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Month: February 2015

Marcelo Burlon Launches Milan-Based Production and Distribution Company: New Guards Group

Marcelo Burlon‘s label County of Milan has evolved. Originally offering graphic T-shirts, the brand has now expanded to showcasing well constructed runway collections targeted towards both men and women alike, taking in over $20 million USD a year and sold at over 450 stockists worldwide. To continue his success borne from hard work, Burlon with partners Claudio Antonioli and Davide de Giglio introduce New Guards Group, a Milan-based production and distribution company that sets out to create high-quality clothing rivalling those put forth by major Italian fashion labels. New Guards Group is located in a 10,000+ square-foot space hosting brands that share the same ethos: the aforementioned County of Milan, Virgil Abloh‘s OFF-WHITE and Shayne Oliver‘s Hood By Air. “It’s not just clothes,” Burlon says. “We all kind of are related one to each other. Virgil, Shayne, me, we kind of talk the same language. We’re not part of the system, and we don’t want to be.” Each brand has remained under separate ownership and simply share points of inspiration with one another. Article source:...

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Horween Leather x New Balance M996BHR

New Balance and Chicago-based leather tannery Horween Leather Company have teamed up again for another collaborative release. The Horween Leather x New Balance M996BHR embodies the traditions upheld by both brands by borrowing the M996BHR silhouette and wrapping it in Horween’s signature waxy and supple leather materials. The model features a deep burgundy leather upper with tanned brown accents throughout, such as the outline of the “N” logo on the side and the New Balance tongue tab. It also has an Encap sole unit, whilst “USA” is embossed on the heel tab as a nod to the shoe’s fine American craftsmanship. One should note that the fine leather is meant to naturally change in subtle color variation and patina over time and wear. The Horween Leather x New Balance M996BHR will be released March 2 at New Balance stockists as well as Up There’s online store for $400 USD. Article source:...

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Who Wins The Battle of The Disrupted Tech Giants: HP Or IBM?

It’s been a rough several years for the once-mighty technology behemoths, HP and IBM, and while each has the cash and resources to chug along for years to come, both companies have struggled to find a foothold in a fast-changing market. HP once represented the archetypal Silicon Valley company, a pillar of the computer world, a place where a teenage Steve Jobs worked one summer and cut his technology teeth. It was one of the most innovative companies in the tech world — in the 20th century. But as the 90s rolled into the 2000s, HP began to lose its way. It started with Carly Fiorina’s schizophrenic leadership, spending big to get Compaq, while letting loose thousands of employees and publicly feuding with Walter Hewlett, the son of the company co-founder. After that came the march of the CEOs. Mark Hurd left in disgrace after a scandal. Next came Leo Apotheker who lasted just a year before the board cut him loose and in came current CEO Meg Whitman. With that kind of tumult at the top, the company seemed to lack direction. IBM with a similar industry pedigree, has been by comparison the height of stability, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t suffered the slings and arrows of a changing technology landscape. IBM has seemed to recognize it has needed to change, but the bottom-line results have been just awful...

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Source: Wearable Maker Fitbit Is In Talks To Buy Fitness App Startup FitStar

For the last several years, Fitbit has created hardware and software designed to help consumers keep track of their activity levels. But we’ve heard the wearable maker could soon acquire FitStar, a startup which makes apps that might help motivate Fitbit customers to actually be more active. According to a source close to the matter, Fitbit is evaluating a purchase of FitStar for upwards of $25 to $40 million in a mix of cash and stock. A deal like this could always fall apart, of course, but if it goes through our source says the acquisition could close as early as next week. Fitbit is one of the oldest and has some of the most popular activity trackers on the market. Founded in 2007, its devices accounted for approximately 50 percent of all wearable bands sold in 2013, according to one research report. That said, the market has been flooded with a ton of new fitness tracking gadgets in the last year or two. Jawbone, Misfit, Mio, Basis, Garmin, and even Microsoft have released competing products. And that’s not even counting the upcoming Apple Watch, which the company reportedly expects to sell 5 million of during its initial run. Fitbit’s hardware includes a variety of wristbands, clip-on activity trackers, and a connected scale. It also has mobile apps and an online dashboard through which customers can log their steps,...

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Come And Get Your Net Neutrality Hot Takes

It is hot take season today on the net neutrality front, and TechCrunch would be remiss if we didn’t bring you the best, worst, banal, and asinine of the virulent anger and relieved happiness that is currently bouncing around the nation. What we’ve done is put our ears to several groaning inboxes, and have selected a number of letters, responses, quotes, and oral comments from the day, and thrown them into this post. Think of it as a hot take gumbo of sorts. The FCC First up, the FCC. We’ll give Commissioner Ajit Pai first words, since he left so many behind this morning: To put it another way, Title II is not just a solution in search of a problem—it’s a government solution that creates a real-world problem.  This is not what the Internet needs, and it’s not what the American people want. Keeping on the no side of things, here’s Commissioner Michael O’Rielly: While I see no need for net neutrality rules, I am far more troubled by the dangerous course that the Commission is now charting on Title II and the consequences it will have for broadband investment, edge providers, and consumers. We agree with the commissioner: If one did feel that net neutrality regulations were unneeded, what Chairman Wheeler got passed today would be in fact both belt and suspenders, but in reverse. Moving from nay...

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