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Month: July 2014

LES (ART)ISTS 2014 Spring/Summer Shirts

A French brand created by friends, LES (ART)ISTS made its first splash with a range of tees that were equal parts high-fashion parody and homage to one’s favorite designers. Now, the label returns bigger and bolder than ever with a new collection of graphic-driven woven shirts for Spring/Summer 2014. In either red plaid flannel or baseball-style oxford options, the designs feature the names and years of birth of designers or artists on the back of each garment, resulting in playful homages to some of the biggest names in the business. LES (ART)ISTS’ Spring/Summer 2014 shirts are available now at the HYPEBEAST Store. Article source:...

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Hashtack Combines Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Into One

If you’ve seen a bright orange Volkswagen Type 2 labeled “Hashtack 2.0″ recently, you’ve spotted Jeremy Greenfield who has been living and moving around the country in it for the past few months trying to raise awareness for his app and get investors to back him. Hashtack, a startup that pitched at the Seattle TechCrunch meetup this year, is a photo- and video-sharing app that brings together Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into one medium. Users can like, comment and zoom into pictures, as well as repost them, or as Greenfield says, “retack” them. Instagram has a problem where users screenshot posts by other users and upload those photos by themselves, without the original poster’s knowledge. One way Greenfield says Hashtack tackles this is by allowing users to easily “retack” a photo they like, while also loading any descriptions and the name of the original uploader. It also applies a faint watermark to the image to show that it isn’t an original post. Yet since users can also save videos and photos by just pressing down on them, you can upload the content by yourself and still pass it off of your own. But Greenfield says Hashtack makes the whole process easier to incentivize users from reposting other people’s photos without giving credit. Hashtack also allows you to create your custom hashtag stream. So if you create the stream #WorldCup, you will be able...

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Sling Media Introduces $150 Slingbox M1 Box, Upgraded SlingTV UI, And A Desktop App

Sling Media is one of those companies that every now and then you forget about, but they just keep chugging along and occasionally putting out new products. Founded a full decade ago, the company is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of cable and satellite vendor EchoStar, and yet it’s still building new stuff to get its user base excited. Today Sling is introducing a couple of products — the Slingbox M1 and the SlingTV. Sling M1 The latest additions to the Sling product family are reiterations and upgrades to its most recent new hardware, the Slingbox 350 and 500 models. Launched 18 months ago, those boxes were Sling’s first new pieces of hardware in years. The $150 Slingbox M1, which is $30 cheaper than the Slingbox 350, was designed as a pure streaming device. It captures your video feed and sends it out into the Internet, where you can access it through a number of mobile, tablet, and connected TV devices, as well as through your web browser. Unlike the 350, it has WiFi for easy setup, and integrates with a couple of new apps built for the desktop, as well as its mobile apps. (More on that later.) In addition to watching live TV remotely, which was Sling’s original raison d’etre, users can also play and schedule DVR recordings through the new box. SlingTV The new SlingTV is basically...

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Tesla’s $35,000 Car Will Be Called The Model 3

At one point, Tesla’s third car — the one they’re trying to get to the market for around $35,000 — was called the Model E. Then Ford got huffy and threatened legal action, given that they’ve got something of a history (and a trademark or two) for cars with a similar name. So Tesla is changing it up. Their third generation car will be called, appropriately, the Model 3. (Which, if you ask me, is even more similar to Model T phonetically. Oh, and it’s also not to be confused with the BMW 3 Series.) Tesla confirmed the name on Twitter this afternoon, after details trickled out in AutoExpress. According to the same article, the Model 3 should have a range upwards of 200 miles per charge. Tesla says the Model 3 will come sometime after their SUV, the Model X, which should ship sometime in 2015. Alas, there’s still no concrete evidence as to what the Model 3 will look like, though it’s said to look like a smaller version of their somewhat wide-bodied Model S. Article source:...

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ASICS 2014 Fall Gel Kayano

Having seen a bevy of vibrant colorways over the last few months, ASICS is back with two new color schemes for its Gel Kayano trainer. The early ‘90s model is presented first in an array of hues that include black, purple, blue and red, among others, which is then accompanied by a grey version with fluorescent neon accents throughout. Both pairs will surely be a summer favorite for many, and can be purchased at select retailers, including Atmos this weekend. Article source:...

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