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Month: March 2015

Make Games On Your iPhone With Playr

Aside from the money-making behemoths like Candy Crush Saga, one of the most interesting trends in mobile gaming is the rise of flash-in-the-pan viral hits like Flappy Bird and Timberman. These games takes seconds to learn, days to master, are free or cost a few bucks each, and are basically disposable after the initial rush of hype. I know plenty of people who’ve gone through a number of those games and have said things to the effect of “I bet I could make a game like that.” For nearly two years, 18-year-old Chris Galzerano has been working on Playr, an app that lets anyone do just that. Unlike engines and kits like Unity or GameSalad, Playr doesn’t require a powerful PC or professional-tier tools to get started — all development takes place on the phone. Well, “development” might be too strong a word for what you’re doing in the app. When you first put the app on your iPhone, you’re given access to five templates for simple games like a vertical 2D shooter or Doodle Jump. After choosing one of these templates, you can edit the sprites in the game as well as the audio that plays during gameplay, all using images and sounds on your phone, captured with the camera, or recorded with the microphone. It only takes a few minutes to create and share one of these micro-games. Once you’ve saved your project,...

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The SXSW Robot Petting Zoo Displays Robots That Help Humans Survive Natural Disasters

SXSW is a zoo in and of itself, but the Interactive portion of the festival actually had a robot petting zoo within the event this year. While some may think of robots as scary things that could destroy us all and lead to some sort of dystopian future, the robots in this zoo were created with natural disaster relief efforts in mind. Attendees who wandered into the ballroom at the JW Marriott in downtown Austin, Texas could check out disaster relief drones, stackable shelters that use technology to communicate with survivors on the ground during a natural disaster, and a cute little cardboard robot that could talk back to them. The Field Innovation Team (FIT), a non-profit out of Heber City, Utah that connects first responders with survivors of natural disasters using technology, put the zoo together for the SXSW Innovation Awards portion of the program this year. The group has helped in the relief efforts of a U.S./Mexico border crisis, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, the mudslides in Oso, Washington and several other relief efforts. We spoke with FIT’s “chief wrangler” Desi Mattel-Anderson to find out more. Article source:...

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Harmony Korine x Vans Syndicate Pro "S" Pack

This season, Vans Syndicate has teamed up with Harmony Korine on a pack of the iconic Vans silhouettes — the Pro “S” and Authentic “S.” Harmony Korine gained fame and notoriety as the teenage writer of the controversial HIV-era cult classic Kids, which was set in the burgeoning skate scene in New York City of the ’90s. Korine was an avid skater growing up in Nashville, and he continues to be immersed in skate culture while writing, directing and producing a growing body of influential films and art. Korine created the custom checkered print that adorns the upper, which comes in pink or black. His artwork is also featured on the footbeds of the styles, which are made with canvas and suede. Check out more at, and expect the shoes to hit Vans Syndicate retailers on March 21. Article source:...

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‘BLACKRAINBOW’ Special Basketball Edition featuring Kobe Bryant

BLACKRAINBOW‘s last printed edition is surely looking to go out with a bang. The “Basketball Special” issue features Kobe Bryant, and aims to take another look at Nike Basketball and the Nike Kobe X launch. With work from graphic designer Pabo Cots, the Black Rainbow logo has been reimagined for a truly special issue. The publication is known for meshing the boundaries between sport, art and high fashion, and with an impressive list of creative contributors, this issue is surely going to embody those pillars. The issue is limited to 100 copies, and is available at BLACKRAINBOW Paris or online here. UPDATE: A new teaser has been unveiled. Check it out below. Article source:...

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Old Faithful Shop Grand Opening in Toronto

Old Faithful Shop has a simple ethos — to offer good quality pieces to complement simple everyday living, pieces that become “old faithful” ones. Trusty, well-built and classic in style, Old Faithful Shop’s vintage offerings have made the shop so popular that they’ve opened another location in Toronto. Located in the heart of downtown’s Queen Street West, the storefront is is simple and epitomizes the Old Faithful Shop brand. The aged building received a slight facelift but its old time charm was maintained. All interior fixtures and lighting were designed by the team to enhance the space. If you find yourself in Toronto, make sure to drop by the location, but if not, check out its website here. Old Faithful Shop Toronto 886 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario Article source:...

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