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Month: August 2014

HODINKEE Takes a Closer Look at the CT Scuderia Dashboard Collection

Born in Italy yet well-tinged with Swiss sensibilities, CT Scuderia is the newest project from designer Enrico Margaritelli. Approaching ‘legend’ status in the watch world, Margaritelli started and ran his own brands before becoming chief designer of Fossil, and even helped launch our beloved Shinola. Presently, CT Scuderia – and its inaugural Dashboard collection – marks the evolution of Margaritelli’s style: a blend of vintage racing bike silhouettes and classic chronographs. The collection consists of several pieces, each done with oversized 46mm polished silver cases and running on a Val-Swiss 3H self-winding movement. Head over to HODINKEE to learn more about this instantly classic collection. Article source:...

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How Siri’s Founders Could Have Built The Next Google

Editor’s note: Dan Kaplan helps startups tell their stories. He’s done marketing for Twilio, Asana, and Salesforce and blogs about marketing, growth, and storytelling at Threadling. It always breaks my heart a little when the startups with the most radiant potential hit their troughs of disillusionment and then cash out to a deep-pocketed buyer. This is not because I begrudge the founders of these startups the personal wealth or success that comes with their exits. Indeed, the wallets of everyone involved usually get a lot fatter, and that’s fantastic. But these cash-outs make me sad because when rocketships get picked...

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In Defense Of Square Smartwatches

All the smartphone hype is currently around round watches. When LG and Samsung announced their first Android Wear smartwatches earlier this year, most pundits had a heard time getting excited about them — in part because everybody was still waiting for the round Moto 360. Since then, we haven’t heard all that much about the square watches from those two manufacturers, but everybody is still waiting for the Moto 360 and now LG has joined the fray with its own round G Watch R. The G Watch R looks very nice in LG’s renders — almost like a mechanical watch. I somehow doubt it will look this good in person (it’s screen only has a slightly higher resolution than the current G Watch, for example). It’s nice to see LG step up its design game, but I don’t quite get the hype around these round watches. Sure – they look more like “real” watches, but if they work anything like today’s Android Wear watches, the round face isn’t going to be half as cool as you may think. My main problem with these round watches is that while round faces were great for mechanical watches — what else could you do to display the time before digital watches anyway? — but smartwatches are about so much more than just showing the time. A round screen is simply an inefficient way of displaying...

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DrinkMate Is A Tiny, Plug-In Breathalyzer For Android Devices

Devices that plug into smartphones to augment the built-in sensors with additional smarts are continuing to make their way to market, many fueled by crowdfunding. Here’s another contender aiming to extend the capability of Android smartphones: a teeny breathalyzer called DrinkMate, currently seeking $40,000 on Kickstarter to make it to market by December. The 1.8-inch long device is designed to plug into a powered Micro-USB port and, when used in conjunction with its companion app, displays a blood alcohol content (BAC) rating after the user has breathed over its semiconductor-based sensor. DrinkMate does not require a mouthpiece, the user just blows into an air inlet, which helps keep the design compact and the device hygienic. We’ve seen smartphone breathalyzers before, such as the hefty Alcohoot for iPhones, which we covered last year. But the DrinkMate is a lot smaller and a lot cheaper, following a Moore’s Law trajectory. It also claims to be able to deliver on the accuracy front — which is obviously the key aspect here, and a claim that remains to be tested given this is still a prototype — claiming BAC measurement levels at an accuracy of +/- 0.01% BAC at a BAC of 0.02%. DrinkMate’s sensor maxes out at 0.20% BAC but if you’re that drunk you’re unlikely to be compos mentis enough to use this gadget, let alone find your car keys. In addition to accuracy levels, it remains to be seen how DrinkMate’s performance holds up in rugged, real world environments when the...

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Jaguar’s Design Director Ian Callum Creates a Reinterpreted Classic Mark 2

Styling basically every Jaguar car since the mid ’00s has its rewards and Ian Callum enjoys them by being able to get any model he desires. For his newest automobile, he decided to reach back into Jaguar’s illustrious history and thus he has commissioned a custom, rest0mod Jaguar Mark 2. Designed by Callum himself and built by Classic Motor Cars in Shropshire, England, the car boasts a 4.3-liter engine, which has been pilfered and modified to pair with a five-speed manual transmission. The suspension has also been altered to result in a ride that sits 1.18 inches closer to the ground along with a new power steering system. Callum had this to say about his latest endeavour, ”This is a very personal statement. A long held notion that, although the Mark 2 has always been a beautiful car, it could be even more exciting in shape and performance. Whilst maintaining the purity of the car’s form, I wanted to add a number of modern twists to the design. Simplification and clarity was my objective.” Scroll through the images and hit play on the accompanying video below to see the result of this marvellous project. Article source:...

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