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Month: December 2014

Matter And Form’s 3D Scanner Is Inexpensive And Promising

At $600, the Matter and Form 3D Scanner is probably the cheapest 3D laser scanner on the market. While the system does require some tweaking to get great scans, I was quite pleased with the scanning results and, more important, thing this thing can stand up to the big boys in 3D scanning. Most 3D scanners use a turntable to rotate and scan objects. Like the impressive Makerbot Digitizer the Matter and Form “reads” objects with lasers and then creates a three dimensional point cloud. This cloud can then be rendered into a 3D object, allowing you to print or modify it on your computer. While I did have some trouble on initial scans, I cleaned up the environment and allowed the scanner to “see” only the object in front of it and not the mess behind. This means you should probably do your scanning against, say, a white wall rather than against a cluttered backdrop. If you’re interested in 3D printing at all I’d recommend either the 3D Systems Sense Scanner or the Matter and Form. While it’s not perfect, it’s a fascinating tool and a lot of fun for the price. Matter and Form Scanning Wide Matter and Form Scanner Matter and Form Scanner Platform Matter and Form Scan Software Matter and Form MakerBot Ingest Matter and Form Gargoyle Scanning Matter and Form Gargoyle Closeup Matter and...

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In 2015, Software Eats The Wearable World

Editor’s Note: Elliot Loh is a founder and partner at the San Francisco startup studio The Giant Pixel Corp. Kunal Agarwal is an entrepreneur in residence at Giant Pixel.  2014 will be remembered as the year that wearables leapt into the Silicon Valley mainstream.  Tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm have taken notice and poured money and resources into developing their own offerings. Earlier players like Fitbit and Jawbone announced multiple new products and a host of promising startups (Athos, Atlas, Misfit, etc.) have emerged with innovative offerings. With the momentum of these dollars and product releases, its no wonder industry analysts are predicting the wearable movement to be “the next big thing”.  Credit Suisse estimates the market could be $50 billion in 5 years, and Morgan Stanley claims the wearable market could reach $1.6 trillion in value. Those of us closer to the leading edge know that in their current state, wearables have next to no chance of attaining these lofty predictions. The big ugly secret of the current wearable market is that over a third of users who own a wearable device stop using it within 6 months. Certainly, price and the lack of design aesthetic contribute to this lack of retention. However, the main culprit is that despite manufacturers’ claims that these are “smart devices” most wearable products aren’t intelligent at all. Granted, there’s a...

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Uber Suspends Its Uber Pop Ride-Sharing Service In Spain Following A Court Ruling

Uber has suspended Uber Pop in Spain, the company confirmed today, after it received confirmation of a court ruling that bans its ride-sharing service in the country. Uber Pop, a European version of Uber X that uses everyday vehicles and provides bill-splitting options for passengers, arrived in Spain in April, and it has been under pressure for months in the country and in a number of other markets in Europe in recent times. France will outlaw the service from January 1, and it has been banned in The Netherlands and Belgian capital Brussels too. Uber said it is “temporarily suspending” the service in Spain after it receiving notice of an injunction against it. A court upheld a complaint from the Association Madrileña Del Taxi made earlier this month. The company said it is “respecting the law” with its suspension, but it intends to appeal the ruling and also work with authorities for the future. “During this temporary suspension of uberPOP, we will also collaborate with Spanish politicians to develop the modern framework needed to create a permanent home for Uber and the sharing economy – and fortunately Spanish leaders have already been standing up for the innovation economy,” Uber said in a blog post. The company’s willingness to collaborate is an interesting one. Uber’s traditional approach to going head-on with, or even just ignoring, authorities seems to have taken a different tilt lately. In addition to working with the government in Spain, it is pledging to collaborate...

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adidas Originals ZX Flux "Neoprene Graphic" Pack

2014 saw a slew of compelling interpretations to the ZX Flux. Continuing its progressive designs onto the new year, adidas Originals presents the “Neoprene Graphic” pack. This is the first time the German sporting label utilizes its photo-print process on neoprene, applying the print across the upper of the ZX Flux NPS model. The pack consists of two iterations, both boasting bold Hawaiian-themed graphics, complemented by contrasting overlays and outsoles. The neoprene sock-liner also allows for a comfortable fit, presenting two stylish runners fitting in both lifestyle and athletic realms. Check out the adidas Originals ZX Flux “Neoprene Graphic” pack above and look for it at adidas Originals retailers from January 15. Article source:...

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Danny Falla Shares His Favorite Skating Spots in New York

Red Bull teams up with New York skater Danny Falla to present a video showcasing the city’s best skateboarding spots. The video features the 5Boro skate team who take to the park benches, concrete ledges, ramps and marble floors of Chinatown, Brooklyn and Queens. The clip is edited with archive footage of New York City, making for a compelling short fronted by riders Jordan Trahan, Silvester Eduardo, Daniel Kim, Zered Bassett, Neil Herrick, Antonio Durao, Jimmy McDonald, Danny Falla and CJ Ortiz. Check the video above and share your thoughts with us below. Article source:...

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