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Month: May 2015

Nike Air Max 93 "Persian Violet"

As part of Nike’s onslaught of 2015 spring/summer sneakers is the Air Max 93 “Persian Violet.” Originally released in 1993 as the third runner in the Air Max series, the sneaker quickly became iconic for its textured complexion and visible air sole unit, garnering acclaim in both sporting and lifestyle realms. Resviting its archive for a modern intepretation, the sneaker flaunts a mix of black suede and mesh across its upper, while violet hits take on the Swoosh and its signature neoprene bootie collar. Check out the “Persian Violet” here and look for it at select retailers such as KITH. Article source:...

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YC Grad Yhat Scores $1.5M In Second Seed Round

When Yhat, the company that has developed solutions to help organize data scientist teams, graduated from the Y Combinator, winter 2015 class, the founders had a goal to raise a million dollars to keep growing the company when they returned to New York. They may have aimed too low.  The team actually was able to raise $1.5 million in their oversubscribed round, thanks to the interest in their technology. Being part of Y Combinator enabled the founders to meet people in Silicon Valley — really one of the goals when they applied. The company already had east coast finance connections, but the founders hoped to build a network in Silicon Valley too. Being part of YC opened the door to meeting the right people, Yhat CEO and co-founder Austin Ogilvie explained. “Y Combinator was an excellent way to build a west coast network of entrepreneurs and experienced software investment operators,” he said. The Post-YC financing objective was a $1 million raise and was mostly focused on meeting these  strategic west coast angel investors. In particular they hoped to attract enterprise SaaS executives. And they found some good ones in Tikhon Bernstam, who co-founded Scribd and Parse; Ilya Sukhar, another Parse co-founder; and Justin Kan, who founded Twitch. These are experienced entrepreneurs and that’s precisely what Ogilvie and his co-founder Greg Lamp were hoping for. In fact, they got a mix of over 20 investors, including...

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Millennials Are Destroying Banks, And It’s The Banks’ Fault

Millennials are rejecting home ownership across the land. Millennials aren’t buying crap anymore, destroying businesses that, well, sell crap. Millennials are changing the workplace to be, I kid you not, more friendly to “millennial values.” Millennials this, millennials that, and those are just some of the stories published this week on this critical, hot-button issue. Frankly, as a millennial, I’d like to copyright the term and earn a royalty every time it is uttered. Like that Happy Birthday song. I hate this generational garbage as much as the next person, but there is a kernel of truth that people born in the same years face similar contexts in their lives. My generation witnessed 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq at a very formative age, and we were hit with the global financial crisis right as we were expected to get started in the workforce. That colors your worldview. Few industries will face a greater struggle targeting these new consumers than banks, who seem wholly unprepared with what to do with us. Indeed, if ever there was a dark evil in the world that millennials as a whole would probably like to see completely destroyed like San Francisco in San Andreas, it is the banking industry. The banks aren’t ignorant. Jamie Dimon, the head honcho of JPMorgan Chase, told shareholders this year that “Silicon Valley is coming” with...

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Nike LeBron 12 "Cleveland"

As we near opening tip for this year’s NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, Nike has bestowed its superstar athlete, LeBron James with a special Nike LeBron 12 sneakers dubbed ”Cleveland.” The Cavaliers’ jersey colorway has been translated onto the flashy iteration of James’ latest player model, which features a vibrant orange, one-piece body. A black, premium carbon fiber Positve overlay tones down the eye-catching on-court kicks, further embellished by red accents and an icy blue, translucent outsole. Look out for LBJ to lace up in this particular colorway, as he leads his Cleveland ball club in hopes of bringing the Larry O’Brien trophy back to the city.  Article source:...

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