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Month: December 2014

Motorhead Attacks the Hakone Touge @ 140 mph

This year marked the first Hill Climb event hosted by Motorhead. Away from usual rally racing tracks, the event takes to the winding stretch of Mazda Turnpike road on Hakone mountain Japan. Racers Kawabata Masato, Nob Taniguchi, Hideharu Tatsumi and Toshihiro Arai compete on the harsh, fast paced terrain, going uphill for eight kilometers against the gravitation pull to reach the course’s finish line. Check out the compelling clip directed by Luke Huxham above where the riders speak on their experience and head over to Motorhead for more content from the automotive purveyors. Article source:...

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In Cybercrime, What’s Old Is New Again

Editor’s note: Jonathan Spruill is a managing consultant at Trustwave and part of the company’s Incident Response  Digital Forensic Practice for the Americas.  Like most cases, this one started with a frantic call from a restaurant owner. The panic and uncertainty bled through the phone. He had just been notified his business suffered a payment card data breach and his acquiring bank mandated he hire an investigator to determine what happened. The on-site setup was typical for a small, medium-sized restaurant – a few point of sale (POS) terminals in the main dining room and a single computer in the manager’s office which was used as the back-of-house server for the POS network. During our investigation, we not only found payment card stealing malware on the POS systems and the back-of-house server but also troubling security weaknesses throughout the restaurant’s infrastructure. For example, the back-of-house server was also used for timekeeping and accounting and as the order system, which the beleaguered owner acknowledged was not ideal, but their budget for computing equipment and security was already stretched thin. We discovered two remote access services that ran on the back-of-house computer: one for the vendor for the POS systems to perform remote technical support and the other for the accountant to check the books and retrieve receipts. We also noticed the restaurant did not have a hardware firewall installed on the network to segment...

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Manufacturing Reboots Talent Engine In A New Age Of Digital Disruption

Editor’s note: Matt Reilly is the senior managing director for the automotive, industrial, infrastructure and travel industries at Accenture Strategy.  Whether a company makes clothing, household cleaning products, cars, healthcare or nearly anything else, it needs people with the right skills. Like other businesses, today’s manufacturers are going digital; operating in an era of change and volatility that has made flexibility critical to their success. But to be able to respond to a dynamic marketplace, manufacturers need talent that can accomplish the mission. For instance, as companies seek ways to scale up and down in response to customer demand, they are redesigning their physical footprints to further enable a cost-effective, flexible operating structure. To have end-to-end visibility of materials moving across their supply chains, many are considering the construction of digitally enabled control towers. These are essentially dashboards that centralize information that manufacturers need to understand customer demand, capacity, inventory, order/shipment statuses and even the progress that third-party logistics partners are making with deliveries to and from factories or warehouses. While it may be a chicken-or-egg scenario (or in this case, new digital equipment or the talent shortage), establishing a workforce that maximizes manufacturing capacity and asset availability is important. Analytics, telemetry data and cloud-based systems can revolutionize the way that manufacturers manage their assets. They enable manufacturers to continuously monitor and predict asset reliability so that maintenance activities can be scheduled with the least...

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Grocery Delivery Startup Instacart Raises $210 Million More

Grocery delivery startup Instacart has raised an additional $210 million, according to an SEC filing on Monday. The filing confirms a Series C funding round reported earlier this month, which values the company at more than $2 billion. Kleiner Perkins was expected to lead the round, although no new board members are listed in the filing. The financing comes just six months after Instacart’s last raise, which was led by Andreessen Horowitz and valued the company at $400 million. Other investors include Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, and Canaan Partners, along with Box CEO Aaron Levie, and Y Combinator president Sam Altman. Article source:...

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Essentials: Sammy Watkins of the Buffalo Bills

Sammy Watkins entered the NFL with high expectations looming over his helmet. After a year in which the Clemson wide receiver set an Orange Bowl record with 16 receptions and 227 yards as well as earning his second All-American nomination, the Florida native opted to forego his senior year and enter the 2014 NFL Draft. The Buffalo Bills traded up to the fourth pick to snag Watkins in a class of wide receivers that some have recently considered to be the best the league has ever seen. Even with his accolades, pundits and fans alike were concerned with the Bills’ decision to trade up for a receiver after a disappointing season on both sides of the ball. After Week 2 however, Watkins put all doubters to bed with 8 receptions and 117 yards in a win over Miami, followed by Rookie of the Month honors for October. Having finished the year with 65 receptions and 982 yards, the budding star links with HYPEBEAST for our latest Essentials installment. As you can see, Watkins is constantly traveling with his family, whether it’s in a pair of custom Clemson-inspired adidas, a set of Buffalo Bills caps by New Era or a picture of his lovely daughter. Article source:...

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