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Month: January 2015

Qwerky Keyboard Speeds Up Typing Emoji On iOS

Another keyboard contender has launched on iOS hoping to convince teens to shell out a few bucks for an app that gives them quick fire access to the characters that matter most in their texting life: emoji. The backstory here is that Apple finally opened up developer access to the keyboard in iOS 8 last fall. Since then we’ve seen a raft of alternative iOS keyboard apps popping up to try to garner a following. The latest of these, the Qwerky gesture-based keyboard — made by a U.K.-based dev team, puts emojis a mere swipe away from a standard Qwerty keyboard so users can speedily switch between letters and symbols as they type. The numbers and punctuation screen is also positioned a Tinderish gesture away, instead of requiring the typist to precision-tap a corner key to toggle between keyboards every time they want to add in an apostrophe or punctuate their missive with a smiling poop — as is the case on the native iOS keyboard. Qwerky’s gestures offer only incremental convenience, sure, but if your typical texting output looks something like this – – then you’re going to find the ability to shortcut between letters and emojis pretty sweet. “We found Swiftkey/Swype/etc are slow to reach the keys you really want (that winky face… or aubergine!).  With our keyboard, swiping left and right quickly navigates from text to emojis,” says  co-founder Ed Moyse, explaining what problem the Qwerky team set out to fix. As well...

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Indian E-Commerce Marketplace ShopClues Lands $100M Round Led By Tiger Global

There’s more funding for e-commerce companies in India today, after ShopClues — a startup that led the adoption of the marketplace model in the country — closed a $100 million Series D round. Tiger Global, which raised a fresh $2.5 billion fund at the end of 2014, led the round. Existing investors, including Helion Venture Partners and Nexus Venture Partners, also participated. ShopClues was founded in 2011, a time when most e-commerce services in India sold merchandize to consumers using an inventory-led model. Flipkart, Snapdeal and others have since adopted marketplace-based systems, which match third party retailers with consumers, but ShopClues was among the first to do so in India. The company said it has 100,000 sellers who offer over 10 million products. It intends to grow those figures 100 fold over the next few years, in order to help “level the playing fields for SMBs to compete with other organized retailers both in the online and offline space.” ShopClues claimed it sees 40 million visitors per month, clocking 1.5 million transactions over that period. It claimed 70 percent of its business is with consumers in second and third tier cities in India, and it ships to over 25,000 cities. One notable difference between ShopClues and its perhaps more illustrious competitors — such as Flipkart, which raised nearly $2 billion from investors in 2014 — is that the startup is not focused on big ticket items...

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WOOD WOOD, Craig Green and Timo Weiland x Champion Select Line for Urban Outfitters

Inspired by iconic Champion designs, Craig Green, Timo Weiland and WOOD WOOD create a line of fashion-forward active wear exclusively for Urban Outfitters. Named Champion Select, the partnership with these three designers herald new pieces bringing life to a re-imagined interpretation for the Champion brand. Each of the designers were chosen for their design aesthetics, each creating unique pieces. Items include varsity jackets, sweatpants, shorts and more. The collection will be available beginning January 26 in select Urban Outfitters locations in the United States and Canada, as well as Space Ninety 8 in Brooklyn, and the UO webstore. The collections will retail between $49 and 129 USD. Article source:...

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Calvin Klein 2015 Fall/Winter Collection

Helmed by creative director Italo Zucchelli, Calvin Klein‘s high fashion label, Calvin Klein Collection presents its 2015 fall/winter line. The latest additions revolve around exuberant fabrics and textures used to produce multiple suiting options and formal wear, in addition to utilizing glossy, latex material to create unique looks. Sticking to a refined color palette that consists of black, ash grey, cool grey, and zenith blue, pieces include cheetah print blazers and vests layered over solid crew neck sweatshirts and prim grey trousers. Numerous looks flaunt an identical scale patterning, as seen on the overcoats with a fur hooded trim, suits, and oversized topcoats. The latter half of the runway show introduced shiny latex garments, such as a black raincoat, a pilot coat with a fur trim, and trousers coupled with their zenith blue duplicates. Traditional Fair Isle print sweaters and baseball caps were matched with these latex trousers, for a sophisticated school boy look. The last looks consisted of clothing constructed from neoprene fabric, which were inspired by prison guard uniforms. Hiking boots were the distinguished footwear of choice. Check out Calvin Klein’s 2015 fall/winter collection in the gallery provided above. Article source:...

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1984 Ferrari 288 GTO Sells for Over $2 Million

A 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO just sold for $2,750,000 at an auction in Phoenix, Arizona on January 15. This particular model was one of Ferrari’s most preeminent models and is greatly revered for both its speed and design. The ’84 GTO runs on a twin turbocharged V8 engine with 400 horsepower and 366 pound-feet of torque, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 10 seconds. While these stats are incomparable to top models in today’s automotive industry, the ’84 GTO was the fastest production vehicle during its time. Shortly after being manufactured, this particular ’84 GTO was kept in Japan where it was maintained in excellent condition before being handed over to RM Auctions to find its lucky new owner. Article source:...

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