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Month: July 2014

Represent Unveils Pre-Fall/Winter 2014 "Future" Collection

Bringing back the brand’s distinct long and trim silhouettes and subdued palette, Represent Clothing unveils its pre-Fall/Winter 2014 collection, titled “Future”. Designed as a minimalist scuba capsule, the line features high-grade materials with luxury aesthetics such as stingray and python scale patterns embossed into microfiber synthetic leather. On the palette sign, the simple interplay between black and white color blocking remains interrupted only by sparingly used grey solids and patterns. Represent releases its pre-AW14 collection “Future”. Sticking with their brand aesthetics, the collection features elongated silhouettes and tapered legwear. Future consists of a bold black and white scuba capsule with the inclusion of a high-grade microfiber synthetic leather goods range, stingray python scale embossed. Finished off with signature matte black badge detailing throughout. Look for the “Future” collection when it drops at select retailers in the near future. Article source:...

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Trey Songz – NaNa (AraabMuzik Remix)

While AraabMuzik‘s best known for his deftness on the MPC, in this remix for Trey Songz‘s “NaNa,” the producer steps back from his mechanical wizardry to explore modern rb odes. Iterating the hit single off Songz’s latest album Trigga, the Dipset beat maker eschews from thundering basslines for the track’s original tempo, adding poignant samples over Songz’s moving vocals. Listen to the four minute track here and purchase Trigga from iTunes now. Article source:...

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Brian Foresta and Erik Hernandez Talk About Inspiration Behind adidas Originals C-10

Continuing to churn out progressive sneaker models in a timely manner, adidas Originals celebrates one of its latest designs dubbed the C-10 via a short clip featuring design team members Brian Foresta and Erik Hernandez. Here, the two breakdown the sneaker’s core makeup and how it draws inspiration from ZX 000 in its heel counter, while evolving the three stripes branding with a single strap. Borrowing cues from basketball, running, fashion, and architecture, adidas Originals presents another forward-thinking silhouette not bounded by any genre. Enjoy the video here and stay tuned for C-10′s release in August. Article source:...

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Hacking In The 80′s, Your Summer Movie Guide

We learn the best way to win the system in WarGames is to never let Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy start hacking in the first place, Ferris Bueller’s parents should have just bought him a car, not a computer (he hacks into the schools’ mainframe and erases the number of days he’s been absent), and that it’s way more fun to jump in a pool with babes than it is to work on your computer project in Real Genius. A new Youtube compilation from FoundItemClothing shows us just what Hollywood thought computer programming looked like in the 80′s and...

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Startups Are Finally Hacking Healthcare

Editor’s note: Tim Chang is managing director at Mayfield Fund where he leads consumer investing practice with a focus on the Internet of Things, consumerized health wellness, crowdsourcing, collaborative consumption, mobile-first service and product marketplaces, vertical communities, and enabling platforms and services.  New companies are going around the traditional “front door” of FDA approval, insurers and healthcare institutions by launching ‘Healthcare 2.0’ companies that target consumers and self-insured employers, upending the health sector through the use of innovative digital and social technologies. At a recent forum we hosted for founders and leading industry execs playing in Healthcare 2.0, we compared notes and debated which startup business models and go-to-market-strategies have the best shot at permanently disrupting the healthcare business. This next generation of healthcare startup is first and foremost adopting a business to consumer model that can lead to business-to-business monetization. Successful companies are also combining premium services with extreme convenience, engaging social networks and communities, and experimenting with information coming from the proliferation of wearable devices that are beginning to penetrate consumer markets. B2C Adoption Leads To B2B Monetization In the self-directed Obamacare era, consumers are willing to take charge of their own wellness by managing their own data health. Companies such as Audax Health (engaging health assessments), Brighter (affordable quality dental care), Castlight Health (small and medium-sized business focused healthcare management services), Jiff (digital health marketplace) and Omada Health...

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