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Month: June 2014

Y-3 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

Straddling his efforts between his namesake label and Y-3, Yohji Yamamoto continues to bridge functionality and style in his latest collection for the adidas subsidiary label. Fusing punk and goth sensibilities with hints of hippie influence, Yamamoto delivers a collection that’s emphasized by the use of both traditional and progressive materials. Tracksuits and leather bombers are paired with graphic tees and vests in different gradients, while silver pants and zip-up jackets feature floral patchworks complemented with all-over prints on polo shirts and blazers. Per usual, the label offers up a progressive line of sneakers to finish each look, overall delivering a vibrant range for next summer. Check out a preview to the collection here and look for it at Y-3 stockists next year. Article source:...

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Sidecar Tests Out Shareable Rides, So Passengers Going In The Same Direction Can Split The Fare

Since launch, Sidecar has always been about sharing rides with strangers. Now the startup is taking sharing one step further, with a new feature that is designed to match users not just with drivers willing to take them where they want to go, but with other passengers heading in the same direction. Sidecar’s new “shareable rides” feature is another way for the company to offer an alternative to Lyft and Uber, by offering much lower prices than its competitors. The company’s efforts to differentiate itself took shape earlier this year, when it moved to a marketplace model that enables drivers to set their own fares for rides, while giving passengers the ability to choose a ride based on price, ETA, or quality of the car. Now, users will also be able to choose whether or not they’d like to save a few bucks by sharing their ride with another passenger. The startup introduced the new feature in a promotional email sent to its users in San Francisco this weekend, promising big discounts for those who are willing to get matched up and travel with someone else in the car. The below copy explains how the feature works: “To share your ride, open the Sidecar app and select a car with the “Shareable Rides” icon and we’ll match you with other riders nearby going your way. If matched, the app...

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Mobile-Only Bank Osper Raises $10M To Aim At UK Youth Market

Osper, a new UK startup, has come up with an innovative way to create a banking service than can be used by children, combining prepaid debit cards and smartphone apps controlled by both them and their parents. The approach could potentially reach a market underserved by most banks, but which may also be embraced by parents keen to educate their children early on about how to manage money. The startup has also announced it’s closed a $10m (£6m) funding round, led by London’s Index Ventures (which has backed SoundCloud and Etsy among others). Previously Osper had raised a seed round of £800,000 in June last year as an alumni of the Techstars London accelerator. The cash will be used by founder Alick Varma to launch the service out of beta, roll out in the UK and eventually expand abroad. It’s also enrolled the backing of major UK TV celebrity, Davina Mccall. Other investors include Horizons Ventures (Li Ka-Shing’s venture capital arm – investor in Spotify, Facebook and Skype); Peter Jackson (CEO of Travelex), and Darren Shapland (ex-Chairman of Sainsbury’s Bank); as well as the entrepreneurs behind businesses including Streetcar,, Jawbone, SoundCloud, Skyscanner and Funding Circle. Aimed at the UK’s seven million 8-18 year olds (a 43 million-strong market in the US) Osper is a mobile-only, branchless, banking service. Its pre-paid debit card is ratified and backed by MasterCard...

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Apple’s New iPhone Pitch To Parents

In my line of work  I’m often called on to think critically about the usability of both hardware and software, especially smartphones. One of my big touchstones, and one that’s ignored by a surprising amount of designers — is that stuff doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If your goal is to have thousands, or millions, of people use your thing then you’ve got to consider how it works when you’re riding on a crowded bus or subway, jammed between sweaty angry people. Or how easy it is to use in blazing sunlight, or a car, or while doing something with your other hand. My appreciation for these ‘hardship usage scenarios’ only increased when I had a kid. Everything you do is ten times harder when you’re trying to help something learn, eat, sleep and just generally not die. That, I feel, is still a strength that the iPhone has over many other devices. I have and enjoy devices based on other platforms like Android, but Apple’s heavy focus on clear, accessible design in both their hardware and software has given the iPhone an edge when it comes to being friendly to the busy, harried, tired and overtaxed. When you’re juggling one, two or ten kids and just trying to get things done, having the ability to twiddle around with your operating system at a system level just doesn’t feel as...

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adidas Originals SL Loop Runner Lookbook

The latest model to join the adidas Originals family has been the SL Loop Runner. Taking nods from the classic SL 72, the more performance-orientated SL Loop Runner features a lightweight upper that preserves from the key design elements of its predecessor. Check out the SL Loop Runner through a series of styled looks while the shoe is available now at select retailers globally and online through Article source:...

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