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Month: September 2014

Carhartt WIP 2014 Fall/Winter Messenger Bags

Carhartt WIP‘s accessories are always a highlight of its seasonal offerings and as part of its Fall/Winter 2014 collection, the brand serves up another strong selection of winter-ready styles. Tailor-made for the impending cold season, the new range spans everything from beanies and accessories bags to scarves and gloves, as well as caps and bottles made in conjunction with Starter and Lovenskate, respectively. Here we highlight updated version to its messenger bags collection. The lightweight, utilitarian carriers are adorned with an option of leopard or camouflage print on its exterior, while a number of storage pockets offer functional elements. Look for Carhartt WIP’s Fall/Winter 2014 Messeger Bags – along with its garment releases — now at the HYPEBEAST Store. Article source:...

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Nike CEO Mark Parker Talks Innovation & Execution with BoF

For the latest installment of its CEO Talk interview series, web imprint Business of Fashion (BoF) sat down with Nike‘s head Mark Parker at his meticulously-cluttered office at the famous Nike campus in Oregon. As mentioned in its preface, this chat took place at the tail end of this year’s World Cup, one in which Parker’s brand played tug-of-war with its rival adidas for the attention of football fans and players around the globe. Since then, the battle has continued with Nike releasing a steady flow of new innovations and adidas enlisting tastemakers and designers alike from all walks of life to rejuvenate the German brand’s style appeal. Below we have featured an excerpt from BoF’s interview, but for more on Nike’s operating model read the full article here. It’s not all that common to have someone with a design background running a massive global corporation. How has this informed the way you manage Nike as a business? One of Nike’s co-founders, Bill Bowerman, had a great influence on me. He was a sort of mad scientist: an obsessive, compulsive, eccentric inventor. He would cobble up shoes using whatever he had at his disposal. When I came to Nike, I started as a designer. I was a runner and I would modify my shoes to try to make them better, so the fit with Nike was very natural. I’ve carried that through all the...

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As The Arab Spring Turns To Fall, A Lingering Hope For Peace Through Tech

Two decades after he served as the chief negotiator for peace talks between the then Yasser Arafat-led Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel under Yitzhak Rabin, Uri Savir remains ever optimistic. Although the Oslo Accords laid tentative groundwork for an eventual two-state solution, it was never realized. Once again, the region is only just recovering from another conflict between the Hamas-led Gaza Strip and Israel. But Savir is still at work on Israeli-Palestinian peace decades later, this time through a digital diplomacy-style effort called YALA, which leverages Facebook and other platforms to promote online discussions between Arabs and Israelis. It...

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Ello Users Experience Further Downtime After DDoS Attack

The suddenly hip social networking site Ello experienced its first major outage today, suffering a Distributed Denial of Service attack that brought it down for approximately 45 minutes. The company says that it was able to fix the issue by blocking the IP addresses responsible for the attack. However, it seems that the site is still going through some instability, as users are still occasionally taking to Twitter to say that it has gone down or that posts refuse to upload. Anecdotally, I occasionally get the above image on attempting to load the site. We’ll update this post if Ello confirms whether these are aftershocks from the attack or simply growing pains from the site’s rapid user acquisition in recent days. Article source:...

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Why And How To Hire A Game Designer

Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a games industry consultant, freelance designer and the creator of leading design blog What Games Are. You can follow him on Twitter here. Over the years I’ve worked for lots of studios. Some were hardcore game houses, some indies. Some worked in niche markets like casinos and some in more peripheral fields like gamification. Some were jobs, others consulting or contracting gigs. Having had such a broad range, one thing I’ve experienced a fair bit is “misalignment”. It’s common for a guy like me to be hired by a client, only for them not to really know why they did. I think the reason is that the client doesn’t really know what a game designer does. We come across a little bit like high-end astrophysicists, talking a lot in terms of this magical space that we alone seem to really understand, and the client thinks “I need some of that. I don’t really know what it is, but I need it.” So the client hires someone, and misalignment comes after that initial romance. My design brothers and sisters love a good challenge, so if you come to us with a wild idea we’ll want to believe you. Come to us and say you want to do something bold we’ll be eager. When you come to us and we start spitballing ideas and you nod appreciatively it makes us...

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