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Month: March 2015

New Balance 574 "Distinct Weekend Bag"

Have a look at New Balance’s 574 “Distinct Weekend Bag” sneaker. The popular 574 silhouette boasts a deep red hue and premium suede construction. Portraying the native heritage motif are the complementary tones courtesy of navy blue accents as seen on the streak across the white midsole and the leather upper back heel tab, the black painted back heel piece, and maple colored big “N” logo. KITH has stocked the shoes on its webstore for the retail price of $200 USD. Article source:...

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Flipboard Launches Private Magazines For Groups

Flipboard, an online and mobile service that allows readers to explore content from around the web in a beautiful magazine-style layout as well as create topical, mobile magazines of their own, is today expanding its curation abilities with the debut of “Private Group Magazines.” As the name implies, these new magazines will only be visible to those members of a private group – meaning only those invited to collaborate on the magazine will be able to view the magazine or contribute content. While the company originally got its start by offering a different way for users to read through web content from social services, news sites and RSS feeds, its ability to allow users to build their own magazines and share them with others has proven to be one of Flipboard’s more popular features in more recent months. Today, there are over 15 million public magazines created using Flipboard, the company reports, ranging from those built by individual users up to major online publishers who are curating their own content and more. Topics for these public magazines run the gamut, including subjects like food, style, fashion, health, business, technology, architecture, humor, autos, photography, and much more. Today, Flipboard explains that the new private magazines will make sense for family, friends, clubs, or even work colleagues who want to document events, research topics of interest, or share ideas among a smaller group. The process of building a...

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Naritiv Helped ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Get 800K Snapchat Followers In Three Months

With every big social content network comes tools and services for brands to leverage those platforms. For Snapchat, that tool is Naritiv. The startup has been building out an influencer network that they can leverage to build out Snapchat campaigns for various brands, complete with analytics and reporting tools. Naritiv launched out of the Disney Accelerator, powered by Techstars, and was thus introduced to the folks at ABC Family to take over a campaign around Pretty Little Liars. Since launching in January of this year, alongside season five of the show, the Pretty Little Liars Snapchat account has amassed more than 800,000 followers on the platform. The account has also raked in more than 140 million total views with more than 215K hours of content watched. Naritiv is now using this campaign as a case study. “Snapchat is a newer platform, and so we’re still in the early days,” said Naritiv founder Dan Altmann. “The greatest challenge for us is waiting for that influencer network to grow, and to ensure that we have a steady supply of influencers as that happens.” Naritiv pairs brands with influencers on Snapchat, but unlike other social networks, Snapchat stars are relatively difficult to find. Information about Snapchat stars is often distributed via word of mouth, as there’s no true discovery tool for popular users within the app itself. Not only does Naritiv work...

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Choose Your Own Startup Funding Adventure

Editor’s note: Vincent Bradley is co-founder and CEO of online equity funding platform FlashFunders. During April, the nation will observe Financial Literacy Month – meaning it’s time to revisit the diverging roads to funding early-stage startups. The rise of non-traditional routes for raising capital, such as Kickstarter, has catalyzed a much-needed renaissance in funding options for entrepreneurs. With the passing of the JOBS Act, entrepreneurs have a bevy of new opportunities for raising seed funding, beyond the ever-illusive Silicon Valley checkbook. There are going to be complications associated with making sense of what funding route is best for your company and product needs, but sometimes the answer will reside in a combination of options. Crowdfunding Crowdfunding projects are generally donation- or gift-based, where fans or “backers” receive early versions of the product and the startup does not pay back the money they’ve received. Crowdfunding platforms help validate proof of concept (the market need/want for your idea), serve as a hub for collecting initial feedback from early adopters and can be a great marketing vehicle. Once you’re ready to crowdfund, the most important part of your campaign will be your project’s page. If you haven’t already thought about how you’ll communicate the mission of your brand, do so before you click that “Go Live” button on your project. Most platforms walk you through the process, but don’t rush this; make sure you are clear and...

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A Closer Look at the PUMA Suede for spoken words project "ewohaku"

Originally released in 1968, the PUMA suede is one of the German brands’ timeless silhouettes that has received countless makeovers throughout its existence. This time around the German sportswear giant has teamed up with Masahiro Tobita’s spoken words project for a very distinct collaborative take on the minimalistic shoe. Titled ”ewohaku” which roughly translates to “to wear a picture,”  the shoe is rendered in a beige suede base with overlaying silk screen printing in a variety of lively colors to illustrate the uniqueness of each pair. With each shoe sporting a different combination of hues the shoe is perfect for expressing stylistic individuality. Check out the photo set above to get a closer look at the PUMA Suede for spoken words project “ewohaku.” Article source:...

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