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Month: February 2015

BURTON THIRTEEN 2015 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Previous collaborators Burton and THIRTEEN WORKS INC. come together once again to present the upcoming BURTON THIRTEEN Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook. The collection focuses on the strengths of each brand, combining Burton’s technical expertise with the evolved artistic direction proffered by founding designer of THIRTEEN WORKS INC., Yosuke Auzawa. The collection consists of wardrobe staples that are capable of withstanding blistering cold temperatures, with sweaters, ski pants and jackets, some of which sport insulating Gore-Tex fabric. A muted color palette has been used for the collection with the exception of the standout combination jacket and ski pant which is offered in a vibrant-yellow/camo green colorway. Available now via the Burton online store and BURTON THIRTEEN stockists worldwide. Article source:...

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London Art Installation is an Upside Down Opel / Vauxhall Corsa Supermini

Vauxhall commissioned British artist Alex Chinneck to create an art installation with only one guideline, to somehow incorporate the new Corsa Supermini. The resulting piece showcases the car upside down on a concrete quarter pipe, as if displaying centripetal force from fast motion. Chinneck remarks about the piece, “I see sculpture as the physical reinterpretation of the material world around us and so by introducing fictional narratives into familiar scenarios, I try to make everyday situations as extraordinary as they can be. I choose to do this through illusions because I think there is something both optimistic and captivating about defying the realms of possibility… With an effortlessly curling road I hoped to transcend the material nature of tarmac and stone, giving these typically inflexible materials an apparent fluidity.” Located right by the London Eye, the gravity-defying piece will be held in Southbank Centre Car Park in London until February 25. Article source:...

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Sid Lee Interactive Dashboard Counts Everything Done in the Office

To celebrate its sixth anniversary, French creative agency Sid Lee – co-owned by Cirque du Soleil — has created the ultimate interactive dashboard. The Sid Lee Dashboard is currently set up in the firm’s branch in Paris, which includes the application of multiple sensors around the office. The sensors collect data that are displayed across the beautiful dashboard for employees to learn about the figures of literally everything around the office — including the number of goals scored in ping pong, steps walked on the stairs, fridge doors opened, coffees poured and toilets flushed. Statistics can be manipulated to make for amusing comparisons; for example, employees made the most mistakes — 1,329 mistakes — on February 2 than any other day this year. Do you think we have such a quantifiable future ahead of us? Article source:...

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Snowden Does Reddit

Edward Snowden, who you might have heard of by now, took to Reddit today along with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Poitras won an Oscar last night for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Poitras’ winning film, CITIZENFOUR, covers when Greenwald, the filmmaker, and Snowden were together in Hong Kong, right before the documents were leaked and the world changed. I’m no film critic, but I can understand why the film won the award — it’s a raw look at a moment in history that has proven to be geopolitically pivotal, leading to change at the level of nations and multinational corporations. The Reddit session is much of what you would expect — you can read the full episode here — but there is one Snowden answer I think is worth highlighting in response to a question concerning how to bring domestic surveillance back to the fore of discussion, and perhaps to make it into an issue for the 2016 presidential election. Here’s Snowden, at full length: This is a good question, and there are some good traditional answers here. Organizing is important. Activism is important. At the same time, we should remember that governments don’t often reform themselves. One of the arguments in a book I read recently (Bruce Schneier, “Data and Goliath”), is that perfect enforcement of the law sounds like a good thing, but that...

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Google Is Making A New Chromebook Pixel “Soon”

Were you a fan of Google’s Chromebook Pixel? The Chromebook with the super high-res touch screen built-in, meant largely to show what a Chromebook could be if it cost $1,300 instead of two or three hundred bucks? Good news! It looks like Google is making a sequel. There’s no official announcement yet, but Google’s Renee Nieme mentioned the new Pixel in passing at an event this week in San Diego. While there was video of the mention at some point, Google swept it under the rug pretty quick. Fortunately, the guys over at OMG!CHROME! managed to grab a transcription. Here’s the meat of what was said: “We do have a new Pixel coming out and it will be coming out soon. We will be selling it but I just have to set your expectations: this is a development platform. This is really a proof of concept. We don’t make very many of these — we really don’t.” The rumormill had been whispering about this one for a while, but this is the first mostly-official nod that it actually exists. The same rumors also suggested that the new Pixel would have USB Type-C ports (that’s the reversible one that we should start seeing more of this year. No more trying to plug in your cable upside down, flipping it over, and somehow it’s still upside down what the hell ARGHBRGHSK.)...

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