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Month: July 2014

Wood Wood 2014 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Copenhagen-based stalwart Wood Wood makes a strong return after a relative calm, submitting its Fall/Winter 2014 collection in a new lookbook. The sports-inflected aesthetic of previous collections carry over into the most recent photo set, with Wood Wood highlighting puffy down jackets, pea coats tinged with varsity striping, and staple other pieces from the brand’s canon. Incorporated into this is a newfound fascination with rock climbing, which makes its way into the accessories and apparel. Enjoy this look at Wood Wood’s Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook and head here to peruse the collection yourself. Article source:...

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Square Reveals A Reader For Chip Payment Cards Ahead Of Coming U.S. Launch

Square is set to bring its payment card reader for mobile devices in line with modern tech used most places in the world outside of the U.S. – today it revealed its upcoming EMV and chip-compatible dongle, which will be available soon for pre-order with an estimated ship date of sometime in 2015. The new reader looks very similar to the existing one, but it’s designed to read microchips embedded in new EMV-capable cards, which act as more advanced versions of the magnetic stripe which currently occupies the back of most U.S.-based credit/debit cards. While the chip may be new to U.S.-based institutions, which have committed to a changeover to chip-and-PIN by October 2015, it isn’t new to the rest of the world: EMV-based systems are the standard here in Canada, for instance, and in Europe as well. Square’s new reader would also mean cards in those markets can work with the reader (using the chip; many are already backwards compatible via swipe and sign, as they will remain in the U.S., too). Square notes that the U.S. is basically the last remaining place in the world where EMV and chip-and-PIN aren’t used, and the stats show definite advantages to changing over. U.S. fraud far exceeds that of other nations when measured per capita by the volume of transactions, for instance. Square says that switching to its chip card reader...

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Founders On Depression

Last month, I wrote a post asking people working in startups to seek help if they are dealing with depression. It was a personal plea, because I have dealt with depressive episodes since I was a teenager and hate thinking about other people suffering without support. The scope of my advice is limited, however, because I don’t have the experience of balancing the emotional and physical strains of depression with founding a new company. So I decided to reach out to founders who have coped with depression and ask them to share their experiences and advice with their peers. Because there is still stigma attached to depression and other psychological issues, I decided to make all responses anonymous. Everyone I corresponded with is in the process of launching a tech company, but they represent a very diverse range of viewpoints, and each has their own way of thinking about depression and dealing with it. Personally, I found what they wrote a very important reminder that there are different ways of coping and that even when things feel hopeless, there are always new possibilities, strategies, and perspectives to pursue. I’d like to thank these founders for their insight, sense of humor, and advice, and for taking the time to respond to my questions. I would also like to continue writing more about depression and other psychological issues from a tech perspective. If...

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Fling Pulls Early Eyeballs With A Random Message-Bombing Feature

Make way for (yet) another messaging app. Fling, for that is its name, has a twist — as all messaging apps must now have — in the form of a random message-flinging interface which sends your photo or text (or captioned photo) to up to 50 other users anywhere around the world. After you’ve flung (flinged?) your missive into the cyber ether, like a virtual message in a bottle (actually more like a crate of bottles all containing the same message), you get to sit back and wait for any randoms who feel moved to reply. In the meantime the app shows you the general location of where your flings landed, plotted on a map view. If your fling ends up getting any replies, you can then start privately messaging individuals by double tapping on their reply and composing a new message. And that’s pretty much it. It should be noted that messages on fling are not ephemeral, despite some surface similarities to Snapchat. So if you do want to fling anything rude or unpleasant it’s going to hang around on a lot of other people’s phones. Which may, of course, be exactly the sort of effect you were after… One of the flings I received will kicking the tires of the app was a topless teen dude captioned ‘Hello world’. Teens do seem the obvious target for Fling. Now you may think there are...

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New Balance MRT580GK

The New Balance MRT580 has played host to a lot of vibrant colorways over the years but its back this summer in a subtle yet classy combination of black and grey. The MRT580GK features a mesh and suede upper done-up predominantly in New Balance’s classic grey but spruced up with black suede around the midfoot and heel and a few bold splashes of red. Look for the MRT580 GK at select New Balance accounts now including Feature. Article source:...

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