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Month: January 2015

Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Aquamarine"

The forthcoming “Tianjin” colorway may have breathed new life into the Foamposite canon for 2015, but a surprise iteration cements the silhouette as timeless. Built for the everyday, here we find Nike offering the ”Aquamarine” version of its hallmark Air Foamposite Pro. This dark version recalls classics such as the Air Griffey, channeling the same handsome wearability with its dark obsidian upper and contrasting ice-teal outsole. Pick up this beauty from Nike retailers beginning February 6, priced at $250 USD. Article source:...

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Lakai "Picture Me Eurollin" Tour Video by Red Bull

With the weather pretty bad in some areas, sometimes outdoor activities – skateboarding, in particular – has slowed down for the season. As a brand, Lakai serves as a constant reminder of the fun in skateboarding, and in fitting fashion, has released the tour video from their international expedition through Europe. Employing Riley Hawk (yes, that kind of Hawk), John Sciano, Vincent Alvarez alongside European representatives Nick Jensen, Jesus Fernandez, and Sylvain Tognelli, the team skated demos and street in the finest cities across the European continent. Something hopeful for those waiting out the snow, enjoy Lakai’s “Picture Me Eurollin’” tour video...

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Singtel, Sony And Warner’s New Video Streaming Service Beats Netflix To Asia

Telecom giant Singtel is planning to beat Netflix to the punch in Asia after it announced it has partnered with Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers to introduce a video streaming service in the region. The companies said that HOOQ — which is described as a “joint venture startup” — will offer Hollywood movies and U.S. TV shows alongside domestic content from India, China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. In total, HOOQ will begin with an initial catalog of over 10,000 shows and movies. There’s no specific launch date, but Singtel said the service will go online in the first quarter of 2015, initially in Indonesia, Philippines, India and Thailand. From there, the telecom giant is promising a ‘progressive rollout’ to other countries where it has business — other Singtel markets include Singapore, and Australia. Also lacking from the initial announcement is an indication of price, but — interestingly — it looks like customers won’t be limited to paying via credit cards, as is the case with Netflix. Singtel said it will use its “billing capabilities” in countries where credit card ownership remains low, so that may mean customers can pay as part of their post-pay contract, and perhaps even using prepaid credit. The timing of the launch is interesting because Netflix has not arrived in Asia Pacific yet. The U.S. company is preparing to launch in Australia and New Zealand sometime this year, after which it is likely to foray...

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India’s Mad Street Den Raises $1.5M To Bring The Benefits Of AI To Apps And Services

Mad Street Den, a one-year-old artificial intelligence startup based in Chennai, India, has closed a $1.5 million seed round to bring technology developed in the labs to consumers in a useful way. Reservoir Investments’ Exfinity Fund and GrowX Ventures provided the capital, which Mad Street Den will use for making new hires and working with partners to license and use its AI tech in apps and services. The startup was founded by husband and wife duo Anand Chandrasekaran, a neuroscientist who graduated from Stanford, and Ashwani Asokan, who was previously with Intel Labs. The couple spent a cumulative 25 years working in the U.S., but returned to their country of birth last year to start the company. “Relocating was a very deliberate decision,” Mad Street Den CEO Asokan told TechCrunch in an interview. “People in India and Asia are leaping frogging generations of technology, and we thought ‘where better to experiment with this stuff?’” Location aside, Mad Street Den is different to other AI companies because it is focused on a platform of vertical services that partners can license to use in their products. It offers five different applications of AI, but Asokan explained e-commerce and analytics are proving to be the most popular with its handpicked list of partners. E-Commerce And Analytics The e-commerce product is centered around fashion, and offers a range of advanced services such as visual search. That could allow a shopper to take a photo of...

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Jay-Z Gets Into Music Streaming With $56M Bid For Aspiro, Owner Of WiMP And Tidal

Dr. Dre might not be the only rapper in the music streaming business for long. That’s because Jay-Z is making a move to buy Aspiro, a Swedish company that operates the WiMP Music service and Tidal, as it is known some markets, according to local media reports. Project Panther, which is owned by Jay-Z’s S. Carter Enterprises, has bid 464 million Krona (that’s around $56 million) to buy the Nasdaq Stockholm-floated company outright, according to a press release. A deal is subject to shareholder agreement but, with Aspiro’s board of directors unanimously recommending that the offer is accepted, its completion seems imminent. WiMP is available in a handful of European markets — Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland and Sweden — while Tidal offers a “higher fidelity” service, which boasts a superior quality of sound than to the likes of Spotify, Rdio and Deezer’s services. Available in the UK and the U.S. since October 2014, Tidal is priced at $20 per month, which is around double the main competition. Those two services aside, Aspiro also has a B2b video content platform for publishers called RADR Music News. Apple, of course, acquired Beats — the company Dr. Dre co-founded — for $3 billion last year. A successful headphones business in its own right, many speculated that it was Beats’ streaming service that prompted Apple to shell out for the company. Dre’s success — and doubtless vast financial reward from that deal —...

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