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Month: October 2014

Watch Kendrick Lamar Perform "i" at the Cleveland Cavaliers Season Opener

Following the announcement of Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘i’ being named the official anthem for the 2014-2015 NBA season, the Grammy-nominated artist takes to the stage in Cleveland, Ohio to perform his latest single at the Cleveland Cavaliers season opener. Officially marking the celebratory return of LeBron James, fans and spectators gathered outside the Quicken Loans Arena for a glimpse at the rare occasion. Enjoy the performance above, which starts at the 1:48 mark, and head over to HYPETRAK for more music news. Article source:...

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Google’s New Bookmarking Service, Previously Called Stars, Has Gone Live

Google Stars, the long-rumored bookmarking service from Google, has now publicly launched, but with little fanfare. That Google was working to update its bookmarking service has been known for some time. In May, a developer who had been digging into the service leaked a copy of the “Google Stars” extension, as it was called at the time, while it was still being tested. And now, it seems Google has quietly launched the Stars interface for the “Chrome Bookmark Manager” extension on the Chrome Web store. The Next Web was among the first to spot the release yesterday, noting that the new extension will completely replace Chrome’s old bookmarks interface. After installation, Chrome users are able to save bookmarks with a click, organize them, and use Google’s search technology to find bookmarks that got buried deep in their collections. The extension also eliminates the need for manual organization, if you choose, as it’s smart enough to organize bookmarks into automatically generated categories, based on what you’ve saved.   The new extension includes social features, too, allowing users to share folders of favorite bookmarks with friends, for example – an option which recalls the social bookmarking services from Web 2.0’s heyday, like Delicious or Diigo, for example. And finally, of course, bookmarks will sync across all your devices, as usual. However, for end users, the most noticeable aspect to Google’s Bookmark Manager is the updated interface. No Longer...

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Sunset Overdrive Review: A Genuinely Fun Game, Once You Get Past First Impressions

Microsoft’s console exclusives are arguably what it needs to make up ground on PlayStation, despite its continued hold on the beloved Halo series. Its brand new Xbox One game, Sunset Overdrive, looks in part to be an answer to Sony’s fan favorite Infamous series, since both offer a lot of grinding, wall-climbing and parkour-ish behavior. And despite a quirky face that takes some getting used to, and definitely could polarize some of the consumer response to the game, this Xbox exclusive largely manages to charm with its play mechanics and general irreverence. Sunset Overdrive is developed by Insomniac Games, a studio that previously worked on Resistance, as well as Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank. It fuses elements of all its past success, with a light-hearted, yet also dark storyline, bright and colorful visuals and cartoonish physics, but also a dabble of ultra violence, third-person shooter weapons and techniques, and ample vulgarity to try to net some easy laughs and shock response. Sometimes, the posturing can reach cringeworthy levels. Sunset Overdrive’s desperation to paint itself as ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ is palpable, and can occasionally dampen my enthusiasm as a player. On the other hand, the degree to which the game’s story doesn’t take itself seriously is one of its biggest strengths, and should allow most players to overlook things like its overwhelming self-referentiality. The story also doesn’t manage to...

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Immediately Launches An Email App For Sales Reps That Tracks When Messages Are Read

SquareOne, an email startup that launched its iOS app for organizing messages earlier this year, has now pivoted to become Immediately, an email app designed with the needs of sales reps in mind. The new app, which is currently live on the web and on iPhone, is an email client application offering features like reminders, templates, scheduling and Salesforce sync, as well as the ability to track email opens – allowing you to jump when customers and leads are in their inbox, reading your message. On mobile, you can configure the app to send you push notifications when email opens occur by designating which emails you want to track with a push of a button in its “Compose” interface. This is not the first app to track email opens. In March, an app called MailTracker debuted on iOS which offered similar functionality, for instance. However, in its case, the MailTracker app allows you track opens and engagement time for emails sent using Apple’s built-in Mail App. It’s not meant to be a standalone client. In addition, Immediately offers a number of features that make it more competitive with something like Acompli, as the new app also lets you quickly share your calendar availability, for example, without having to change to a different application. Other buttons appear below your Compose screen, letting you quickly do things like change your signature, respond with a template, or...

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LeBron James Leads Cleveland in Stunning "Together" Nike Basketball Commercial

There’s something about LeBron James‘ recurrence in Cleveland that seems triumphant, even before his team steps onto the court. Nike teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy to produce a commercial commemorating the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ home opener against the New York Knicks. In it, we find LeBron immersing not just the starting five, but the entirety of Cleveland, in a last rally for what –- by most accounts –- looks like a championship-caliber campaign. As “Together” is undeniably tinged with the same feeling of November 2003 – when a certain New York rapper dropped what was billed as his ‘last’ album –- enjoy the drumroll for LeBron James ushering Ohio to the world with the piece above. Article source:...

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