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Month: November 2014

Hender Scheme Releases Its First Book "Manufacture"

Hender Scheme, better known for its all-leather iterations of iconic sneaker silhouettes, have now forayed into publication. “Manufacture” is the first book published by the brand that details the craftsmanship of Hender Scheme, and more importantly, the people behind it who all come from the Asakusa district of Tokyo — where the brand’s atelier sits. The book is meant to inform and showcase to its readers the process and progress the brand undertakes, and can be seen quite simply and respectfully has a form of appreciation towards those that make Hender Scheme what it is. Created by famed Japanes designer Akihiro Kumagaya and Hender Scheme’s Creative Director Ryo Kashiwazaki, the Hender Scheme “Manufacture” book releases December 5 at a limited run of 500 copies, and can be found the UTRECHT bookstore in Japan. Article source:...

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Gillmor Gang: Basement Tape

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Dan Farber, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, November 28, 2014. @stevegillmor, @scobleizer, @dbfarber, @kteare Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor Live chat stream The Gillmor Gang on Facebook Our sister show I stopped writing a few years ago, mostly because I felt the form was too much a parlor trick. Social felt more directed, less pious, touched with a gentle irony when played well. Threaded through Twitter, the social graph added context to the polemic of the post, a thin layer of group dynamics that went beyond the sizzle of products and personalities to the underlying zeitgeist of the time. Boy was that narrative a drama. Life and death, no kidding. The arc of Steve Jobs’ life driving the epochal shift of the iPhone. The insistent pulse of the drive to do as much as was possible, while expanding the possible to change the world. What an arrogant youthful concept, to change the world. Was it even remotely within reach? I think so. The door perhaps opening by psychedelics remained open with the stillness of meditation. Meanwhile, the media framed the discussion in terms of personal drama, when the real point was about a generation empowered and overwhelmed by technology. We are pulled along by our capacity for new, for constant answers to what’s happening, about to happen,...

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The Mexican Valley Of Startup Death

Editor’s note: Jorge Rios is a Mexican entrepreneur based in San Francisco and co-founder of Bridgefy. The startup universe revolves around Silicon Valley, but there is life on the other planets, too. Long has the entrepreneur community been used to the term “startup valley of death” and come to fear it. As most accelerators claim, once you make it out of the ditch, you’re on your way to fame and glory. But not in Mexico. The Southern Neighbor Left Behind Historically, Mexico has taken good advantage of its Northern neighbor: American university degrees are priceless, more than 10 million Mexicans live (legally or illegally) next door, and everything but all of Mexico’s international trade goes through, to or from the U.S. Nevertheless, Mexicans have much to learn regarding the current startup bubble; funds (both private and public) are scared of taking risks, most accelerators don’t really “marry” the businesses they take under their wings, and true angel investors can be counted with two hands’ worth of fingers. Here is a snippet from a real conversation my mom had a few months ago: What does your son do? He’s in a startup. Oh. Did he lose his real job? Instead of being seen as a potential economic motor, entrepreneurs in Mexico are seen as irresponsible daredevils who took a wrong path somewhere, ending up unemployed and working at an imaginary company. The problem...

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Bullying The Bullies

Humans haven’t quite gotten the hang of human rights, let alone social media. Combined ignorance of the two leads people to spew hate from the safety of an Internet connection, writing their bigotry into the public record. Now these moments are being put display for public shaming by a Tumblr seeking justice against racists. It’s a form of cybervigilantism. But is there a more effective, and compassionate way of stopping racism? Disclaimer: Some of these post contain highly offensive langauge Racist Twitter user gets suspended from work. Their Twitter account has been shut down. On, sequences of screenshots show racist comments posted by people in response to the Michael Brown case, then other citizens reporting the commenters to their employers, and finally evidence that the commenters had been fired. The site encourages people to track down where outspoken racists work and then post details of their hate speech to the employers’ social media accounts demanding punishment. In some instances, racists are “doxxed”, meaning they have their personal identity and contact information shared without consent to assist in the shaming and reports to employers. The question is whether cybervigilantism is ethical or productive for a society trying to overcome bigotry. Twitter user Cameron Dakota (now shut down) posted this photo and other racist remarks…but was then fired as shown in the screenshot below. Now I certainly won’t defend the racists, nor forgive...

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Helmut Lang to Re-launch their Signature Fragrances

Following a decade-long departure, Helmut Lang will be re-conceiving it’s signature fragrance line this Holiday season. The high end designer label has relaunched three distinct fragrances, “Eau de Cologne,” “Cuiron,”  and “Eau de Parfum,” in it’s effort to once again establish itself in the competitive perfume/cologne market. Retailing for $185 USD, each fragrance is now available at Helmut Lang’s online store, as well as select stockists globally.   Article source:...

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