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Month: March 2015

Nixon 2015 Spring/Summer Watches

Nixon is a brand known for modern, functional timepieces that are both easy on the eyes and on the wallet, and for Spring/Summer 2015, its newest wristwatches are no exception. Sleek, simple and available in a variety of different shapes and styles, this season’s models include the Cannon, Kingpin, Mellor, Sentry SS and Sentry 38, all of which feature Japanese quartz movements, stainless steel cases, steel or leather bands and custom-molded hands. Great everyday timekeeping options, Nixon’s stylish Spring/Summer 2015 watches are available now at the HYPEBEAST Store. Article source:...

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Media Tech And Venture Capital

Editor’s note: James Brookner is a Media and Entertainment VC at Station 12. He works with companies at the series a and growth stages across the UK and Europe. “You can’t get venture capital if you’re hiring people who make content.” Of all the people least likely to say those words, Jonah Peretti, chief executive of BuzzFeed, would have to be high on the list. But Peretti is no stranger to having people say exactly that to him. Looking for investment in his startup back in 2006, Peretti found that the mere mention of the word “content” was enough to scare VCs away. “When we started, investors did not want to invest in anything that involved journalists or reporters or other professional people creating content,” Peretti explained last year. “Everyone just said, ‘You can’t get venture capital if you’re hiring people who make content.’” Almost a decade on the landscape has vastly changed. From raising an already impressive $46 million in its first four rounds of funding, BuzzFeed blew that out of the water with a $50 million injection from VC firm Andreessen Horowitz last summer. So what has happened? Why have VCs that were previously so quick to shun content-based businesses changed their mind? It helps to begin with the negatives. As Peretti found out in the early days, VCs see humans as risky. Content-based businesses are the antithesis...

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Remixing Culture And Why The Art Of The Mash-Up Matters

Editor’s Note: Ben Murray is the editor for The Space, a digital art non-profit organization in the UK and was a former BBC digital editor.  The line “good artists copy; great artists steal,” attributed to Pablo Picasso and appropriated by Steve Jobs in a 1995 interview, is in some ways at the core of much of the aesthetic endeavors that engage modern technology. Jobs freely admitted to being “shameless about stealing great ideas,” and many of today’s bedroom artists might be said to have taken this mantra to heart. Meaningful appropriation remains a key tenet of creativity and innovation, whatever...

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RazorPay Offers Stripe-Style Payments Focused Squarely On Indian E-Commerce Plays

The rise of companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Ola have put a spotlight on the e-commerce opportunity in India, where the growth of catchy businesses is being fuelled by consumer demand, improving Internet connectivity and generous VC funding. Now, a new startup called Razorpay — part of the current Y Combinator class — is hoping to ride that trend, by giving more startups and larger tech companies in the country the ability to make it easier to integrate payments into their services. Razorpay is not unlike Stripe — a YC alum itself — in that it provides a very simple interface and gateway for businesses that want to take payments for goods or services online. Using Razorpay’s APIs, a company can add payments with a few lines of code, and consumers can then pay using a credit card, a debit card or net-banking (online bank transfers, one popular payment option in India). What makes Razorpay special, however, is that it’s made by an Indian team and specifically for businesses that operate in India. This is not a small undertaking. Right now, for a business to take online payments in the country, it needs to go through a lot of paperwork, bureaucratic red tape, and wait time, often in a process that needs to be done region-by-region. It’s a big enough hurdle that it has kept the number of companies currently offering payment gateways in India to a minimum, and barred many payment companies...

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Check out the First Trailer for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Academy Award-nominated Tom Cruise has shared a first look into the forthcoming fifth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. The A-list actor shared the link through Twitter, along with a tweet saying, “I’m excited to share the first footage for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation with you.”  This will be the first Mission: Impossible film since 2011′s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The sequel will focus on IMF agent Ethan Hunt (played by Cruise) as he is hunted by The Syndicate, a collective of skilled rogue assassins contracted to kill. Enjoy the trailer above, as Hunt tries to take down The Syndicate by any means necessary. Article source:...

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