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Month: June 2014

Acne Studios 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

Swedish imprint Acne Studios has pulled back the curtains on its Spring/Summer collection for 2015. In the words of its creative director ​​​​Jonny Johansson, “the theme revolves around a pureness found in street sports but with a juxtaposing generosity in luxurious materials.” This casual ensemble features elongated knitwear and shirts alongside loose fitted outerwear and pants, all of which are treated to a generous blend of quality materials such leather, paper-thin jersey, nylon with sheepskin and more. The standout garbs are based on a palette of white, brown and blue with splashes of burgundy, green and yellow on select items. Browse through the images on the left and stay tuned to Acne Studios’ site for more information on its 2015 spring/summer collection. Article source:...

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A First Look at the Juun.J x adidas Originals Superstar

Here’s our first look at Juun.J‘s latest footwear collaboration with adidas Originals on the iconic Superstar silhouette. Known for its dark and elaborate collections which often create a stir among fashion’s elite, the Korean label most recently elected to go with an all-white aesthetic and simple details. Featuring a leather upper, the iconic rubber shell toebox and three velcro straps for a secure lockdown, this iteration offers a fresh throwback aesthetic for summer. The clean upper sits atop a white rubber outsole which rounds out the design. No word yet on its exact retail value or release date, however we expect these kicks to drop during Spring/Summer 2015. Article source:...

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UNDERCOVER 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

Jun Takahashi once again channels the rebellious spirit of rock n roll for UNDERCOVER‘s 2015 spring/summer collection. Using a formula that has worked in the past — bold text, impactful graphics, and attention-to-detail casualwear — the collection encompasses a variety of black and brown skinny jeans and joins them with contrasting tops, as seen in the parkas and long-cut pullovers. Modelled by John Hein, the collection has a laid-back aesthetic, even when we venture into the more formal pieces, and fights against conformity by bordering levels of ostentatiousness. Key pieces in the collection are obvious as UNDERCOVER employs the artwork of rock band Television (albums Adventure and Marquee Moon) and incorporates the graphics into various pieces. Article source:...

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The Rise Of The “Social Professional” Networks

Editor’s note: Jon Bischke is a founder of Entelo and is an advisor to several startups.  Back in the mid-2000s, many espoused a theory that there would emerge social networks for different types of people. It sounds a little preposterous now in the age of Facebook dominance, but at the time you had smart people like Marc Andreessen founding companies like Ning that followed this thesis. I was the co-founder of a now-defunct social network called Zaadz that you could think of as “Facebook/MySpace for the Whole Foods set.” We competed with the likes of Tribe, a company run by the pre-Zynga Mark Pincus, and were acquired in 2007. Fast forward a decade and much of the personal social networking activity has consolidated on Facebook. Sure, there are fast-growing sites like Snapchat and Tumblr that deserve recognition and respect. But in terms of metrics they’re still quite small compared with the juggernaut that is Facebook (this gap only grows if you consider Instagram and WhatsApp to be part of Facebook). But there’s an area where signs are emerging of “different networks for different types of people”: professional networking. We’ll start with the obvious. LinkedIn is the dominant professional social network. It has become the system of record for the online resume for many professionals. And the growth of LinkedIn as a blogging platform shouldn’t be underestimated. That said, it’s interesting to note some recent fundings of companies that...

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IAC Putting A Ring On Dating Site HowAboutWe

Looks like IAC is adding Brooklyn-based HowAboutWe as another notch in its dating site acquisition belt. It already owns, OkCupid and a majority stake in Tinder. According to a letter obtained by Business Insider, founder Brian Schechter addressed employees about the acquisition, confirming that many HowAboutWe employees would be losing their jobs: Indeed, we are still finalizing a deal and zero final decisions have been made. That a deal is even a possibility should remain completely confidential. I know this is a bumpy – and let’s face it – a weird moment but we should proceed in a manner that is really smart, graceful, and empowering for everyone. A weird moment, indeed. HowAboutWe snatched up earlier this year to take on competition from IAC. However, some key employees had already started to leave earlier this month. According to a staffer, Schechter and co-founder Aaron Schildkrout pulled aside a number of employees in closed door meetings on Thursday and Friday to let them know they could be let go. However, the founders also texted 3 employees that they were definitely keeping their jobs. That is until one of the three got a text asking them what their current salary was. Schechter allegedly recanted the offer to let that particular employee stay when the staffer reminded Schechter they’d recently received a raise. Many were reportedly upset at the way the news has...

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