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Month: April 2015

Nike Sportswear 2015 Summer Tech Pack Collection

Nike has unveiled its 2015 Summer Tech Pack collection. The intersection of style, technology and traditional sportswear has been achieved through Hyperfuse pieces. Nike’s latest features Windrunner jackets and vests constructed from featherweight ripstop nylon that protects against the elements, and internal flocking, which enhances breathability and supports ventilation on-the-go. Flashy prints match the collection’s high level of execution, asserting Nike’s stake in the athletic apparel market. Article source:...

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Microsoft Announces Azure Data Lake, A Data Repository For Big Data Analytics

Microsoft today announced Azure Data Lake, a new data repository for big data analytics workloads, during its Build developer conference keynote. The idea behind Data Lake is — as the name implies — to give developers a single place to store all of their structured and semi-structured data in its native format without having to worry about storage and capacity limitations on individual files. Data Lake is compatible with the Hadoop File System, so it will play nicely with all of the standard Hadoop big data tools like Spark, Storm and Kafka, as well as services from Hortonworks, Cloudera and Microsoft’s own Azure HDInsight. Indeed, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for its data platform T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan described this as an “important commitment to the Hadoop ecosystem” when I talked to him about today’s announcements earlier this week. Rengarajan also stressed that Microsoft wants to allow developers to use the tools they already use, whether that’s SQL and SQL Server or Hadoop. “We want developers to be able to use the tools and frameworks they are familiar with and still be able to do all of this data processing in a friendly way,” he noted. The service, Rengarajan explained to me, was built on top of Azure’s hyperscale network and supports both single files that can be multiple petabytes in size, as well as high volumes of small writes and with...

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Microsoft Introduces Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft today announced a new service in its Azure database lineup during its Build developer conference keynote today. The Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which will go into public preview in June, is meant to give businesses access to an elastic petabyte-scale data warehouse-as-a-service offering that can scale according to their needs. With SQL Data Warehouse, enterprises can ensure that they only pay for the usage they need and when they need it, Microsoft’s corporate VP for its data platform T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan told me earlier this week. Customers are billed for their Azure blob storage, as well as the hourly compute rates they incur while working with the data. Because it separates compute and storage, users only pay for the queries they need. This means a business can aggregate all of its data and only pays for storage until it needs to run a quarterly report over this information, for example. As Microsoft notes, the service is meant to give businesses the features they expect from their databases like full indexing, partitions and columnar indexing. The company also argues that other data warehouses can take hours or days to resize, while SQL Data Warehouse can adjust to the user’s needs in minutes. As the name implies, the query language for the service is SQL (specifically Microsoft SQL Server’s Transact-SQL), which most developers are probably familiar with at this point. The service can be integrated with other...

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Civic Tech Is Ready For Investment

Editor’s note: Stacy Donohue is an investment partner at Omidyar Network, focused on civic innovation, transparency and accountability. Civic tech is not a new concept. People have been using technology to empower citizens and improve government operations for more than 10 years. However, there are a growing number of entrepreneurs, innovators, and private- and public-sector leaders breathing new life into an industry ripe for disruption. What is new is the very real, very now investment opportunity. The civic tech of today is a burgeoning market: the U.S. government is projected to spend $6.4 billion on civic tech in 2015. Add to that the influx of tech talent into government – from ex-Googler Megan Smith becoming the country’s chief technology officer last year to the news last month that former Twitter and Medium exec DJ Patil will become the country’s first digital officer – and we now see a major market for entrepreneurs to win. Startups in civic tech are answering the call. Commercial investors are taking notice too, seeing the industry’s potential to generate both financial returns and social impact. Andreessen Horowitz, known for investing in for-profit startups Airbnb, Facebook, Lyft and Twitter, led OpenGov’s $15 million funding round., the world’s largest petition platform now serving almost 100 million users globally, successfully raised $25 million Series C funding from investors like Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Omidyar Network. Recognizing the promise of civic tech, Omidyar Network...

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Norwartt x HEX 2015 Spring/Summer Capsule Collection

HEX has teamed up with Japanese artist Toyoki Adachi and Norwartt label for a seven-piece capsule collection of bags and cases. Known for its technical and innovative products, HEX was founded in 2010 with a mission to fuse fashion and technology, resulting in a renowned line of forward thinking items. Norwartt — which stands for Now Art Textile, is a textile and graphic art label founded by Adachi, gaining acclaim for its modern and peaceful graphics. Together, the two brands have collaborated on a range based on building awareness of our natural environment with the “Peace Camo” and “Horn Tree” prints. The printed canvas is waxed for water resistance, while black-coated accents provide style and durability to the trim. HEX’s signature surplus grade cotton straps along with the micro fleece-lined pockets allow for ultimate device protection and durability. The collection is priced between $50 USD and $140 USD, and is available now at HEX‘s website and select stockists worldwide. Article source:...

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