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Month: February 2015

Google Starts Testing Mobile App Ads In The Google Play Store

Google announced this morning the launch of a pilot program which will allow mobile application developers the ability to advertise their apps directly within the Google Play store. These ads, which will initially be made available to advertisers already running search ads on, will also only be shown against Google Play search results. That is, they won’t just randomly appear in other sections of Google Play, like category pages or stuffed in the middle of Google Play’s Top Charts. Instead, advertisers will be able to bid on ads that match a particular search query, like “hotel apps” or “coupon app,” for example. Their mobile application would then appear at the top of the ranked search results returned from Google Play’s store, where it looks exactly the same as any other result except for the fact that it will be flagged as an ad via the small “Ad” button that appears under the app’s name. As the company explains in a blog post this morning, its 100 billion-plus searches each month have improved content discovery for users and advertisers alike and now the search ads on Google Play will do the same for app publishers. Specifically, the program will better allow newcomers and smaller developers the chance to compete and gain visibility in an app store that Google says now tops over a million applications. Search Advertisers Are First To Test There...

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BEAMS PLUS 2015 Spring/Summer Lookbook

For its Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook, BEAMS PLUS takes inspiration from classic Americana. Better described as an homage to the technological developments of the US, the line focuses on “SPEC” fulfilment which is the pursuit to live comfortably through the 21st century. The collection consists of wardrobe classics, including cable knitwear and button-down shirts, mixed with slight military appeal, from MA-1 bombers and wide-leg chinos to Daisy May hats and cargo pants. Another feature is that it is cross-seasonal, meaning BEAMS PLUS has you covered all year around. Fabrics range from rip-stop cotton and Gore-Tex® to water repellant wool and breathable tartan. A combination of style, form and function, this drop truly has something for everyone. Article source:...

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Dickies CONSTRUCT 2015 Fall/Winter Collection

Combining its legacy in workwear with modern tailoring and a streamlined functionality that resonates with the contemporary market, Dickies presents its CONSTRUCT diffusion line. In utilizing a host of technical fabrics with slim, modern fits, the accompanying 2015 fall/winter range delivers key wardrobe staples for a generation that may only know Dickies as a brand for handy, outdoorsman. Having just launched this past winter, be sure to head over to the brand’s Facebook page for release details and available stockists. Article source:...

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Norse Projects Introduces Womenswear for 2015 Fall/Winter

Having solidified its name among the best contemporary menswear brands, Norse Projects expands its product line with the introduction of its first ever womenswear collection for the 2015 fall/winter season. Aligning with the brand’s refined sensibilities, the accompanying range is said to be an exploration in the “space between the world of the art and function through a modernist inspired aesthetic.” With an androgynous appeal, elements of classic military garb and workwear staples have been reimagined for the modern woman. Head over to Norse Projects’ website to stay up to date on new drops. Article source:...

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The Web: Headliner Or TV’s Supporting Actor?

Editor’s note: Chuck Fishman is the media, entertainment and publishing director for Acquia.  Super Bowl XLIX was the most-watched television show in U.S. history. It was also the most socialized Super Bowl ever measured, with 265 million Facebook posts, likes and comments, and more than 28 million global tweets. Today’s TV viewer doesn’t just watch TV anymore — they scroll through Twitter and Facebook in real time, watch YouTube Videos, send Snapchats and pin to Pinterest boards. Their attention span is limited as they consume across multiple channels simultaneously, and the experience they create by consuming in this way is...

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