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Month: June 2014

’51%’ Fears Rattle The Bitcoin Community

In January, there was worry in the bitcoin community regarding GHash, a mining pool. It controlled a rising share of the total bitcoin computational power used to mine the cryptocurrency — it’s share was creeping towards the 50% mark. Here’s a sample of what was written in January, when GHash was at a still-distant 42%: “[That percentage puts] uncomfortably close to the 51% hash power mark, which some argue is the Achilles heel of bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies.” Why? Because of the potential of what the bitcoin community calls a ’51% attack.’ In short, once you control more than 50% of the total hashing power of the bitcoin network, you can do nasty things, like spend bitcoins twice, and reverse and block transactions. GHash went over the 50% mark recently, and held that rate for a period of more than 12 hours, it became generally known on Friday. This was not well received. A well known bitcoin developer publicly sold 50% of his holdings in the cryptocurrency, and the price of bitcoin fell to the $550 mark. It was trading recently around $670. Previously, GHash said that it would not break the 51% mark. “Reaching 51% of all hashing power,” the company said in a release, “is a serious threat to the bitcoin community.” I contacted the firm, asking why they went over their prior promise. I’ll update this post if...

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The Mission’s Digital Divide And Why Fixing It Matters

Between Mark Zuckerberg’s recent purchase of a home in the neighborhood and the regular anti-eviction and Google Bus protests that roll through Guerrero and 18th Street, the Mission District is the epicenter of San Francisco’s Gentrifi-pocalypse. Just last week, a developer bought a shuttered auto repair shop in the neighborhood for a citywide record of about $350,000 in raw land costs per potential unit. So whatever these condos ultimately end up selling for once all the construction, permitting and marketing costs are filtered in will be much higher. Yet the income disparities in the neighborhood are still stunning. I paid a visit last week to the Mission Economic Development Agency, a non-profit that has been serving the local Latino community for the last 40 years. Nearly one-quarter of the students that they serve in the Mission’s four lowest-performing public schools do not have Internet at home. At MEDA’s Get Connected events, the Mission-based non-profit gets families signed up for Internet access and does giveaways or sales of refurbished laptops. “It means that if they’re doing a research for a paper, they’re forgoing using the Internet or using a smartphone,” said Richard Abisla, who is MEDA’s technology manager. Abisla’s work is part of a new federal effort that’s trying to replicate the ideas of the Harlem Children’s Zone and its creator Geoffrey Canada, who figured prominently in the documentary, “Waiting For Superman,” in other neighborhoods across the country. Canada’s idea was to pair reform-minded charter schools with a wealth of...

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Nike SB Presents "Brotherhood of the Feet: Europe vs. Brazil

Nike SB recently took the time to address a question that perhaps many of us have not asked ourselves; how does the electric fervour in FIFA World Cup 2014 host nation Brazil impact local skateboarding communities? As the largest South American nation’s 12 stadiums fill on match night, and fans gather around their TVs, a special atmosphere is created for those cruising the streets, and Nike’s skateboarding division sends a grip of riders to explore this notion in Brotherhood of the Feet: Europe vs. Brazil – Friendly. Brazillian skaters Luan Oliveira and Fabio Cristiano roll around Sao Paulo and Rio with European riders Kyron Davis, Wieger van Wageningen, Denny Pham, Maxime Geronzi and Dani Lebron in this latest flick. Article source:...

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MATIX Preview Their 2015 Spring/Summer "SECONDHAND EXPOSURE" Collection

Previewed for for 2015 spring/summer, California skateboarding staple MATIX centres its latest “SECONDHAND EXPOSURE” collection within the conceptual framework of new perspectives on familiar sights. With emphasis on denim offerings of course, MATIX additionally brings some proper accessories and additional summer-ready gear, with full installations included at the label’s Compton Surf Club event to better flesh out some of the brand’s seasonal vibes behind the collection — hinting at West Coast memorabilia mixed with elements of workwear and Americana. Article source:...

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White Mountaineering x Porter 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

White Mountaineering continues to release collaborative items as part of its 2014 fall/winter collection. Working this time around with fellow Japanese luggage label Porter, the bag collection sees the 1000 Denier Multi-Pocket backpack in choice of black or red, and the Diamond Pattern Jacquard Tote in either Navy or Khaki. Look for the collection to be made available through select stockists and at White Mountaineering’s Tokyo flagship along with its Isetan location. Article source:...

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