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Month: March 2015

How Google, Facebook And Others Pay Their H-1B Employees

Editor’s note: Kiran Dhillon is a senior editor for FindTheBest, where she tackles big datasets to produce interesting insights. Legislative debate regarding expanding the H-1B visa program is heating up in the U.S. Senate. H-1B visas allow foreign workers — specifically those in technical roles—to legally work in the United States. In lobbying for an expansion of the current H-1B visa program, Google executive Eric Schmidt said, “We take very, very smart people, bring them into the country, give them a diploma and kick them out where they go on to create companies that compete with us.” Amid this discussion, jobs at Google, Facebook and other tech giants have grown increasingly lucrative for Americans and foreigners alike. An analysis of records from the Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) reveals that the median salary offered to H-1B applicants by some of the biggest tech companies — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft — is well over $100K and continues to rise.   Facebook has been the most lucrative company for H-1B visa holders thus far in 2015 (of the five companies above), with a median salary of $135K across all positions. But how do the companies stack up for specific roles? By examining the most common professions among H-1B applicants for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, five consistent career paths emerged across each company. Software engineers, systems software...

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Liberatum’s Short Film Discusses the Intersection of Art and Technology

Created by multimedia mainstay Liberatum and presented by Swire Properties, a new documentary has surfaced that explores the relationship between art and technology. For better or worse, technology has had an impact on creatives from across the board. The documentary interviews some of our generation’s most innovative, such as American film director Francis Ford Coppola, pop-artist Ed Ruscha, London musician M.I.A., and renowned architect Frank Gehry. The guests featured speak on a number of topics, in particular their own thoughts on the ubiquitous use of social media, and the ramifications in shifting users from a real world to one that is virtual. Article source:...

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adidas Originals Superstar "Pixel Camo"

The adidas Originals Superstar gets a digital makeover in the “Pixel Camo” colorway. The silhouette sees an off-white premium leather upper with strategic perforations that form faint camo patterns on the whole. This is complemented by white Three Stripes branding, white laces and a white sole unit, accented only by dark navy hits at the heel tab and tongue. Pick up a pair for yourself now at select adidas stockists, including Titolo‘s online shop for €110 EUR (approximately $120 USD). Article source:...

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Andrea Pompilio x Tokyo Onitsuka Tiger 2015 Fall/Winter Collection

Having honed his skills working with luxurious brand such as Prada, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent, Andrea Pompilio again teams up with Japanese sporting label Tokyo Onitsuka Tiger on a collection for 2015 fall/winter. Following a 2014 fall/winter footwear line, the Italian designer again brings forth his relaxed yet sophisticated style to the limelight, showing his ability to mix technical and functional elements in a slew of street-ready designs for recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Ski jackets are matched with loose-fitted short and tights. Collegiate logos take on other voluminous outerwear, and pieced together with outdoor accessories such as belt bags, beanies and gloves. With a strong focus on quality, Pompilio presents a collection in line with current outdoor-inspired trends seen on and off the runway. Article source:...

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Genomics Needs A Killer App

Genomics is an incredible technology for newborn and pre-natal screening, investigating the cause of a rare condition, and treating cancer, but for most healthy people it’s still not particularly revolutionary. Imagine if instead, with the information locked in your DNA, we could predict what diseases you’ll have and find effective and precise treatments, with no side-effects. What’s standing between where we are now and that vision is a better understanding of DNA and what it means in the context of health and medicine. Genomics has a distinct 1994 feel. In 1994 the Internet was confined to people that no one would ever call mainstream. The user interfaces were terrible, your coworkers weren’t on it, and high-speed connections weren’t available to most people. But more importantly, it wasn’t clear why better fiber and more websites would be useful to the average consumer. There wasn’t that much to do online. The surplus of AOL CD’s distributed to America by mail remains one of the saddest memories of the 90’s. That’s where genomics is now. Genomics has undergone a major shift in the last year. The drop in price in the past decade from $3 billion to $1,000 to sequence a genome is the 10X force likely to cause an inflection point in a number of health-related industries. But despite the price, right now genomics is a niche product in large part used...

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