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Month: October 2014

Comcast Agrees To $50M Settlement In Overcharging Case

Comcast has agreed to a $50 million settlement to a case regarding customers in the Philadelphia area. The lawsuit was filed more than a decade ago. Comcast continues to deny the allegations. The original case failed before the Supreme Court, leading to a reduction in its scale. The $50 million includes a $16.7 million cash amount, and $33.3 million in “Settlement Credits” that will supply the aggrieved with free movies, among other options. Around 800,000 subscribers are thought to be impacted. Former subscribers will be remitted $15. How many will apply for the funds is an open question. As Ars Technica points out, the original suit sought $875 million. The lawsuit, reduced in scope, managed a minor fraction of that, around 5.7 percent. The settlement still needs court approval to take effect. According to Fox Business, the lawyers involved in the case are seeking up to $15 million in fees. If that sum comes out of the settlement chest, cash relief to the plaintiffs could be all but erased. Recalling the original lawsuit, the scope of the alleged wrongdoing was not small. I quote at length to preserve tone: Rather than compete against one another, large cable companies such as Defendant have divided and allocated markets through a series of agreements “swapping”customers and “clustering” cable systems in geographic areas. Such conduct has allowed a cable company, including Defendant, in a particular “cluster”...

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Redux House by StudioMK27

Brazil-based StudioMK27 presents one of its most spectacular residences to date, the Redux House. Located in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, the residence is constructed of two thin parallel concrete planes that stretch over the topography acting as the floor and roof, and float slightly above the ground. The rectangular structure provides a 360-degree experience throughout the home, while the indoor and outdoor elements are separated by a transparent operable glass membrane. In addition, the residence features a pool constructed in a large concrete mass that extends out into the site. There is a variety of structural materials that are present throughout the interior and exterior, including a closely-bound wooden slat which offers privacy for bedrooms and bathrooms. Check out the pictures of the Redux House by StudioMK27 above and peep the video below for a narrated tour. Article source:...

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Is McDonald’s Changing Its Slogan for 2015?

Is it dubious to believe that long-term food giant McDonald’s is set to part ways with their infamous catch phrase, “I’m Lovin’ It”? The Wall Street Journal reports that the chain plans to launch its’ new slogan “Lovin’ Beats Hatin’” in January 2015. Since “I’m Lovin’ It” was introduced in 2003 as a company incentive to produce a universal, worldwide tagline, it has become a marketing phenomenon set in place for the last 11 years. Like other hugely successful chains, McDonald’s has in fact changed its’ catch phrase many a time – “Did somebody say McDonald’s?” serving from 1997 to 2000 and “We love to see you smile” from 2000 to 2003. We speculate though, that their current slogan will forever resonate with the young generation – irrespective of the change. “Lovin’ Beats Hatin’” is supposed to attempt to revitalize the company’s image following a notable 30% decline in profits in their most recent quarter. Shrouded in skepticism, it’s unclear whether any of this will be beneficial, especially following criticism across various social media platforms like Twitter. Love it or hate it, get involved and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Article source:...

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Espionage 2014 Fall/Winter “HEAVYWEIGHT” Lookbook Part 2

Korean contemporary label Espionage follows up their initial Fall/Winter 2014 collection with the second installment of the “HEAVYWEIGHT” lookbook. Following the earthily toned, everyday street vibes so strong within the first offering, this new photo set offers arrangements of jackets, trousers, denim, sweaters, and button-ups. The smart mix of materials adds a mature touch to otherwise ageless silhouettes, as Espionage executes bombers with melton wool and supple leather sleeves, lined trucker jackets in neat canvas and cotton, as well as a variety of puffed vests. For bottoms, Espionage offers its own take on the cargo pant, imaginatively relocating pockets to the thighs and adding zippers for a more streamlined appearance. Enjoy this look at Espionage’s Fall/Winter 2014 offering, then head over here to shop your favorites. Article source:...

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Facebook’s Slowing User Growth And Weak WhatsApp Revenue Send Shares Down 9%

Wall Street wants growth, or else. Twitter reported slow growth of 4.8 percent yesterday down from 6.3 percent last quarter and got hammered with a 9.8 percent share price drop today. And now, Facebook’s growth slowed from 3.125 percent last quarter to 2.27 percent this quarter, and now $FB is down 9.76 percent in after-hours trading. Meanwhile, Facebook broke out financials of its $22 billion WhatsApp acquisition for the first time, and they were a tad disappointing. WhatsApp brought in just $15 million in revenue in the first half of 2014 despite having 600 million users. Facebook sidestepped the one question that could have instilled confidence…or sent it into a death spiral: teen engagement. The company refused to break out any data about usage levels of teens, which are widely thought to be abandoning Facebook for apps like Snapchat. When asked about engagement for different demographics, Facebook’s CFO David Wehner said the company had nothing to report on specific cohorts of users. That was probably smart. A year ago when ex-CFO David Ebersman said Facebook “did see a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens,” the share price plummeted despite an otherwise killer quarter. The mere absence of reassuring statements about teens combined with the slowing user growth offset Facebook’s other successes. Though it beat estimates with $3.2 billion in revenue and 66 percent of ad revenue coming from mobile, its share...

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