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Month: November 2014

Nike Sportswear "Escape" Collection

Looking towards the quickly approaching holiday season, Nike Sportswear has made new renditions to four of its popular silhouettes in this “Escape” collection. First seen in ’88, the new collection brings back a selection of classic runners with contemporary updates that include models such as the Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95 and the Internationalist Mid. Inspired by the jovial times the holidays bring like the abundance of wholesome foods and drink, the designs utilize rich, oil finished leather uppers and earthy tones in what appears to be more premium finishes. Check out the collection above and keep an eye out for the sneakers to release at Nike’s online store as well as at select NSW locations worldwide on December 13, with the prices ranging from $140 USD to $200 USD. Article source:...

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Nike Air Force 1 High "Work"

Nike presents a new iteration of the beloved Air Force 1 High, presenting a very clean black version for wintertime trudging. Here we find the timeless sneaker done with supple black leather through the upper, which is contrasted by double white stitching throughout. The wintertime motif is underlined not only by the silver hardware-outfitted lace loops and rope lacing — reminiscent of similar concrete classics — but the well-built black midsole and gum outsole. Pick up this “Work” version of the Nike Air Force 1 High at retailers like Wish Atlanta in the coming weeks. Article source:...

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Senator Ted Cruz Dishes Once Again On That ‘Net Neutrality’ Thing

The good Senator Ted Cruz from Texas tackled net neutrality again today, with a bit more tact than earlier this week when he called it “Obamacare for the Internet.” It wasn’t immediately clear at that point what the connection between the Affordable Care Act and the preservation of the open Internet was, precisely, but the comment did cause a stir. Today, at a Texas incubator in Austin, Sen. Cruz continued on the topic in his typical style of folksy phrases and dramatic pauses. I’ve embedded the full net neutrality segment below (via the Texas Tribune). Watch the full thing. Sen. Cruz makes a number of decent points: Top-down government regulation can lead to the freezing of markets — Uber and Lyft are great! A few things, however, I think were a bit less correct. His worry about having to ask the government what we may and may not do online isn’t what is at stake with net neutrality, unless you are an ISP that wants to abrogate the principles of an open Internet. Instead, what net neutrality preserves is the anti-right of an ISP to tell No You Can’t. Sen. Cruz also riffs on the idea that net neutrality is a scrap between large companies, and their lobbying armies. That’s actually somewhat true, but to only paint the issue in those terms is to miss the larger point, which deals with...

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13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week’s tech highlights included a few big moves from Microsoft, President Obama’s stance on net neutrality, the MBA Bubble, and more. Here are the stories you don’t want to miss this week (11/8-11/14). 1. Google announced that the company has agreed to a deal in which it will lease Moffett Field from NASA for the next 60 years. Regarding the deal, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said, “As NASA expands its presence in space, we are making strides to reduce our footprint here on Earth.” 2. President Barack Obama came out in favor of net neutrality, saying that “an open Internet is essential to the American economy.” He presented a net neutrality plan advocating for the FCC to reclassify broadband under Title II of the Telecommunications Act – a stance that has been the favorite of net neutrality advocates. 3. Reddit CEO Yishan Wong resigned, and co-founder Alexis Ohanian has returned to the company to fill the full-time executive chairman role. 4. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke to the press at an event, during which he emphasized the three main components of his company: Windows, Office 365 and Azure. 5. Danny Crichton wrote a piece describing the Great MBA Bubble of 2013, and how it has come to a close. Less MBA graduates are seeking employment Silicon Valley startups, and are returning back to Wall Street for jobs. But should San Francisco be worried? 6. After 12...

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Uber Integrates With Spotify To Let Passengers Become Backseat DJs

Uber is adding a new feature to its mobile app that could allow passengers to play DJ while they take a ride with one of its drivers. Thanks to an integration with Spotify, Uber will soon make music a central part of its ride-hailing service. Some screenshots obtained by TechCrunch show how the service will likely work. In the first screenshot, which began showing up on its driver app over the last few days, Uber has begun asking drivers to update their car information and select whether or not it has an AUX audio input. By connecting their Uber-provided...

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