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Month: September 2014

Still Good 2014 Fall/Winter New Arrivals

For Fall/Winter 2014, Still Good designer Clement Taverniti was inspired by Henri Matisse’s Jazz and the artist’s signature collage technique. The French brand’s latest collection, appropriately, relies heavily on a mix-and-match aesthetic complete with combo fabrics, plenty of layering and unusual stylistic mash-ups. Included among them are standouts like the multi-paneled Jazz Sweatshirt, Jazz Back Panel T-Shirt and the colorblocked Melange Jazzy Sweater, all of which are eye-catching updates on seasonal wardrobe essentials. Rounding out the collection, meanwhile, is the Jazzy Nylon Suit Jacket — a fresh update on the casual blazer with season-appropriate fabrics and the addition of hand-warmer pockets. Look for Still Good’s Fall/Winter 2014 new arrivals now at the HYPEBEAST Store. Article source:...

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Herschel Supply Co. Adds A New Wave of Travel-Ready Silhouettes for Fall 2014

Herschel Supply Co. continues to prepare travelers of all types by expanding its Fall 2014 Travel Collection with several new silhouettes. First up are the four-wheeled Highland and two-wheeled Campaign carry-on luggage pieces with the latter including a top-access passport sleeve. Complementing these are the new Outfitter duffle with stowable backpack straps as well as the Outfitter Wheelie and Parcel for extended journeys. Those heading out for shorter trips, however, can opt for the Bowen travel duffle, which features neoprene-reinforced mesh compartments, a removable shoulder strap and a buttoned rear publication sleeve for quick access. Last but not certainly not least is the compact Royal Dopp Kit for keeping delicate pieces and toiletries. Check out the Herschel Supply Travel Collection now at select stockists worldwide and through the Herschel website. Article source:...

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Another Look at the Mini Superleggera Vision Concept

Originally unveiled back in the spring to much acclaim (seen here), today we present another look at the Mini Superleggera Vision. Designed in collaboration with Italian coachbuilders Touring Superleggera, this concept roadster reimagines Mini’s signature compact car aesthetic with an elongated, yet elegant silhouette with nods to the classic English roadsters. “The idea was to conceive a modern Riva power boat for the road, a proper Italian barchetta with a British soul,” says design chief Anders Warming. Although the Superleggera Vision is still just a concept, BMW – the owner of Mini – mentioned it’s rather possible, depending on its reception at upcoming car shows, that it may hit production in the near future. Article source:...

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Komoot Launches In The U.S. So You Can Enjoy A Guided Trip Through The Great Outdoors

For about four years now, Europeans trekking in the wilderness have had access to an app that ensured they would always be able to find their way in the woods as long as they had a mobile phone… and had downloaded Komoot. Now those of us in the U.S. can get the same benefits; the company has just launched its app for iOS and Android for North America. It’s exhaustive in its coverage. You can find a weekend trek or bike path (with maps and supported by GPS) for pretty much any location anywhere in the U.S., according to Komoot’s founder Markus Hallerman. “We integrate data from users and open source data,” says Hallerman. “With our solutions you get recommendations wherever you are. Because we have mapping technologies, we have turn by turn navigation. We are also available on wearables now.” So the Komoot app slices, dices, and… well… does the things you’d expect from an app. The company started in 2010 and launched its first iPhone app in Germany. During the last year the company began incorporating open-source mapping technology, and integrated its data from its user base with the maps it had created. And Hallerman isn’t just a founder; he’s also a customer, using the app on his hikes through the Austrian alps with his children. The Berlin-based Komoot is different from fitness tracking apps, or editorial apps...

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MasteryConnect Collects $15.2 Million So Teachers Can Teach To Students And Not To Tests

MasteryConnect has raised $15.2 million to further market its software that it hopes will help enable educators to teach to their students, and not teach their students how to take tests. “We’ve created a platform that lets teachers identify a student’s level of understanding against any set of standards, in real-time,” says chief executive Cory Reid. “It’s a backlash against high stakes testing or standardized testing,” Reid continues. “Our DNA is belief in the teacher and the classroom.” The Salt Lake City-based company’s software was developed by a serial entrepreneur and a former teacher and principal to ensure that students in a classroom were all understanding the material they were being taught. The software prompts teachers to administer quick checks for understanding that can be distributed on a mobile device, as a quiz, or through a browser. Already, using its “freemium” model, the company’s software has users in 85 percent of school districts in the country, has been downloaded in 170 countries, and has been used to teach roughly 22 million students. “We’ve been working on it since 2009,” says Reid. “We grew from a team of three to a team of over 75.” The software costs $7 per student per year for a rollout across a school, or school district, but teachers can use aspects of the app for free. “Instead of a credit card payment, we want...

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