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Month: July 2014

Chartboost, Chukong Link Up To Bring Mobile Game Cross-Promotion To Chinese Developers

Now the world’s biggest smartphone market, China represents a wealth of still-growing opportunities for mobile game developers. While app developers in the West are fretting that the so-called “Gold Rush” is over, China’s market is still growing rapidly with north of 800 million active smart devices. But the mainland Chinese market is pretty impenetrable to outsiders, with its own contained ecosystem of more than 200 different app stores along with different cultural tastes and preferences. That’s why one of the country’s largest game developers, Chukong, is partnering with San Francisco’s Chartboost to bring their cross-promotion and monetization tools to Chinese developers. Chukong, which built an early breakout hit called Fishing Joy, has more than 63 million monthly active users. It has a multi-pronged model where it operates a gaming studio, builds developer tools and publishes games from third-party developers. Chartboost is a gaming-focused startup that began as a free cross-promotion network for app makers that wanted to market their work in other apps. It has since evolved into offering direct deals, where separate developers can sell promotional space to each other based on installs. While the rest of the mobile advertising market has faced an onslaught of competition from juggernaut Facebook, which pulled $1.7 billion in mobile advertising revenue in the last quarter, Chartboost has managed to hold its own by focusing exclusively on game developers, the most lucrative...

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The One-Horse Race: 85% Of The 300M Smartphones Shipped In Q2 Were Android

Another milestone for Google’s Android in its unstoppable march to mobile dominance: the operating system accounted for 85% of all smartphones shipped in Q2 — its highest ever proportion, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. Google’s win comes at a loss for everyone else, and interestingly for the smartphone market overall. Apple, Windows Phone and BlackBerry all declined, and while there were nearly 300 million (295.2 million, to be exact) smartphone units shipped for sale in the quarter, smartphone growth has nearly halved compared to a year ago. And it could come for a loss for Google, too — Android is likely to start getting investigated in Europe over its dominant position, according to a report in Reuters. An investigation could get triggered if Android is found to have more than 80% market share in the European market. However, it looks like, for now, Google may still be clear of that. Strategy Analytics says that Android accounted for 73% of all smartphones shipped in Europe in Q2. A report from Kantar Worldpanel that was released earlier today noted that Android has a 74% share in Europe at the moment based on sales surveys (not shipments) that Kantar takes in five key markets in the region. In tablets, Android now stands at some 70% of all tablet shipments globally as well, too. Strategy Analytics says that while smartphone sales continue to grow, it’s at a significantly...

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FCC Questions Verizon’s Limits On Unlimited Data

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler on Wednesday grilled Verizon on its plans to slow down the data of the top 5 percent of 4G LTE unlimited users. For the past two and half years, Verizon has engaged in a process commonly known as throttling that slows down the data of the top 5 percent of the heaviest 3G data users. On Friday the company announced this policy, which they’ve termed “network optimization,” would be expanded to 4G LTE unlimited data users in October. But Wheeler won’t let that happen so fast. In the letter to Verizon, he wrote that he was “deeply troubled” by the announcement. He said if Verizon describes this policy as “network management,” under the Commission’s rules it would have to base such management on network architecture or technology — not specific plans. “I know of no past Commission statement that would treat as ‘reasonable network management’ a decision to slow traffic to a user who has paid, after all, for ‘unlimited’ service,” Wheeler wrote. But this practice is nothing new — most major carriers have been doing this since they introduced tiered data plans in an attempt to move users away from the unlimited plans that were offered in the early days of smart phones. Once it became popular to stream large amounts of data like video or music on your mobile device, service...

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COS 2014 Fall/Winter Campaign

COS unveils its campaign for the forthcoming Fall/Winter 2014 season. The younger, prettier sister brand of fast fashion retailer HM shows its Swedish sensibilities in the new collection, which showcases the brand’s attention to minimalism and sharp lines. The Fall/Winter 2014 range is particularly focused on material contrast, using rich sherpas, wools, and denims on jackets and shirts while elsewhere using neutral colors on cropped trousers. Look for this collection to drop on COS’ website – which recently introduced an international shipping feature – beginning August 22. Article source:...

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FENDI to Open Chateau Ocean Condos in Miami

Expanding its artistic scope beyond the realm of style, luxury fashion house Fendi has announced its plan to open the Chateau Ocean Condominiums in Miami. Partnering with real estate firm Chateau Group, this beachfront property will be located in the Surfside district of the city and will house 60 condos between 3,400 and 7,000 square-feet each on 12 equally-spaced floors. This revived building will further be distinguishable by its wavy façade formed by floor plates protruding beyond the structure’s edges, which in turn allows for great balcony views as well as shade for the glass curtain walls below. Set to open sometime in 2015, the last bit of details that have been revealed include 300 feet of private beach property, pools and up-scale eateries. Article source:...

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