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Month: December 2014

Norwegian Rain 2015 Spring/Summer Collection Preview

Making a return to our pages for the first time since 2009, here we find a refreshing new collection courtesy of Norwegian Rain. With its offerings look as crisp as ever, the revitalized label presents a comprehensive range of tailored outerwear as it might appear on local residents of Tokyo. Silhouettes vary between classic trench coats to unorthodox (though ostensibly useful) unisex capes. Of course, the silhouettes aren’t just gracefully designed, but also incorporate recycled water- and windproof Japanese fabrics; are detailed with detachable shearling collars and storm flaps; and sport luxurious woolen linings. Without further ado, check over here to find a Norwegian Rain retailer in your area. Article source:...

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Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo Speaks on the New Age of Cool, Family and Religion

On the eve of his first pop-up store opening at H. Lorenzo – a chic West Hollywood establishment coincidentally sharing the same surname —  self-taught Los Angeles designer Jerry Lorenzo is clearly humbled, yet undoubtedly delighted at the success shared by himself and his rising creation – Fear of God – a sophomore clothing label forged as an ode to Lorenzo’s spirituality and diverse past. Built with an intentionally minimalist decor, this temporary shop marks the natural progression of a fruitful endeavor that’s hit it’s stride with quality apparel designed, produced, and distributed in the City of Angels. With a heavy emphasis on the small details, the featured collection is edgy, yet versatile, designed with the intention to comfortably fit just about anyone’s wardrobe and as Jerry states, “caters to the kid that’s settling for a hoodie that doesn’t really fit the way I know he wants it to fit.” As he adds the finishing touches to the artfully coined J. Lorenzo retail space, Jerry and I enjoy a lengthy conversation about his unexpected rise to prominence and how his nightlife past has helped bridge, and ultimately connect, the dots to a rewarding career in fashion.  We also discuss the entrepreneur’s competitive nature and dig deeper into Jerry’s thought process – providing an intimate portrayal of the man behind Fear of God. “I’ve always been the kid that made the basketball team,...

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Built In Brooklyn: Tattly Works With Artists And Designers To Create Sweet-Looking Temporary Tattoos

Thanks to Tattly, the Dumbo-based startup featured in our latest episode of Built in Brooklyn, you can adorn your skin with temporary tattoos created by professional artists and designers. Founder and CEO Tina Roth Eisenberg told me that she was inspired to create the company when her daughter returned home with temporary tattoos that Eisenberg described as “hideous” and “a complete insult to my Swiss aesthetic.” Given her background as a graphic designer (she still has her own design blog), Eisenberg decided to do something about it, launching a new website with work from her artist and designer friends. Three years later, the company not only licenses tattoo designs from a number of artists, it also works with businesses and marketers to create custom designs. For example, Head of Partnerships Yng-Ru Chen talked about working with Warner Bros. to create a temporary tattoo to promote the film If I Stay. “We’re more than just temporary tattoos — we’re really kind of a lifestyle brand,” she said. The Tattly website describes its product as “designy temporary tattoos,” which might sound a little, uh, Brooklyn-y, but the tattoos cover a broad range of styles and depict everything from dinosaurs to subway lines to inspirational mottos. (In the video, I’m wearing a ship tattoo created by Wendy MacNaughton — who, incidentally, has also created an illustration based on my permanent tattoo.) As...

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Designers Are Ditching The Mouse For The “Flow” 3D Motion Touch Controller

Sliders suck. “Little too far to the left. Ugh. Little too far to the right. ARRHGH!!!” The mouse can be a frustrating controller for Photoshop, Final Cut, AutoCAD or even Spotify. But a new input device called Flow lets you play your computer like an instrument, with infinite dexterity through feeling rather than sight. The Y Combinator startup Senic’s ~$100 wireless Flow puck offers four types of control: motion by waving over its infrared sensor, a programmable touch-sensitive pad on top, haptic response for pushing Flow like a button, and a physical cylinder around the sides that you can twist for ultimate precision. It already works with 30 apps like some of the Adobe Creative Suite, and cunning developers can build custom Flow interfaces for anything they want. Co-founder Tobias Eichenwald thinks there are better ways to work than squinting at a screen. He wants Flow to let you control your computer “blindly, unconsciously, naturally” — like a guitar. Normally, designers have to dig through Photoshop menus, then use a clumsy mouse or hit the bracket button, which changes things in increments that are too big. “You can never do pixel-perfect graphics” says Eichenwald. With Flow, you can bump up or down the hue or brush size in Photoshop, alter model angles in AutoCAD, switch layers in Illustrator, select frames in a video editing app, and more. Beyond work, the startup wants...

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Flurry Finds That Apple Devices And Phablets Scored Big On Christmas

Flurry has released its annual Christmas report. Each year, the holiday sees the highest number of device activations and app installations as people open presents, and last week was no exception. What is interesting is that 51.3 percent of new devices activated were made by Apple, compared to 17.7 percent for Samsung, and 5.8 percent for Nokia. Other smartphone makers, including Xiaomi, Huawei, and HTC, each held a less than one percent share on Christmas Day, despite holding large slices of the worldwide smartphone market. As Flurry notes, that is because their key markets are in Asia, where the holiday is not a gift-giving bonanza. Apple’s success was driven by the iPhone 6, the number one device activated, and iPhone 6 Plus. Flurry, which compiled the report using data from the 600,000 apps it tracks, the iPhone 6 Plus was one of the top five devices activated this Christmas. In general, phablets became increasingly popular among consumers. In the week before Christmas, 13 percent of new device activations were phablets, a significant increase from 4 percent in 2013. Flurry says that the availability of an iOS model is helping to drive phablet sales. Larger smartphones, however, have become increasingly popular over the past year. Back in January, Juniper Research estimated that phablets were expected to hit 120 million units shipped by 2018, up from the estimated 20 million phablets...

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