule

U.K.-based retailer END. Clothing teamed up with the always-clean Japanese contemporary label Journal Standard to create a new capsule for the spring season. The two brands came up with three distinct prints for the project, executing a neat collection comprised of a T-shirt, blazers, button-ups, bucket hats, and shorts. Channeling tropical vibes, the two prints draw on exotic flora to showcase elaborate, bold leaves and petals. The third print is done up in rich indigo linen, executing meticulous guayabera styles across slim-fitting garb. Inspired by the jungles yet ready for the streets, pick up this breezy collection exclusively at END. Clothing’s webshop now. Article source:...

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Postalco 2014 Spring/Summer Leather Goods

Founded in Brooklyn and based in Tokyo, Postalco is a brand that has garnered a reputation for its well-made, utilitarian stationery and accessories. The company’s leather goods, in particular, are standouts from its Spring/Summer 2014 collection — simple designs like card cases, coin wallets and billfolds that are handmade in Japan from premium materials. Standouts include a luxurious card and coin wallet in black goatskin, a goatskin card holder and a vegetable-tanned leather billfold wallet with a coin pocket, all of which are daily essentials and will only look better with use. Postalco’s Spring/Summer 2014 leather goods are available now at the HYPEBEAST Store. Article source:...

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Headspace Releases New Version Of Its Meditation Platform

Headspace is a web and mobile meditation platform that allows you to cram 10 to 60 minutes of calm and clarity into each day of your over-connected and fast-paced life. The company is releasing a new version today, after reaching over 1 million users in 150 countries. I have been a daily user of Headspace for six months now, and it’s interesting to see how technology can help when it comes to meditation. Now, meditation is still an unfamiliar skill for most people. Do you think meditation means cross-legged sitting and chakras opening? I am Parisian, which means that...

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Google Offers Webform To Comply With Europe’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Ruling

Live in the European Union and want some old, irrelevant info about you deleted from search results? Google has now implemented a search removal request mechanism for people living in Europe who believe it has indexed information about them that they have a right to remove. The arrival of the webform – which was put online earlier this morning – for users to request data be removed follows a European Court Of Justice ruling earlier this month which said that Google must respect a “right to be forgotten” and, at the request of private individuals, remove “irrelevant” and outdated information that contravenes an EU privacy directive concerning the way personal data is processed. The ruling was triggered by a complaint by a Spanish man who was seeking to have results related to his name and a property closure removed from the search engine. Earlier this month, following the Court of Justice ruling, it emerged that Google was already receiving requests for search content removal — albeit, the listed examples were from a convenient trio of what sounded like unsavory types: an ex-politician looking to be re-elected and wanting links detailing bad behavior in office removed; a doctor wanting to erase negative reviews from patients; and a convicted paedophile wanting details of his court conviction for possession of child abuse images taken down. Which does rather smell like a controlled leak on Google’s part, in an effort to generate negative...

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MyNextRun Raises €500K To Help Runners Find Events

What is it about Finnish startups and fitness? We’ve recently covered Sportsetter, an app that lets you discover different fitness experiences, and HeiaHeia, the corporate wellness platform — both companies that hail from Finland. Today another Finnish startup, MyNextRun, which helps runners discover and signup for running events, has raised a new round of funding. The Helsinki-based company has raised €500,000 from Andy Phillipps (Investor Chairman of YPlan, founder of Active Hotels/, Moaffak Ahmed (Investor of Next Games Nosto), Juha Lindfors and AJP Holding (Investors of Moves App). Existing investors, including Reaktor Polte, Dreadnought Finance and the Finnish taxpayer-funded funding agency Tekes, also participated in the round, bringing total raised by MyNextRun to €1 million. Founded towards the end of 2010 when co-founders Sami Granfors, Emma Huovinen and Tatu Mäkiläa spotted a need for a single place online where runners could find and register for upcoming events, MyNextRun launched as a pilot to the Finnish market in late 2011, before re-launching and opening up internationally in early 2013. It currently claims to serve close to 400 running events around Europe. As well as offering the ability to find and register for events, it offers tools for running events organisers and this also forms the basis of its business model. The startup charges for event listing and generates additional revenue with add-on products, such as selling running gear, cancellation insurance,...

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