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Month: April 2015

A Closer Look at The Revamped Batmobile in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

While it’s not the first view we’ve had of the Batmobile that we’ll be seeing in Zack Snyder’s highly-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, it certainly is the best one yet. Fans are treated to an up-close-and-personal look at the latest version of the Dark Knight’s armored vehicle in a B-roll footage, which from what we can tell, was taken from the clip of NBA star DeAndre Jordan’s visit to the Batman Exhibit at Warner Bros. Studio. So the video isn’t exactly new, but the quality is much better this time around with clearer shots of various details from the shaved-down tractor tires to the...

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Notifications Are The Next Platform

Editor’s note: Anish Acharya is the co-founder and CEO of Snowball.  As the world moves from web to mobile, we’ve been thinking deeply about how people will discover mobile products and services and how we will find and access all the things we need in our digital lives. Search (largely Google) has long been the access and discovery point for web services. This model was pull-driven (i.e. we proactively find information on websites as we need), and worked pretty well as large category killers (Facebook, Amazon) owned the lion’s share of traffic (and revenue). Google was happily profitable owning the distribution channel. The mobile world started out as a pull-driven model — discovery and access was/is largely driven by a combination of the app store and the “grid of apps.” This model, however, is starting to break, as some significant trends are driving it to failure. Primary among these is the volume of information that’s now available and regularly accessed; we have hundreds of apps on our phone (though we only actively engage with a handful), and without any real category killers, consumers are swapping new apps in and out at a regular pace. Most importantly, our engagement is now defined by push-driven notifications rather than the traditional pull-driven experience. We’re “hunting and pecking” through our app grid a lot less; the apps that notify us (without over-notifying to the point of...

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Gravity4 And Gurbaksh Chahal Sued For Alleged Gender Discrimination — Here’s The Complaint

Marketing startup Gravity4 and its CEO Gurbaksh Chahal were sued today by Erika Alonso, formerly the company’s senior vice president of global marketing. Forbes broke the news of the lawsuit. Alonso accuses Chahal and his company of discriminating against her because of her gender, as well as illegally surveilling her during her job interview. “My client was treated in violation of the law, and … we’ve gone to court to get redress for that,” said Alonso’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon. “People shouldn’t be treated that way in America in 2014 and 15.” The complaint claims: Chahal and Gravity4 discriminated against Alonso because of her gender by, among other things, disparaging her, telling her that she, as a woman, should be “appeal” to female reporters, unduly criticizing her while lauding male employees, forcing her to keep pace with men “doing shots”, treating male employees more favorably, and firing her because she was not part of the “boys club” at Gravity4. [Update: A Gravity4 blog post includes statements from the company’s chief of staff and head of recruiting (both female) denying that the company hires “based on gender, age or ethnicity” or that it operates surveillance equipment for interview purposes. There’s also a statement from Chahal, who says the accusations are “baseless, false, and can not be supported by facts.”] Chahal made headlines last year for pleading guilty to charges of battery and domestic violence,...

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Cloud HR Startup Zenefits Is Looking To Raise A Giant New Round Of Funding

Fast-moving HR and benefits startup Zenefits is looking to accelerate adoption even further. According to sources the company, which was founded just two years ago, is about to join the club of companies worth more than a billion dollars. Zenefits allows small- and medium-sized businesses to manage human resources services in a much simpler fashion. Like many other modern enterprise services, Zenefits aims to have a much easier onboarding process for payroll and benefits for employees. The company offers its HR services dashboard to employers for free, and makes money by receiving commissions from insurers. We’ve also heard Fidelity and Andreessen-Horowitz is participating in the round. According to sources, Zenefits could raise somewhere between $300 million and $500 million at a valuation north of $3 billion. We’ve heard the company is talking to the “usual suspects” of late-round investors (growth funds, hedge funds, strategics, etc.) and that the valuation could go as high as $4 billion. Andreessen-Horowitz and Fidelity are also participating in the round, according to our sources. We’ve also heard that at least a portion of this round will be sourced from a special purpose vehicle — i.e. a pool of capital usually made up of fund of funds, family offices and pension funds that is pulled together by an insider or existing investor. Earlier, sources pegged the valuation somewhere between $2 billion and $3 billion, but it’s clear interest has grown...

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D*Face x FRYE Custom Boots Presented by HYPEBEAST

Don’t forget to RSVP for our exclusive New York City event for your chance to win a one-of-a-kind pair of FRYE boots customized and re-imagined by renowned artist D*Face — complete with his signature twist on traditional pop art. Taking place this week, the event will see the iconic footwear brand unveiling its partnership with D*Face along side of their new 2015 Spring/Summer collection. Lucky guests will receive a limited edition Frye leather notebook from D*Face with every purchase while supplies last. Be sure to RSVP to and join us this Thursday, April 23rd for booze from Six Point Brewery and Clyde May’s Whiskey, snacks from Hill Country BBQ, and music by DJ Marty McSorely — not to mention the opportunity to meet D*Face himself. It all kicks off at 7 p.m. EDT. The FRYE Company 113 Spring Street New York, NY 10012 United States Article source:...

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