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Month: August 2014

The Bitcoin-Litecoin Decoupling, Redux

The price of litecoin and bitcoin, two of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, once saw their prices go up and down in something approaching a consistent ratio. That’s to say that bitcoin was always worth far more than litecoin, but the two coins saw their value rise and fall roughly in step with each other. In June, that started to fall apart. Noting the decoupling, TechCrunch threw together the following chart, which superimposed their prices and market caps — in USD, data via CoinMarketCap — over time: The trend isn’t hard to spot, is it? Let’s talk about the last few weeks. It’s been tough for the “alts,” or the cryptocurrencies that are not bitcoin. Prices are down nearly across the board. Litecoin, which traded north of $48 inside of the past year, now sells for less than $4. Bitcoin itself has seen a new negative trend emerge in its price as well, as TechCrunch noted in a recent post. Our prior data source changed how it charts data, so using CyrptoCoinCharts, here’s a somewhat similar chart showing the decoupling trend continuing: Bitcoin, being the larger, better known of the two, has seen its price endure the downswing perhaps a bit better than its smaller cousin. What I think is evident is that whatever short-term luster that litecoin might have once had, is gone. IMAGE BY Jason Benjamin UNDER Public Domain LICENSE (IMAGE HAS...

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Lean Hardware Strategy Lets Kickstarter Breakout Nomiku ‘In-Shore’ Manufacturing Back To The U.S.

In the 1980s, Silicon Valley’s hardware elite began outsourcing much of the semiconductor and hardware manufacturing work that gave the region its name to Asia. But now that the economics of hardware startups have fundamentally changed with new ways to test consumer interest and get feedback through platforms like Kickstarter, some startups are finding that it’s easier to build products locally because the design-and-testing cycles are much tighter. One example is Nomiku, an immersion circulator that lets amateur chefs use the high-brow technique of sous vide in their home kitchens. When Nomiku built its original prototypes, the trio of founders behind the company had to decamp for Shenzhen for several months to learn how to maneuver through suppliers there with hardware accelerator HXLR8R. Now with the second version, they’re bent on manufacturing Nomikus locally with current partner Studio Fathom out of Oakland. “We can iterate much faster here,” said co-founder Lisa Fetterman. “China is great if you have your design down pat. But if you’re creating something new that nobody’s ever seen before, you need to rapidly prototype.” She added, “It’s surprising that it’s cheaper to do prototyping in San Francisco rather than China, and the turnaround is faster.” The manufacturing cost gap between China and the U.S. has narrowed as wages in the local industry have nearly doubled since 2008. The shrinking cost differential has compelled other hardware...

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Fear of God Third Collection

Fear of God‘s Third Collection hit the web today, showing a concise maturation of the ideas presented in prior collections from designer and brand-head Jerry Lorenzo. Silhouettes remain a key part of the Los Angeles-based label’s identity and aesthetic, with draped and layered garments pairing well a selection of fabrics and tones that has broadened since past offerings. Lorenzo brings back his signature bomber jacket and continues to play with layered sweats, while elements of striping and several re-worked pea coats constitute new additions. This latest collection from Fear of God should start trickling into retailers shortly. Article source:...

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New Balance Made in England 2014 Fall M1500

The latest Made in England iterations from Massachusetts-based brand New Balance have arrived in the form of two M1500s for 2014 fall. Typical of the 1500 silhouette, an ENCAP sole unit serves as the foundation for both sneakers, with a mixture of suede, leather and ripstop material forming the uppers. Both colorways from New Balance’s English Flimby factory remain on-point for autumn, while availability in both the red/green/black and slate gray/black/white are currently being offered through UK-based retailer COMMONN for a price of £119 GBP (approximately $199 USD). Article source:...

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Munsoo Kwon 2014 Fall/Winter "Key of Hope" Collection

Inspired by W. Eugene Smith’s 1946 photograph, “The Walk to Paradise Garden,” and the ideas of hope and overcoming hardship, Munsoo Kwon returns with his latest collection for Fall/Winter 2014. The range — titled “Key of Hope” — conjures images of a fog-covered city with its textures, while mimicking the darkness before the dawn with a color palette of black, charcoal, navy, burgundy and white. Of note is a new addition to Kwon’s popular knits in the form of a patterned, shawl-collared cardigan, varsity-style tartan shirt jacket, a two-tone buffalo check shirt and coated leather sweatpants — all of which are contemporary riffs on classic staples, and great additions to any stylish fall wardrobe. Look for Munsoo Kwon’s Fall/Winter 2014 “Key of Hope” collection now at the HYPEBEAST Store. Article source:...

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