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Month: February 2015

Nike SB GT Blazer Dark Grey/White – University Gold

With the GT Blazer, Anti-Hero and Nike SB pro Grant Taylor immediately ascended from a professional skateboard to something more – let’s call him a young classic. Although Nike SB just dropped the silhouette in recent months, the shoe stands timelessly in the SB canon. Here we find the GT Blazer done up in a tasteful combination of grey and white, accented with a bold ‘University Gold’ Swoosh at the sides. While the Zoom Air-equipped interior is indeed impressive, the genius of the sneaker is in its shape – which lends itself to precision flick with every wear. As the snow recedes and we move into springtime, pick up this version of the GT Blazer from the good people at Premier now. Article source:...

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Smart Motorcycle Helmet Maker Skully Lands $11 Million In Series A To Start Manufacturing The AR-1

Not long after closing on one of the most successful campaigns in the history of Indiegogo and landing another $1.5 million in seed capital, SKULLY, the motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display, has raised $11 million in Series A funding. Walden Riverwood Ventures and Intel Capital led the round, along with participation from Formation 8, Techstars, and Western Technology Investments. Part of the money will go towards funding the manufacturing of SKULLY’s first smart helmet, the AR-1. The Indiegogo campaign item has yet to ship and the company says it is hoping to start sending them out to early backers soon. SKULLY is also in the midst of hiring a bunch of software and hardware engineers to help with the manufacturing process. It will likely be using the new workforce to developing future products beyond the first helmet as well. However, a source close to the company informed TechCrunch that SKULLY has a history of high turnover, and has let go of several employees in the last half year. A spokesperson for the company said they believed SKULLY had a lower than average turnover for an SF startup. SKULLY founder and CEO Marcus Weller wasn’t ready to discuss future plans for the company. Instead, he emphasize that SKULLY is growing and that the new funds would be used to hire more people and ship the first product. “There are a lot of expenses involved in the manufacturing part of it. Funds...

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Kochava Acquires InferSystems For Mobile Ad Optimization

Mobile analytics provider Kochava is announcing that it has acquired Toronto-based ad tech company InferSystems, and it’s using InferSystems technology to build a product called the Kochava Optimization Beacon. As explained to me by Kochava CEO Charles Manning, the new product allows company to move beyond mobile ad measurement into optimization. In other words, an advertiser using Kochava currently has to look at campaign data, determine which ad networks or publishers aren’t performing, then contact someone at the ad network to adjust their spending accordingly. With the new Optimization Beacon, this analysis and adjustment can happen automatically, based on rules and goals identified by the advertiser. “Moving forward, measurement has to include optimization,” Manning said. “Because if you don’t, you’re not taking into account all the data you’re collecting.” There’s plenty of ad optimization technology out there, but Manning said it’s largely controlled by the demand-side platforms, i.e., the buying tools used by many advertisers. The issue there, he suggested, is that advertisers are then choosing DSPs based on their optimization capabilities, not the quality of their ad inventory. By “moving the optimization goal post” and giving advertisers similar capabilities, Kochava allows them to focus on whether or not a DSP gives access them to premium publishers and desirable ad units. Manning emphasized that Kochava is still not doing any of the ad-buying itself, making it an independent player in this process. Acquiring InferSystems...

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Swiss Watch Makers Announce An Activity Tracking System Designed To Hide Inside Fancy Watches

If you’ve been wondering how Switzerland was going to react to the coming of the Apple Watch, ponder no more: two smaller luxury watch companies, Alpina and Frederique Constant, have added electronic components to otherwise staid analog watches, essentially turning a fancy timepiece into a sort of mechanical Fitbit. The platform, called Manufacture Modules Technologies or MMT, is embedded inside Swiss-made cases and powers the hour and minute hands as well as, in the current version, a subdial that tracks your activity. The crown on the side of the watch is actually a pusher and everything is set from your smartphone rather than by turning the crown. The internal battery lasts two years and syncs via Bluetooth. The modules are made by MotionX, the same company behind the motion trackers in Jawbone’s products. A separate app shows your health data as you saunter from meeting to meeting or nibble a madeleine. The central face tells the accurate, quartz time while the subface can display various pieces of data. In its current incarnation the system is basically an activity tracker similar to the Withings Activité. The functionality has been simplified so that companies are able to hide the complexity behind a traditional dial, a feature that should please Luddite watch lovers. But what about the rest of us? This solution is a far cry from the recharge-once-a-day smartphone expanders available...

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Kenzo x Evian Limited Edition Water

Evian mineral water is no stranger to collaborations with major fashion labels. Previous partnerships include Paul Smith, Diane Von Furstenberg and Kenzo. Now in 2015, Evian is set to work with Kenzo once again launching a limited-edition design that takes inspiration from the 2014 partnership. The Kenzo x Evian bottle design is stout, bold and sports zigzag patterns in a variety of different colorways. The union of these two French brands plays to each strength combining Evian’s luxurious air and Kenzo’s youthful aesthetic. This fluid collaboration will be available at convenience stores and retailers worldwide from March 23. Article source:...

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