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Month: August 2014

Demolition Has Started on New York’s Iconic Graffiti Mecca 5Pointz

After being whitewashed last year, New York’s former graffiti mecca, 5Pointz, is now being demolished. A place where New York’s graffiti artists could go to legally practice their craft, the location has served as a gathering spot for the last two decades. Now, the location will make way for a new condominium complex once demolition is complete. Article source:...

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Most U.S. Businesses Don’t Know They Were Caught Up In Massive Cyberattack

Is your payment information safe? It’s hard to know, considering many companies hit by the same cyberattack that hit Target don’t even know it. According to a New York Times report published Friday, more than 1,000 businesses, including Supervalu and United Postal Service (UPS), were caught up in a breach affecting in-store cash register systems. The Department of Homeland Security issued an advisory that said millions of American payment cards have been affected by the hack. At the end of July, the report says government agencies instructed companies to check for “Backoff” malware, a type of infection that occurs at the Point Of Sale. Since then seven companies have told the government their systems were hacked, but the Times says the Secret Service estimates more than 1,000 have not checked or stepped forward. Government agencies have instructed companies to search for the “Backoff” malware on their systems or enlist the help of antivirus companies. Reports like this highlight the need for stricter government regulation and oversight when it comes to protecting customers data. Companies don’t have an incentive to report these breaches because it can result in a public relations nightmare and lead to profit losses. If it weren’t for the work of cybersecurity reporters like Brian Krebs, the public may not have known about the massive breaches that affected retailers like Target. Businesses also need to take these repeated attacks seriously and upgrade their payment...

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Airbnb Hands Over Data About 124 Hosts To The NY Attorney General

In the latest exchange between Airbnb and the NY Attorney General’s office, the peer-to-peer lodgings marketplace has agreed to hand over “unredacted, personal information” on 124 of its past and present hosts. The news follows a long-running back-and-forth between Airbnb and the Attorney General, which has been seeking to crack down on illegal hotel operations in the state. In a post on the blog post, Airbnb public policy chief David Hantman said the vast majority of those hosts were no longer on the site. Earlier in the year, the company purged approximately 2,000 listings ahead of a court date it had with the Attorney General. Airbnb’s fight with the AG’s office began last fall, when it issued a subpoena requesting thousands of host records. The company argued that request was “overly broad” and actually won a legal decision against the Attorney General. However, his office issued another subpoena before Airbnb agreed to settle and hand over anonymized data. Now Airbnb is taking that agreement a step further, as the AG’s office ferrets out hosts with multiple listings on the site. Article source:...

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Plan B Uses Old Printer Parts To Create Detailed 3D Models

If you’re bored this weekend, go ahead and tear apart your old inkjet printer and grab a few pieces of aluminum. Then head over to Yvo de Haas’ website and get cracking. His new project, called Plan B, is an open source 3D printer that lets you print solid plastic objects by binding a thin layer of plastic powder with an old printer head. How does it work? Well the Plan B is a 3DP printer which means it uses a little bit of glue to bind thin layers of gypsum powder. The head “draws” the layer in binder and then brushes away the excess. Then another layer of powder is placed and the system repeats itself ad infinitum until the object is built. The printer has a layer height of 0.15mm to 0.2mm and prints fairly slowly, for now. However, considering it’s completely open source, uses off-the-shelf components, and can be built for under $1,000 it’s definitely an interesting experimental rig for experience 3D printers. You can download the build manual here or just wonder at the majesty of an era in which a working 3D printer can be made from lab scraps. via 3Ders Article source:...

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5Boro Presents "Public Notice"

A good week for skateboarding in New York is rounded out with a new montage from veteran brand 5Boro. Now over 17 years deep in the game, the Big Apple-based skateboard company has seen exponential growth over the past two years, adding blossoming rippers like Jordan Trahan while also seeing its homegrown talent – Karim Callender, Elijah Cole, and Silvester Eduardo amongst others – make the most of their pubescent years. Shot entirely in monochrome, the new montage represents the brand at its purest – leaving no trashcan, curb, or bike rack safe with a ‘found object’ approach. Released as a part of The Berrics‘ ongoing “Public Notice” series, this latest update from 5Boro is not to be missed. Enjoy it above, then head here to grab a board from the brand’s fall collection. Article source:...

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