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Month: December 2014

HVW8 x Jean André x adidas Skateboarding adi-Ease

Back in the fall, Los Angeles art gallery HVW8 hosted an installation that saw artists Jean André and Kevin Lyons collaborate with adidas Originals an a collection of exclusive sneakers, in addition to displaying paintings and such on the walls. Today, we received word from Sneaker Politics that Jean André has teamed up with the Trefoil brand’s skateboarding division to deliver a pair of adi-Ease low-tops to the masses. Aligning with the artist’s signature aesthetic, this model features a tonal black base with white leaves of various shapes and sizes being applied in an all-over print. Purchase your pair of these limited edition kicks at Sneaker Politics for $80 USD. Article source:...

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Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire Black/White

Continuing with its redesigned Air Max 1 Ultra Moire, silhouette Nike reveals an all-new black and white color combination. Resting atop a crisp white outsole, the seamless, yet perforated black upper is contrasted with a debossed white Swoosh, mudguard panel and Nike branding throughout. This particular iteration is currently available at Sneaker Politics for $130 USD. Article source:...

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Ai Weiwei “F Grass” @ Vancouver Biennale

Chinese artist and social activist Ai Weiwei has unveiled his latest public installation at the Vancouver Biennale in the Harbour Green Park. Dubbed F Grass, this piece is 182 square meters and features 1,328 tufts of iron grass that of course spells out the letter “f.” F Grass is said to be a continuation of the artist’s large-scale installation “Sunflower Seeds” as they both share a similar theme – “the relationship between the individual and the collective and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of Chinese government censorship, control and secrecy.” What’s more is that Weiwei’s studio is located in Caochangdi, Beijing, which translates to “grasslands” in Mandarin, and the slang for the f-word is pronounced the same as the character for “grass.” We’re sort of interpreting this installation as a big ‘f-you China’ all the way from Vancouver. Article source:...

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Latest Snowden Revelations Expose Scope Of NSA Interceptions

Over the weekend, German news outlet Spiegel published a story about the NSA’s ability to crack encrypted forms of communication, exposing the agency’s routine interception of SSL/TLS, which are used by web servers to transmit sensitive information. The report also exposed the fact that the agency has the ability to decrypt a virtual private network. But perhaps more significantly, the revelations culled from the trove of documents leaked by Edward Snowden show the forms of encryption the NSA struggled to break (at least at the time of the documents in 2012). That list includes PGP, Tor, CSpace, OTR and ZRTP. The combination of good news and bad news garnered contradictory coverage, with The Verge highlighting the networks the NSA can’t break, and Slashdot leading with “Snowden Documents Show How Well NSA Codebreakers Can Pry.” Overall the report was reassuring. Many of the forms of added encryption measures those concerned about security have taken in the 18 months since the Snowden documents became public are effective. For example, the documents show that communications protected by ZRTP (the type of encryption RedPhone uses) block the NSA. “It’s satisfying to know that the NSA considers encrypted communication from our apps to be truly opaque,” RedPhone developer Moxie Marlinspike told Spiegel. Although the scope of the interceptions on SSL and VPN connections are concerning, many assumed the agency possessed this capability previously. The trove released by Spiegel shows the specific tools the...

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Microsoft Is Rumored To Be Building A New Browser That Is Not Internet Explorer

Remember when Chrome  was fast? Microsoft might, if ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley’s recent report that the software company is building a lightweight browser, codenamed “Spartan,” bears out. According to Foley, Spartan is “new” and “isn’t [Internet Explorer].” Her post notes that it could be set free inside of the Windows 10 release schedule. In short, Microsoft may be building a speedy, simpler browser that maintains use of Internet Explorer’s rendering engine. Internet Explorer has had a ribald history, growing from zero market share, to market-dominating heights, to slow decline in the face of Firefox, to faster decline in the face of Chrome, to a recent re-acceleration under a new, standards-based approach. Its life has been bitcoin’s late 2013 to date, but stretched out over several decades. Whether the company’s recent moves have been enough to salvage Internet Explorer’s tarnished brand, however, is open to interpretation. Microsoft certainly wants its browser to gain market share, especially on the new Windows 10 platform that it hopes to deploy from smartphones all the way to televisions. If Microsoft wants Windows 10 to function across all platforms and wants developers to be able to develop once and deploy everywhere, then creating a new browsing experience that is built to handle all sorts of inputs — without the baggage of a traditional desktop browsing experience — would be a decent idea. Microsoft did not return a request for...

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