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Month: May 2014

Glorious Leader! Video Game

Throwing concern for recent events and potential controversy to the wind, Money Horse Games prepares to release its “Glorious Leader!” video game loosely based on the life of Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. The game promises retro graphics, over-the-top bosses and other blatant references to the dictator’s lifestyle including his ‘friendship’ with Dennis Rodman. The side-scrolling shooter has Kim taking on the entire U.S. Army through seven different levels sometimes with or without the help of a unicorn. The game is slated to release to PC and mobile devices soon. For more information, check out Money Horse Games. Article source:...

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Google Glass’ Lead Electrical Engineer Adrian Wong Defects To Oculus

Adrian Wong still lists himself as a “professional daydreamer” on LinkedIn, but he’s just left Google[x] where he was a lead electrical engineer on Glass to start “Building the Metaverse” at Oculus VR. Wong had been at Google since December 2010 following a stint at Sandia National Laboratories, but now he’s working at Facebook’s latest mega-acquisition. A source clued us in to Wong’s move, and while he still lists his employer as “Google X” on Google+, his LinkedIn confirms the shift. I got in touch with Wong but he politely declined to comment. An Examiner article described his specific role on Glass as the “technical lead for the main PCB and display electronics subsystems.” On AngelList he characterized his time at Sandia as being a “former spy gadget maker for US gov’t”. Pretty intense. Wong hold at least 10 patents, many that relate to Glass-style smart eyewear, including “Wearable Computer with Nearby Object Response”, “Wearable Computer with Superimposed Controls and Instructions for External Device”, “Method to Autofocus on Near-Eye Display”, and “Unlocking a screen using eye tracking information. He also has bachelors and masters degrees in computer and electrical engineering from Cornell. On May 2nd, Wong posted his goodbye note to his fellow Googlers…on Facebook, which should have been a clue. He wrote “#FreshStartFridays – Surprise! Today is my last day at Google. Three rollercoaster years with Google[x] and Glass. What...

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Here’s The FCC’s Language Asking For Comment On Banning “Pay-For-Priority Service”

After much sturm und drang, the Federal Communications Commission this morning voted to proceed on a set of controversial net neutrality rules. The proposed regulations now enter a four month comment period. Expect there to be shouting. This morning the FCC voted to move forward with a set of proposed rules to collect public response. Most controversial in the proposals is the potential for the legal codification of paid prioritization agreements that would allow so-called edge providers — content companies, etc — to sign contracts with ISPs that could see their bits delivered more quickly than those of other companies. The proposed rules would set a floor, by my reading, under which regular ISP customers wouldn’t be allowed to fall in terms of access, with blocking and slowing banned. But the FCC’s proposed ruleset isn’t in the business of setting a ceiling, at least in its current format. The FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making was released after the vote, tipping the scales at nearly 200 pages. The section on potentially allowing for broadband providers to apply “commercially reasonable” tests to contracts with content companies and the like isn’t short itself. As the FCC points out, its “proposed approach” might “permit broadband providers to serve customers and carry traffic on an  individually negotiated basis,” in a way that would be not be held to other rules that force non-discrimination. After...

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Apple Is Testing Promo Codes For In-App Purchases

Apple’s app store has let developers create promo codes for ages. It’s also supported In-App purchases for ages. But promo codes for in-app purchases? That’s crazy talk. You want to give a user a promo code for a free bag of virtual cat food to feed their virtual cat? Get the heck out of here. But that might be changing! While it doesn’t seem to be a widely rolled out feature just yet, Apple looks to be letting EA generate and distribute promo codes for a free allotment of gold (usually valued at 2 bucks) in their latest racing sim, Real Racing 3. As MacRumors points out, 148Apps’ Jeff Scott has a few screenshots of the process: The most interesting part? You can use the code whether or not the user has the original app installed. If they already do, they unlock the in-app purchase. If they don’t, the relevant app is automatically installed. Why that matters, of course, is because it’s a damned good form of promotion. Giving someone a code and saying “Here, have an app!” is one thing. But saying “Here, have an app plus some free stuff that other people don’t get that may or may not give you some sort of advantage!“? That’s an easy pitch. The bad news, of course, is that this really just further encourages the nickel-and-dime freemium model that has...

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Chipotle Cups to Feature Essays from Toni Morrison, Jonathan Safran Foer, and More

The monotony of scrolling and double-tapping, reviewing old photos, or singlehandedly sending unwarranted texts to people can be all too familiar while eating on-the-go; sometimes you’re not just hungry for sustenance, but also food for thought. A moment of genius that struck Jonathan Safran Foer (at one of these very moments) has developed into the latest from Chipotle’s “Cultivating Thought” campaign, which sees essays from popular writers past and present conveniently printed on their soda cups. The food giant will adorn bags and cups with original work from Toni Morrison, George Saunders, Malcolm Gladwell, and Vanity Fair contributor Michael Lewis alongside Foer himself. Head over to Vanity Fair to read their exclusive report, and be on the lookout for this exciting development at your local Chipotle soon. Article source:...

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